Cover up in the Catholic Church aided and abetted by legal establishment?

Prosecutors have now decided not to proceed with the case because too much time had passed between the alleged offences.

What would the families of Hillsborough victims were told “Sorry, but too much time has passed between now and then.”

But the Catholic Church considers the claims to be so serious that they are conducting their own investigation.

Sorry if I’m sounding cynical but this investigation seems to me as impartial as say a football governing body made up of quite a few of a certain football clubs employees. Hand picking a lawyers firm that is a favourite of that certain football club to investigate that certain football clubs biggest rivals

A report was sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

Prosecutors tried to use the Moorov doctrine to establish a case where the evidence of the individual victims is held to corroborate each other so that the accused can be convicted of all the charges.

But the Crown Office decided they could not proceed using Moorov because of the time lag between the alleged crimes.

Dunfermline Procurator Fiscal Fiona Cameron said the case will remain open for review if other complainers come forward or new evidence surfaces.

“The case remains under the consideration of the Procurator Fiscal.”

This smells of a cover up using a technicality to try and not let this case see the light of day in my opinion.

We can’t allow this to happen an attack on one child in our society is an attack on all our Children.

If you feel angry that our tax payers money is being used to prosecute the likes of stupid photo shopped pictures of football managers but yet not on this most serious of crimes then let them know contact them….

Dunfermline Procurator Fiscal Fiona Cameron

Dunfermline Office

Sheriff Court House

Carnegie Drive


KY112 7HW

Tel: 0844 561 3000 or 01389 739557

If you yourself have been a victim of Father Thomas Mullen please come forward contact the Police.

Don’t let these two brave men who have came forward not have their day in court down to some legal mechanism, technicality.

You can comment on this blog in total anonymity too and I will try and help you the best I can.

I will leave the last word to one of the brave men that came forward.

“It has been a very difficult time. I can’t understand why the evidence can’t go in front of a judge and jury to let them decide.

“I’ve had to drag up some very bad memories and experiences and it has been very traumatic.

“All I want is justice.”


3 comments on “Cover up in the Catholic Church aided and abetted by legal establishment?

  1. delbert says:

    Loving your work mate. This may be a bit off topic but has anyone looked into all the land that was gifted to the tims? Who at gcc decided to gift it to them and what their connections are? This anti rangers stuff just goes too deep and while I realise that may not be for this blog I think you could be the kind of person who could get to the bottom of this. I myself have PC skills and know my way around the net but have no idea where to start looking. Though I would be more than willing to help unmask any bheast in any way I could. Real email has been provided, if I could ever be of any assistance in any way I would be happy to put in some legwork. Keep up the good work, God knows we need men like you just now.

  2. I do believe Rangers people are if I hear anything I will certainly blog about it. The whole Celtic Glasgow city council and Harper Macleod connection with the Glasgow Commenwealth Games stinks to high heaven. Which is ironic since Celtic and many of the celticminded politicians spend so much time trying to deried the commenwealth. Ironically again that I believe it is SNP that are asking the questions about land deals because it puts the Labour party in a bad light.

  3. VAMPER says:

    the corruption that is slowly being exposed is dreadful,this is typical of catholic organisations,they think they’re doing nothing wrong?the real cover-up is the mhedia. WHYare all these stories not being investigated. the biggest most rancid bunch you could ever meet, catholic church rotten to the core, a so called religion abusing,and condoning that abuse.on it’s flock[oop’s sorry some could see that as fuck] mps, impotent another rancid bunch.

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