Beware Green Brigade, ZOMBIES ATTACK!

Nearly two months to the day Fanatical Celtic fan SFA Vincent Lunny swiftly acts (no laughing at the back) on a banner that no matter how you try and dress it up or down.Depicts one set of fans shooting another set of fans.

I am led to believe that his arm was twisted on this one as it appears it was a dogged Rangers fan who wouldn’t let his fellow support be insulted in this way contacting his local M.P that forced Lunny’s hand.

Now that would be bad enough in the old days pretty sure inciting violence would have covered that one. But with these new rushed in draconian laws surely if they are being applied impartially would see the main culprits behind the making and the approving of said banner before the wigs.

Now I have evidence that the banner that was unfurled was not the original design but an altered one.

Ahem compare and contrast eh viola

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Notice no sign of the sectarian racist H*n word and no Shamrock on the “PROVO” man 

Now who did the altering? who said “nah get rid of the H*n and the shamrock but I keep the guy with the armalite shooting what is clearly a dehumanised Rangers fan”

For Christ sake this is the type of propaganda fitting of the Nazis, the eternal Jew springs to mind dehumanising your enemy so they are easier to kill.

I don’t see the Militant IRA and ETA fanatics of the looney left winging rhebels without a clue Green Brigade self-censoring if you do the you have a short memory I will remind you.

Their roll of “honour”




there is more but I think we get the answer its a NO!

Does someone at Celtic Park in their official capacity have the position of approving and editing the Green Brigades banner?

If so and Celtic are found guilty then surely that is a case of gross misconduct and would leave their job untenable 

I had to chortle that some of the internet bampots that are very rarely seen at SPL matches are planning a zombie theme for the Celtic Kilmarnock match.

Well they would know if they actually attended matches or indeed the east end of Glasgow, Particularly the area that stretches from the Glasgow City Council licenced PIRA theme park right up to the gates of Celtic park that many of the inhabitants and those that stagger out the various Republican slop houses already do a good impression of lifeless, hollow eyed, malnourished Zombies




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