SNP’s Frankenstein’s Monster Still marches on.


Socialist republican group no longer welcome at independence march

Organisers of a march for Scottish independence have removed a controversial group from their website after concerns were raised about anti-democratic and offensive tactics.

The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM) had been named as one group expecting to join a host of mainstream politicians and high-profile supporters campaigning for a Yes vote in 2014.

Well someone better go to that never land of Brigadoon and tell the flag burning militants with a penchant for the political wing of the RIRA that!

Because it appears they don’t know.

But since Brigadoon is hard to find and very rarely seen its lucky they have provided us with a Gmail account.

“This is last call for those wishing to travel with SRSMs bus on Saturday, please make sure you have emailed us to confirm you are attending and seats needed – by this evening if possible. Many thanks. “

Saturday, September 22, 2012.


Canon Gait Pub High Street [Royal Mile]

SRSM are holding a social afternoon/evening beginning at 4.30pm in the Canon Gait Pub [downstairs] on High Street, Edinburgh City Centre. Live Scottish music from Fiery Jack and others, raffle £5 per person. All welcome.


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