Well that title is not totally correct as Rangers have always been great.


But that’s not as snappy a title also not as good for click bait.

Cant say much on this right now but it’s something I’ve been monitoring for quite a while on the down low and with certain noises coming out of Ibrox I believe they are on the same wavelength.

I’ll let you in on a wee bit of with this screen grab of an email from the Don when he was on the Presidential campaign trail with Mike Pence


– SEPTEMBER 28 2016 –



If you have ever seen this email it looks like one of my blogs with different type fonts, Bold types, the ubiquitous use of the ol’ “”‘s to infer something dodgy

Infact when I first saw it I had to take a double take that it wasn’t one of mines LOL.

Cant say to much but it appears that a certain Denis O’Brien has been a very naughty man.

For those of you who are Rangers fans and don’t know who Denis O’Brien is. He is Malta based Irish billionaire Celtic shareholder and close pal of Celtics defacto owner Dermot desmond.

He is also an arch globalist and George Soros “bum boy”

You see Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond have been making a lot of enemies and they don’t come bigger than the leader of the free world.

There is no better time to put this out than with the imminent arrival of the President of the United States of America’s visit to the U.K coming here on Friday.

Dont listen to all this shite about he’s a “Racist” in organs controlled by Dermot Desmond’s Independent News & Media (INM)

Here’s a man of colour who knows the score below.

If you want to start digging search for my blogs on Haiti which appeared just days before the Clinton foundation closed for good.

Anyway more on this later but to end I would like to paraphrase the great man himself. Raise your O.K hand sign and repeat after me.



A pack of cards indeed David.



First and foremost lets get this oot the way a message to all those suddenly new found Swedish fans that frequent that IRA slop house………. I’m sorry I mean traditional Irish, deedly dee, to be sure, to be sure, craic having pub.

ABBA all of you Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad,

Björn Borg,

The chef fae the muppets,

IKEA in Braehead

Victoria Silvstedt–we have beaten them all.

We have beaten them all.

“Henrik Larsson can you hear me? Henrik Larsson , I have a message for you in the middle of your ITV punditry.

I have a message for you:

We have knocked Sweden out of the football World Cup.

Henrik Larsson, as they say in the boxing bars around Madison Square Garden in New York:

Your boys took a hell of a beating!

Your boys took a hell of a beating!”!

Well done England on your win

I wasn’t seething with Hatred nor was I trying live vicariously through them when England beat Sweden 2 0.

I was just meh.

Just the same as I when I watched Croatia beat Russia on penalties apart from wonder strikes that I applauded, and nearly got me off my seat, nearly. I was just full of meh!

No skin in the game.

Right I promised myself I was going to tell you why I hate that 3 lions song.

Well HATE is probably to strong a word vehemently dislike would be a better way to describe it.

But as You will soon read it has nothing to do with Fitbaw or any anti-English jealousy.

First things first. Right if you’re in a Pop/Rock band and there’s only 3 of you and David Baddiel isn’t the ugliest. Then you really have fell oot the ugly tree and hit every branch oan the way doon.

And they still shift millions of records!

I mean have a right royal swatch of that 3 Lions motley crew below.

It’s like the start of a really bad joke.

A Roman catholic, a Jew and a………. well I don’t know really what that guys meant to be.

He looks like all the leftover bits from the Jim Henson muppet factory stuck together very quickly.

A vertically challenged wookie maybe?

An ugly Ewok we will go for right

A Roman catholic, a Jew and an ugly Ewok go into a recording studio and 20 odd years later they are still coining it in winding up bitter Scots, Irish and Welsh.

Second thing.

The fucking standard of the singing.

I mean all you Neo-Jacobites instead of taking an aneurysm of sheer hatred and smashing yer telly or radio. Actually listen to the standard of singing.

It is as woeful as it is fucking laughable.

With Frank Skinner,down with the kids in the mid 90’s with his Hip, trendy up to date topical George Formby/ the dad from Steptoe and son warbling to Baddiel’s utter desperate attempts to sing.

Best bit is the 2nd verse he “sings”

“I still Remember that tackle by Moore

And when Linker Scored

Bobby Belting the ball

And Nobby Dancing”

Seriously if you can watch 1 of the live performances on youtube I think I watched a Top of the pops one recently and I will tell you I was creased up on the floor in anticipation of that tone death screech

“And NoBby DaNCinG” Line fae Baddiel.

It’s as Excruciating arse cringingly painful as it is LOLZA!

The biggest Joke about Baddiel is he’s a Jew in comedy that isn’t funny!!

No! No! I’m not being Anti Semitic. I love all yer Jewish comics  all the greats Yer Mel brooks’, Yer Jackie Masons, Yer Joan Rivers, Yer guy fae Curb yer enthusiasm, Yer Woody All………………Yer guy fae Curb yer enthusiasm.

Oh and Lenny Bruce. A man I take great inspiration from you see he was attacked, harassed by the Police, Roman catholic supremacist and bigots in the 1950’s for highlighting the hypocrisy full blast and lacerating the Catholic church:

“Why are there Puerto Ricans starving in New York while Cardinal Spellman was wandering round wearing a $8000 ring?”

Nothing really changes then?

Third thing

These basturts despite being 3 of the most ugliest people in Pop would’ve got groupies.

I’m serious before David Baddiel was hanging on the coattails of Frank Skinner he hung on the coattails of a guy called Rob Newman.

And he used to boast about the groupies that would come to the back stage doors at their “Comedy is the new Rock n Roll concerts”

If that doesn’t give one deep resentment and misogyny for women and a hatred of the power of here today gone tomorrow cache of fame then I don’t know what will!


It might’ve been grown consenting legal aged men that he was talking about at backstage doors.

Seriously David Baddiel’s Laddish boasting and behaviour from the 90’s caught up with him when he straddled his moral high horse to give us all a lecture on misogyny only to be reminded that he posed with a scantily clad glamour girl for Lads mag Loaded. In which it appears Devout Roman catholic frank Skinner is trying to grab the said scantily clad glamour girl’s top from her.

Seriously Frank Skinner used to be a raving Alcoholic. I mean real shit the bed stuff. But he’s sober and turned to religion well done for him.

Sadly for us it’s the Protestant hating one

Very bitter, as well the basis of this whole Back England is that noone south Hadrian’s wall gives a fuck about Scottish fitbaw so for Frank to be so nuanced shows he must have attended a few KSC meetings.

I talked about Top of the pops earlier.

Jimmy Savile was probably still stalking the corridors of the BBC back in the mid 90’s with impunity.

He might’ve even introduced the gruesome threesome onto the show surrounded by young impressionable, buxom, nubile, fame blinded females.

David Baddiel would’ve been around mid 30’s and Frank Skinner about 40 years old

Lets just imagine what that would look and sound like I won’t do the impersonation ……..oh right I will.

“NOW THEN, NOW THEN. Eeeeeeeuuuurggghhh. Jangle jangle. Have we got a show for you. We’ve got 3 “Young” lads. Messrs Skinner, Baddiel und Broudie with the tip top top of the pops song THREE LIONS, hows about that then? Eeeeeeeuuuurggghhh”

And it’s not just in the 90’s. Everytime England get to a major final those 3 cunts get wheeled out and I’m not just talking about when England are at the vinegar strokes of the competition I mean the month before, the lead up, the build up in the vain hope that England might actually fucking do it!

If England get to the 2048 and they haven’t bloody won the fucking God damn thing. I fully expect these cunts to be wheeled out on hospital style beds with drips coming out of their arms and on Life support and they will still be getting asked for their autographs by small kids.

I mean if this lot below where Plumbers, sales reps and accountants would you get into a car with them?

All us have been doing it wrong forget climbing up the greasy ladder or knocking yer pan in all week to buy loads of Bacardi Breezers for a wee bit of consensual sex in the 1990’s. We should have all just grunted inanely


into a fucking microphone and bingo Bobby Moore is yer fucking cash cow Uncle.

As Dire Straits once sang “Money for nothing and yer chicks for free”

Anywho enough of my cheap jibbing.

Back to what Messrs Skinner, Baddiel und Broudie would call the “Jocks”

Maybe if you fucking neo-Jacobite, British hating bastards, that have hi-jacked the Scottish national team with yer bull shite xenophbic Anti-English politics -just as the extreme right wing hi-jacked the English team in the 80’s and 90’s- got as angry at Scotland not qualifying for a major European or World cup competition for, and get this, JUST OVER TWENTY FUCKING YEARS! Like you do over that cunting 3 lions song. We might’ve got to one!

Ironically we’ve spent the same time not qualifying for major tournament as that bloody 3 lions song was shat into existence.

A double whammy.

I will be dealing with this subject of how we can make Scotland qualify for major tournaments again in the next exciting edition of this blog. Then maybe, just maybe we as a national team would do better.

But then again



Ah well It’s World cup time again or as us cunts in Scotland call it 4 weeks in June and July.

And one thing that’s getting oan my tits is that fucking three lions song.

No not the song (well that’s not entirely true and I will get too that at the end) I mean the absolute seething HATRED and I mean ANTI-ENGLISH hatred you get by the like of that British hating cow (pictured above) who frigs hersel senseless watching that English Red coat cunt whipping and shagging that Jacobite cunt on that Outlander program.

She actually tweeted a while back to watch OUTLANDER as it will force Indyref two or words to that effect………FFS

Well she has a point I mean for a TV program that’s about an English bint played by an Irish tart Actress going back in time by the means of a stone circle to shag a Scottish Highlander who is savagely beaten by her Husband in the 1940’s ancestor it is more steeped in Historical fact than that Rabid anti-Semite, Roman catholic Supremacist, Drug taking, Alcoholic, poison dwarf Mel Gibson’s film BRAVEHEART that inspired the first.

Anywho as someone who pops in and out of Outlander ( a bit like much of the actors pop in and out of each other) I thought the plot was that the Highlander guy (played by a yank or something) was trying to fuck up the French/Italian “Bonnie Prince Charlie” as the English bint knows he’s the worst thing to hit the Scottish Highlands since BBC ALBA?

Anywho back to the HATRED of Three Lions.

And I really do mean the HATRED of three lions.

I’m talking publicly funded BBC Scotland’s Stuart Cosgrove sitting in front of his computer in his underpants at 2 in the morning pretending to be his dead Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Granny that came to Scotland cause Ireland couldn’t provide for her a way of life, having an aneurysm at anything he perceives to be British and Protestant seething HATRED.

Do you know Stuart Cosgrove used to be head of diversity at Channel 4?

Well he was till this blog Below appeared.

Which included the direct anti-British protestant quote from Cosgrove that….

“One time we were through at Hearts, and we were at Falkirk station on the way, on the same day Rangers were playing Falkirk. It was h*** galore -thousands of them, and there were maybe 40 of us in the CYS from Perth. We got on the train at Falkirk station, we just opened the windows as it started moving, and gave them ‘Orange wankers’ and all the rest of it, and of course as soon as we were moving – the train stopped and started moving back into the station! The driver must have been a h** or something.”

But it’s not just semi-illiterate Perthshire farm hands he saves his sectarian venom for oh no dear reader.

The News of the World reported that “Scots radio star Stuart Cosgrove was booted off a station platform by cops for singing anti-Rangers songs” reported as “have you seen a handsome h**, No, No.”

Cosgrove reportedly responded to this in his newspaper column by saying, “can anyone truly say they have seen a handsome h**?”

This is Stuart Cosgrove pictured below

You want to feel old?

That’s what Wee Jay looks like now!

Do you know Stuart Cosgrove used to be head of diversity at Channel 4?

What is the reason for this anti-English/British hatred?

The simple answer is…….


“Ah but English hate us as well so they dae, by the way”

I hear you say.

Let’s have a look at the roles in reverse shall we.

What is the Scottish version of Three Lions?

500 miles!!!

Well here’s some of those “Dirty English Basturts” absolutely fucking giving it laldy below

Yer David Walliams

Yer Matt Lucas’

yer Johnny Ball’s,

Yer kid oan David Beckham’s,

Yer David Bellamy’s,

Yer Dusty Bin’s,

Yer Tony Blackburn’s,

Yer Stan Boardman’s,

Yer Basil Brush’s,

Yer Bob the Builder’s,

Yer Bucks Fizz’s,

Yer Cannon and Ball’s,

Yer Bob Carolgees & Spit the Dog’s,

Yer Jasper Carrott’s,

Yer Keith Chegwin’s, (Rest in peace brother)

Yer Tess Daly’s,

Yer Bobby Davro’s,

Yer Carol Decker’s,

Yer Sally Dynevor’s, (Her fae Coronation street that plays the maw to her that looks like a blow up doll & has wean tae that cunt fae celtic wi the super noodles oan his heed)

Yer Lesley Garrett’s,

Yer Paul Henry’s,

Yer Frazer Hines,

Yer kid oan Elton John,

Yer Burt Kwouk’s,

Yer Bonnie Langford’s,

Yer Eddie Large’s,

Yer Michael Le Vell’s (Him that plays the Da to her that looks like a blow up doll & has wean tae that cunt fae celtic wi the super noodles oan his heed & who also played for Celtic in a testimonial and was up on child rape charges but was TOTALLY admonished ………the cunt fae Coronation street not Scott Sinclair that is)

Yer Limahl’s,

Yer Kenny Lynch’s,

Yer Des Lynam’s,

Yer Timmy Mallett’s,

Yer Jennie McAlpine’s (Fat Ginger wan that sews the knickers in yon Coronation street)

Yer Bill Oddie’s,

Yer Paul O’Grady’s,

Yer Postman Pat’s,

Yer Wendi Peters’,

Yer Robert Powell’s,

Yer Rod, Jane and Freddy’s,

Yer Rupert the Bear’s,

Yer Showaddywaddy’s,

Yer Status Quo’s,

Yer Frank Sidebottom’s,

Yer Sonia’s,

Yer Willie Thorne’s,

Yer Kate Thornton’s,

Yer Dave Lee Travis’ (oft least said about that cunt),

Yer Martin Tyler’s,

Yer Pete Waterman’s,

Yer Elton Welsby’s,

Yer June Whitfield’s and Yer Gary Wilmot’s.

Have a fucking swatch at all these “Dirty Sassenach BASTURTS” (as all you McGlashan’s fae Absolutely little Scotlander type cunts would call them)

They are all having the time of their lives singing to a Scottish anthem.

Do you think any “Dirty English basturt” would be absolutely seething (and I mean Stuart Cosgrove sitting in front of his computer in his underpant at 2 in the morning pretending to be his dead Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Granny that came to Scotland cause Ireland couldn’t provide for her a way of life, having an aneurysm at anything he perceives to be British and Protestant seething) when 500 miles comes on?


One thing Irvine Welsh got right was Rentons soliloquy in Trainspotting.

It’s SHITE being Scottish! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can’t even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We’re ruled by effete arseholes. It’s a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference!

Some hate the English. I DON’T

But even when he got it right he got it wrong.

Scotland was not colonised by the English!

Our King James the sixth of Scotland became James the first, the King of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Our Parliaments became one when our SCOTTISH people on the make for their own bit of EMPIRE using Slave labour sought a piece of land in the central Americas and it was an absolute fucking disaster that led the English parliament bailing us out.


And You see it’s not shite being Scottish, it’s not even shite being Scottish under this SNP clown circus masquerading as a parliament

It is truly brilliant being Scottish if you know about her from her ancient History of her clans, to the Celtic (thats Celtic with a K sound) Christian Church. Until it was usurped by the ROMAN Catholic church Until she was brought back on to her rightful path under the GREATEST EVER SCOTSMAN THAT LIVED


You wont and will never hear of this great Man under DER SCOTTISH NATIONALIST SOCIALIST PARTY!!

The even tried to whitewash the anniversary of arguably the greatest event that happened in Scotland, the Reformation from History in 2010 by inviting in ON YOUR MONEY in these austere times a Demon masquerading as a God on earth, who covered up Child rape on an industrial scale and is now is in hiding in the Vatican because if the auld cunt ever leaves he will be arrested by multiple countries law enforcements.

I’m talking about the cunt on the right not the left!

The cunt on the left (who was uber pro Scottish independence) escaped temporal Justice by hiding out -and get this- by hiding out “IN THAT BASTURT ENGLAND”

I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m digressing yet again back to being a proud Scot.

To the Scottish Enlightenment which couldn’t have happened without John Knox laying the building works centuries before that every child should be made literate by reading the Bible in his own tongue and that they from the youngest to the eldest eligible age from every town and village should be made to go to school.

You see other religions (or should that be rackets) unlike the Church of Scotland were so paranoid that they would rather keep their people no better than beasts in the field.

Which led to Scotland -being along with other things- the Engine Room of industry and the Empire and her sons and daughters spreading the Lords good word throughout the four corners of the world.

Which going back to the World cup gave birth to Arthur Mcpherson son of Glasgow shipyard owners who gave birth to Football and also Tennis in Russia.

Anywho let’s get back to this Three lions song will I be singing it?


But not from some jingoistic little Scotlander way as i will explain in the second part of this blog.


I will be singing the new more catchier one

Southgate you’re the one!

“Looking back on when we first met, I cannot escape it, I cannot forget.

“Southgate you’re the one. You still turn me on. Football’s coming home again.”

You know why?

Well Big Gareth dusted himself from personal disaster of missing a penalty in his ain midden of Wembley and this is not hyperbole when you talk about mental stress in professional sports.

I mean just look at the state of that IRA cunt Neil lennon going lah lah pretending to be an aeroplane like the div kid in the school playground when his Hibernian side managed to draw with the mighty Glasgow rangers at home after us so kindly giving them a 3 goal start.

No big Gareth dusted himself down got on with his life and not only that got himself the England job and is doing very well for himself with a young inexperienced team.

All you English hating Tartan Army fuckwits should sing that song too!

You know why?

Because it will remind you of yer favourite moment from Euro 96 Big Gareth missing a penalty!

Because yer favourite moment aint super Ally McCoist scoring an absolute screamer in a win against Switzerland like mines is!

You know why?





Laying in bed with a dose of the shits I ended up having to listen to the tranny (NO BRENDAN NOT THAT TYPE OF TRANNY) the other evening.

It was Clyde super scoreboard at first (yes I know) But that was soon switched quickly after the 4th nasally whining Celtic fan came on to talk about yip you guessed it……..


I believe their team had actually achieved a double treble or something but nope Rangers their obsession was all they wanted to talk about.

Now I had a choice either fuck the tranny in smithereens against the wall (NO NOT THAT TYPE OF TRANNY BRENDAN!!) or change the channel.

I chose the latter and found myself listening to BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound where there seemed to be a young Glaswegian that was actually still in Europe in may and it wasn’t because him and his pals had paid for an 18-30s holiday in Shagaluf.

No this was a young chap named Andrew Robertson who Plies his trade at the association football team of Liverpool.

On the amatuer hour Phone call -that was paid for by you and me the license fee payer at the threat of imprisonment- kept intermittently cutting off, Andrew was joined In the studio by Kenny MacIntyre,

James McFadden

FAILED SNP Candidate and FAILED Rangers trialist Michael “Did you know I used to play for Manchester United youth” Stewart

Darryl Broadfoot


Tom “puppet” English.

The obsequiousness was was almost palpable in the studio as they all took turns trying to see who could crawl far up the youngsters arse.

You could almost scoop it up!

This was broken by a rather amusing heart warming sort of football rags to riches tale where the BBC pundits dug up a tweet from 2012 of Andrews (Posted below)

Chuckingly Lovely story considering the game he could be playing on saturday.

You will see I said COULD because If you are a dedicated reader of this blog you will know that if BBC Scotland told me as a Rangers fan it was Thursday tomorrow I would go out and buy a fucking calendar.

So I did a belt and braces quick search (you can do the same and probably find out more evidence) to find out that said tweet did exist and in doing so I found a litany of apparent tweets that suggest young Andrew was/is an ardent gambler which wouldn’t be a problem but You Andrew appears to be in contravention to the following rules of


  •  26.1 – “A club, official, Team Official or other member of Team Staff, player, referee or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall not gamble in any way on a football match.  Any such club or person found guilty of gambling of any description on football shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and shall be liable to such sanctions in respect thereof as are prescribed within the Judicial Panel Protocol.”
  • 26.2 – “A club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player, referee or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA knowingly behaving in a manner, during or in connection with a match in which the party has participated or has any influence, either direct or indirect, which could give rise to an event in which they or any third party benefits financially through gambling shall be deemed guilty of serious misconduct and shall be liable to such sanctions in respect thereof as are prescribed within the Judicial Panel Protocol.”



Oh Dear!

Now the Rangers hating BHEASTS at Pacific quay when they were trawling through the Scottish Internationals timeline they would have no doubt came across the apparent evidence of Andrews MULTIPLE bets and quite public unashamed and unabashed betting history.

So why -With them being unbiased Journalists (Stop sniggering at the back please)- Not report this abuse of the articles of the game?

Why -With them being unbiased Journalists (Stop sniggering if you start I’ll start)- not report this evidence of rule breaking to the Scottish Football Association?

If you are an avid reader of my humble blog dear reader you will find they were quick to hammer then Rangers player Ian Black. Who ironically was dragged across the hot coals of Hampden and the Rangers hating Scottish media at round-a-bout the same you Andrew was going on his gambling spree whilst being a brother member of Ian Black.

I blogged about it at the time




Ironically one of the most rabid frothing critizers of Ian Black at that time was none other than the BBC’s Tom English who was sat in that very Pacific quay CSC studio when that tweet of Andrews was read out.

His tweets below testify to my summation of Tom English

His obsession with belittling Ian Black at every turn, apart from the betting, is quite creepy. Considering when you take into account the tweet below.

So what changed from then Tom when you were blowing smoke up Ian’s arse and touting him for a gig at Hibernian ……..oh thats right he signed for Rangers

My bad.

Where was the man paid to be in charge of ruling Scottish Fitbaw with an Iron rod and applying Scottish Fitbaw Rules without fear or favour Mr Vincent Lunny Q.C?

Why did he not spot these tweets at the time of the Ian Black witch hunt?

Was he too busy at a meeting with Andrew Robertson’s Mum and Dad?

Any Who to end this part of the tale taking in the quite clearly biasness of Scottish Football and its Media I will end on this note.

I am not even angry at this lot sad Rangers hating pathetic bheasts. I pity them!

I’m angry at the people who were/are in charge of our club and did not go on the counter attack with these tweets to protect OUR club and OUR player being hung out to dry no matter how daft he was.

FFS remember Ally McCoist being reactive again -instead of being proactive on the defence stopping it in the first place- with his Neville chamberlain-esque I have in my hand a dossier of players who like a wee bet.

I will be even angry if Ian Black, Rangers football club and their lawyers don’t take this all the way to the appropriate authorities and make sure the laws are applied retrospectively as it was.






Oh and please click the twitter and Facebook buttons below and spread the word as Twitter in their loony left wing Orwellian purge on anything that they deem to be Verboten in their brave new world have still suspended my account.






Well Brothers and sisters on the 16th of may in the year of our lord 2018 the Rangers hating Bheasts at BBC Scotland’s headquarters at PACIFIC QUAY CSC, really out fucking did themselves.

Yip on the same day Jim Torbett the co-founder of Celtic Boys Club founder at the behest of Celtic Football clubs Sir Robert Kelly was in court on numerous historical Child rape charges, they lead with the story of 1 ALLEGED decades old abuse claim that was supposed to have happened at Ibrox

Then it was the welcome news that STV 2 was being liquidised and its history of those fucking God awful Peter and Roughie, the 5 o’clock show and that fucking Late night pish hosted by that specky jambo -who was right up Stevie G’s arse when he signed for the Gers- shows will be wiped from the record books.

The BBC Scotland “Business reporter”/publicly funded Rangers hater, Douglas Fraser, was almost gleeful to see his rivals from down the clyde go tits up totally oblivious to the fact that if he and the other fucking talentless cunts at Pacific Quay were not funded by you and me dear reader the licence fee payers on the threat of imprisonment then they would be throwing themselves into the clyde lemming like and hanging themselves from the Bells bridge by the fucking score!!!

Here’s a wee fucking hint STV the S in your name stands for SCOTTISH stop fucking playing shite POLISH Dramas and shite soaps from Dublin and you might have been still in business!!

Then to end it all we had our licence fee money being used to try and punt Celtic’s non-binary gender fluid WunderKind Kieran Tierney for up to 1 billion dollars to anycunt daft enough to believe the hype.

But their was one disturbing image that was burned in my mind from BBC Reporting Scotland

And that was Pat Mair from east Kilbride registered Charity TALK NOW

I mean come on to fuck does the council come roon and do your hair every tuesday?

Did you get a pair of knickers free with that haircut ?

Because who ever did that made an absolute cunt and an arse of it!

In the name of the wee man the only thing that’s getting abused is the fucking follicles on your head from who ever is masquerading as your fucking hairdresser.

I mean was the hairdresser actually thinking “Yip I’ve done a good job there” and her blind dog was in the corner shaking its heed?

Now before Pat or should I say Patricia Mair starts greeting about my wee foul mouth comedy routine to all and sundry she would really be very hypocritical as you will soon find out dear reader.

You see Patricia is close personal friends of foul mouth Rangers and British hater Janey Godley!

Yip Janey Godley she of the vile “Trump is a cunt”

In Fact not only is Rangers and british hating Janey Godley not only a close personal friend she is none-other the aforementioned TALK NOW charities AMBASSADOR!!!!

YOU COULD NOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual with anything that she perceives will put Rangers in a bad light she was all over this story but never revealing her personal connection to the story.

Now I have talked about this cunt Neely before in a previous blog called TOMMY BURNS IN HELL posted below.

And if you believe this BBC Scotland hit piece as gospel (which is pretty hard as BBC Scotland has a long record of being economical with the truth RE. Glasgow Rangers) Rangers have not really dealt with this well.

Now this guy ‘David’ who was almost Sevconian with “the club is still morally the same” line you can confide with me through here on this blog hey if you need some cash for counselling then I’ve not a bean but I sure would try and help you Hell I could even try and use whatever influence I have on here with the Rangers community to raise more to help you.

As I say speak to me confidentially through here and I will put it out. You see this bastard Neely will have an Modus Operandi on who he managed to abuse kids just like Jim Torbett and Barry Bennell had, in fact very very similar M.Os they had.

You won’t be the only one!

You see the short time Neely was at Ibrox fails in comparison to the time he spent high profile at two of the clubs founded by Irish Roman Catholic immigrants to sow seeds of discord in Scottish association football that is of course Dundee United/Hibernian and Hibernian.

And you will not be alone in your bid to get compensation from football clubs.

Imagine Dundee United having to pay out? Remember they were world renowned for the way the brutally treated their youngsters.

FFS if claims start winging their way to Tannadice then we will be buying our milk and bread at the Tannadice Tesco quicker than we would think!

Clean up on aisle 6 please.

Also Hibernian, owned by the disgusting Sir Tom Farmer who was recently spotted at the funeral of the disgraced sexual deviant Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

If you cast your mind back Sir Tom Farmer along with Sir Tom Devine backed Cardinal O’Brien at the time and called his 4 accousers -3 priests and a former priest- liars, cowards and that they should reveal themselves publicly.

Imagine if more victims came out at Hibernian where Neely was so High profile that he was pictured in the first team line up pictures?

That would surely help your case “David”?

Also that would give Rangers liquidators of the old company NOT CLUB a chance to sue the arse of Hibernian because they only reason Neely was at Ibrox was because Hibernian knew he was a sexual deviant and moved him out the club without telling the Police or Rangers.

Any who back too Rangers. Rangers have suddenly found a pair of baws and a back bone recently under Dave King and are willing to take on any attack legally and head on!

The statement below shows that Rangers are co-operating with genuine

But the statement below seems to me that they can smell a RHAT here and if any info on this blog can help further provide evidence of people who make cheap and nasty attacks on Rangers then fill your boots.

Any who back to the so-called child abuse charity that has suddenly sprung to prominise here since its foundation in 2011.

It is supposed to deal with abuse in south Lanarkshire miles away from Ibrox as I’ve said before we have never heard of this charity before and you think you would with the amount of abuse cases just down the road in their jurisdiction.

I mean take the appalling, I was going to say abuse, but it aint its fucking atrocities at the Roman Catholic run children’s home at Smyllum.

Have you said anything publicly about that or does over 400 wean abused to death and thrown in a fucking cess pit not warrant a comment from you lot?

Any way I would like for Rangers and her Lawyers to take a closer look at this charity and if you want more info then wait for part 2 of this blog.




oh and if you could press the twitter and facebooks button below and spread the word as I cant cause the loony left wing powers that be at Twitter have curtailed my freedom of speech



After being banned from Twitter and having my account suspended -Ironically on the same day the highest ranking Roman Catholic cardinal Keith O’Brien took his tumble down the stairs and started his journey further souther and a lot hotter for all eternity-  I was  recently perusing the internet I came across the following blogs about the dilapidated state of Celtic park


This reminded me of this blog coincedently from exactly 4 years to the day

and then in turn to a blog what I did, from


have a read because these professionals seem to agree with what my layman’s opines from 2014 and not only is there problems with the sub structure but indeed the super structure above ground.

There are contact numbers in the aforementioned blogs if you should feel the need to vent your worries.




oh and if you could press the twitter and facebooks button below and spread the word as I cant cause the loony left wing powers that be at Twitter have curtailed my freedom of speech


Now this is just a quick post -that I will put more bones on later when I can be arsed- just a brief introduction for you on a worrying stable of died in the wool IRA loving, Rangers hating Celtic supporting bastards passing themselves of so-called impartial Journalists all emanating from the Cardonald college that I have been monitoring over the past few years

The infamous Cardonald college HND course that I made infamous years back in this blog linked below titled

The Thompson Spins Vol 3

Now the reason for all this has been reminded in my head is a story that has been printed in the rags of Scotland to distract from the most successful team in Scotland success story in the Florida cup

As soon as I saw the lovely lassie sing the song I knew what was to come.

I dont know if its front page on the paper rags in stores as I have less time for them than I do the Electronic ones but if it is then its not enough for these Rangers and British hating Charlatans using the so-called FREE Scottish press to push their anti-British anti-Protestant Pro IRA agenda.


They are spinning it out and spinning it as if it was as big an atrocity as the ISIS inspired mass murder that saw 40 odd people shot to death & countless more injured at the Homosexual ……..sorry the  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning night club in Orlando.

A handwringing cunt from Northern Ireland paid by with Great British tax payers money has actually and I’m not making this up said we have returned to the dark ages about one of these 2 events

I will leave you to find out which 1 he is referring too.

So much so they (as I’m just glancing at it catching up) are harassing the young lady at her home and work 24/7 for comment a song that was being sung by a crowd.

Now why you have printed your front page you have “Named and Shamed” her for singing along in unison with a crowd so why continue this witch hunt?

Is it because nobody really gives a fuck as its in America and basically the SNP’s Orwellian thought crimes

Or is people just getting fed up with cunts greeting about songs when we live in a world where we have anti-Western terrorist atrocities like the one I have mentioned above ?

The latest story is one about the Brazilian presenter Fabio Brazza being “duped” into joining along with the song when it was explained to him by the likes of Rabid Celtic fans Mathew Coyle and Robert Collins who would no doubt celebrate many of the atrocities carried out in the name of Fenianism inflicted on the innocent people of Great Britain.

A quick glance at Fabio Brazza’s youtube would quite clearly show that if the word Fenian was explained to him by someone other than the aforementioned bigots then he would happily do a jig up to his knees in the blood of Antisemitic IRA terrorist Sean South, who was just recently glorified

Antisemitic IRA terrorist Sean South, who was just recently glorified by Matthew Coyles and Robert Collins Celtics Green Brigade on the 50th anniversary of the IRA’s suicide bomb attack on a Royal Ulster Constabulary barracks.

I didnt see these fucking cretins find, unmask and hound the Green Brigade 24/7 for comment over that?

Did you?

Anywho back to the Cardonald College cabal and a brief expose of the sort of loony left wing site that has been at our Colleges and Universities throughout the United Kingdom.

You see Matthew Coyle was top of the class of Angela Haggertys infamous HND “Journalism” course.

Where they specialized in the one eyed anti-British, Rangers hating targeted agenda driven shite that seems to have filled what passes for Journalism pages in the last years.

You can see from these tweets below that they have carried on this agenda driven shite from their college days into their day time jobs.




You might say “well of course they would its a big story they are quite right to carry on it from their college days they are not being bigoted at all”

Well that would be right if they did carry on all the stuff they investigated from their college days into their work and use the resources provided to them by idiots who still participate funding the SMSM.

Look at the tweet below

This tweet is referring to the panorama program on the disgusting systematic abuse at the  privately owned, purpose-built, 24-bed facility and taxpayer-funded castlebeck care home for the vulnerable

Since Matthews Castlebeck tweet there has been arrests, it has went into administration, Neil Cruickshank, the Managing Director of Castlebeck Care (Teesdale) Ltd, has been disqualified for 8 years for failing to follow proper company procedures regarding Quality of Care, after he was sent information from a whistleblower regarding the behaviour of staff.

So why has Matthew or Angela -Who were publicly outraged after the BBC program-not carried on their investigations into this?

Is it because they both cried out in pain when the found it was run by Dermot Desmond, he of Celtic football club and Crooked Latvian bank involved in money laundering and funding atrocities in Ukraine and North FUCKING Korea?

You mightve remembered Castlebeck from the blog that really fucked the Rangers hating cabal up below


Any who back to the hounding of the Rangers lassies who are you going to complain to?

America aint an Orwellian shithole country like Scotland that the SNP has turned it into and I’m Pretty sure still that they have First amendment rights the last time I checked.

Also they have a president that is taking a zero tolerance stance on terrorism suck as what the FENIANS have dished out in the past and are threatening to do again instead of funding them like previous Presidents.