The Thomson Spins Volume 1


The main reason Alex Thomson has left the comfort of his bleeding heart, loony leftist, commie sympathiser, sandal wearing, soy latte drinking, unwashed hippie tree hugger pals at Channel 4 ,the war torn bombed out parts of the world (no jokes about no change there then when in Glasgow) and he is up in “chilly Jocko land”

Is I believe because of the propaganda fed by his confirmed ‘red baw faced’ bachelor and former altar boy pal at Ch4 the Rangers hating Stuart Cosgrove that having a kick at Rangers football team is having a dig at the “establishment” etc. and has fell for it hook line and sinker.

May I Just add that Channel 4 employs a sectarian bigot in Cosgrove who is on record shouting at Rangers supporters on a train which included woman and kids as “Orange Bastards” and openly used the word Hun towards Rangers fans on publicly paid for BBC Scotland until he was told not to and had a wee “political correctness gone mad “greet about it on air.

Not only is he sticking the boot in to all that is Rangers he appears to be siding with the worse elements of the Celtic support.

Now you may ask how the hell can 11 men kicking a pig’s bladder on a pitch for 90 minutes represent the big bad establishment.

Well you just have to look at the propagandist bile that is continually spewed out not by loony Internet ‘Celtic’ fans (though I don’t think you can call illegally streaming Celtic games in your empty wife and childless but and ben in Donegal makes you a Celtic fan) but by the much derided Main stream media too.

Thomson has never hid his hatred of the British establishment a cursory glance at his twitter Timeline will tell you that.

But is there something more sinister about his targeting of Rangers?

Thomson has been for a long time wrapped up in the troubles of Northern Ireland he has been based in Belfast as a news correspondent.

Where, amongst other things I noticed these curiosities of his.

Thomson has long time battled to protect journalist’s sources anonymity and I can fully respect that.

But when this creates a pattern of damaging the British establishment and indeed her subjects and protect those “plucky freedom fighting scamps” from the republican terror movement then the pattern I think you will agree is worrying.

In June 2009 Alex Thomson along with three other journalists –Roy Greenslade, John Ware of the BBC’s Panorama and the Sunday Times’ Liam Clarke give evidence on Suzanne Breen behalf.

Suzanne Breen has written a number of exclusive stories about the Real IRA, the dissident republican group responsible for murdering two British soldiers and the Omagh bombing in 1998, which killed 29 people from across the divides among them a pregnant woman of twins.

She was in court for failing to comply with the application made under the Terrorism Act by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). To hand over the names of her RIRA source that would have led to the arrest of the animals who killed and wounded British soldiers and a Polish pizza delivery man at a Northern Irish army base.

This is not the only time Alex Thomson has remained tight lipped and in doing so put the British establishment in a bad light and gave those “plucky freedom fighting scamps” a propaganda coup.

January, 2004 Alex Thomson who investigated Bloody Sunday said he is prepared to go to jail rather than reveal their sources.

Now the question has to be asked would Alex Thomson be prepared to do the same if roles were reversed ?

I have no doubt his glib reply would be “of course” and he will have the chance to reply as I’m tweeting him a link to this blog.

The question is I want him to show is the proof he has done so.

Until then it is looking rather one sided to me.


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