SNP’S Frankenstein’s Monster

SNP’S Frankenstein’s Monster

I was going to have the Sabbath off until this act of Bhestiality was thrust upon my face over my Scottish fry up.

Scottish independence: SNP under fire over extremists at rally

To cut a long story short main points are.

THE pro-Union camp last night accused the independence movement of “giving credence” to a group which advocates violent revolution after it emerged its members were preparing to join Alex Salmond and other Nationalist figures at a major rally this week

First Minister should withdraw from the event rather than stand beside the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM).

Part of The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement mission statement “revolution will be a time of violence as well as liberation”.

Also on their website there is a song denigrating the British Armed Forces including the lyric: “When I was young, I had a twist for punching babies with my fist, and so I thought I should enlist and join the British Army.”

Which begs the question why is march organisers, Jeff Duncan, a former RAF serviceman who previously ran the ‘Save our Regiments’ campaign associating himself with such vermin?

The most disturbing part for me is the links that the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement has with the 32 CSM Scotland

As you may be aware the 32 CSM is the political wing of the RIRA.

The RIRA being an organisation still very ACTIVE and has seen the head of the Dublin wing Alan Ryan get killed last week over what it appears to be a dispute over the control of the drug dealing business in Dublin.

It appears that the SNP in their power hungry land grab quest will side with the lowest of the low in order to reach their goal.


Some videos and pictures for you the reader to form your own view on The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement.




7 comments on “SNP’S Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Wee_tam says:

    Very well written. The sinister underbelly of violent Scottish nationalist needs exposing. I’m a pro independence, but NOT under salmond or the SNP, and certainly not now.

  2. AyrshireBrit says:

    Very well put across mate. Time to stand side by side for the union.

  3. Thanks a lot Tam.
    I would’ve agreed with you a couple of years back I would’ve voted on whatever I thought would be the best for me i.e. where it hit me in the pocket and benefit me selfish I know.
    But not now after I have opened my eyes and seen how this SNP government can be bent twisted and manipulated by Republican terror zealots be it Irish or Scottish under the guise of anti-Irishness and patriotism.

  4. James says:

    The mask is slipping and people are beginning to see through salmond and his followers.
    Regarding the march and the Scottish fascists that were going to march side by side with salmond.
    Has this not been highlighted salmond would have turned a blind eye.
    They are right wing fascists and lunatics and I think there leader was once arrested in Glasgow with a Stanley knife in his sporran.
    Be careful of the company you keep Alex!

  5. Bob Robertson says:

    Let the tartan trannies associate with these scum. It will put most normal thinking people right off independence. People that are not sure how to vote will see these pictures and links with rira and will give it a no vote. Fuck getting independence if these are the cunts that are fighting for it. Scum

  6. lothar says:

    SRSM are an off shoot of the Socialist Republican Party. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the SNP, the Greens, The Yes Campaign or anyone else. They are frankly more interested than flag burning than thery are in helping the cause of independence, which they only serve toundermine with this nonsense. Argue against independence all you like, but dont tar us all with the same brush.

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