I’ve got 99 problems with Lennon but a Tim aint 1.


Im going to stand up and say it…….

My name is The Man the Bheasts can’t tame and I hate Neil Lennon

Not in a crazy ‘I’m gonna send D.I.Y equipment (how they were ever allowed to be described as viable devices I will never know well actually I do) through the post” hate Neil Lennon.

But a ‘hatred’ I was going to say that I share with football fans who ‘hate’ their rivals Bosses all over the world.

I was going to say that but I can’t because the fear of Jail time because any negative views you may express of Lennon is met with derisions of…

“You’re anti-kafflick”

Yes they really do speak like that

“You’re Anti-Irish”

Despite Neil Lennon being born in Lurgan , the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

As this series will explain Lennon like many in Northern Ireland and west coast of Scotland only appear to be Roman Catholic because it justifies their irrational hatred of all thing British and protestant and use it to hijack a reasoned debate then conveniently hide behind.

I wish that if they are going to prostitute their faith in such a manner I wish they would at least live by the basic tenants of the Roman Catholic Church.

As we will see Neil Francis Lennon does not


The disgusting text messages sent to the mother of his unborn child.

This sordid affair that must have been deeply traumatic for both Mother and Child was reported in print by Jacqueline McGhie. Shows Lennon as a deeply repulsive violent misogynist with such threats as

“You’re a lying BITCH you have ruined my life now I’m gonna do you”

“What a vicious BITCH you are I’m glad to see the back of you and you can print that”

“If this gets out you’re a FUCKING finished, believe me I will come back at you with everything I’ve got it will end all contact with and I will hurt you back tenfold that’s not a threat that’s a promise”

“You FUCKING blood sucking CUNT you go on as if we had some big romance all you were was a FUCK buddy if this gets out you’re FUCKED”

Now I’m sure that you would agree that Neil Lennon is very lucky he didn’t have a twitter account at the time as he would no doubt to have fell foul of Alex Salmonds new laws. Not that these disgusting texts were not an offence at the time.

But what provoked these outbursts? You may ask. Well it appears it was the mother’s temerity in asking Lennon to accept that the baby was his and that he provide for it.

Now the main thing that gets me is in the last few years domestic abuse offences were laid at the door of Old Firm Matches as I believe another thinly veiled weapon to demonise Rangers with .

At no point did anyone in the media talk about this incident asked Lennon to make a public apology get violence against woman charities to condemn the current Celtic manager’s actions.

That doesn’t surprise from the media what surprises me that Rangers didn’t come out and make this point out when the thinly veiled weapon was weighing into its fans.

I don’t believe that would happen now.

Which is nice.

I will leave the last word to the victim in this sordid affair the abused pregnant woman.

“Neil is a real Jekyll and Hyde character. He can fly off the handle really easily”


One comment on “I’ve got 99 problems with Lennon but a Tim aint 1.

  1. john ingram says:

    great blog and information will be put to good use ,there must be thousands in scotland who are ignorant about what we are up against ,1st time on here so keep them coming ,john

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