Tri colours,IRA banners and a Pro IRA Band’s

Tri colours, IRA banners and Pro IRA Band’s welcome to Scotland 2014

If you had the misfortune of being in the Edinburgh for the 2012 March and Rally for Scottish Independence you would be forgiven in thinking you had took the wrong turn and ended up in the bogside of Londonderry rather than Auld Reekie

The 2012 March and Rally for Scottish Independence was billed to be the largest gathering in a generation of supporters of an Independent Scotland.

A great day out for everyone and a chance to hear speakers which include Alex Salmond, Margo McDonald, Patrick Harvie and many more…

The many more?

Does that include the militant Union flag burners of the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement. ?

You may recall the SRSM have been mention in this blog and were supposed to be persona non grata despite them not appearing to get that memo and were going anyway.

Whether or not they did attend there were more anti British Pro Irish terrorism militants to fill their shoes. Step forward….

The James Connolly society


It appears from this picture they have took the wrong turn and ended up in Auld Reekie rather than bogside of Londonderry.

The music that was promised was supplied by such renowned acts as The Real Dublinerz yes who they? you might ask. I jokingly said are they the dissident offshoot of the Dubliners.

Doing a quick search for them it appears there’s not a truer word spoken in jest.

The ‘Brains’ behind them appears to be a Mr Campbell McKirdy and a quick Scan of their youtube page shows very sinister support/fascination of the IRA.

I would say have a look and a listen but please don’t I’m a music lover and I would not subject anyone to listen to the racket that I have just witnessed. Luckily for you I have provided some screen shots.





The links to the vid they put up in anticipation of their gig has links to these T shirts provided by Mr Campbell himself? are very disturbing too.




Next on the Pro IRA Anti British bill

The wakes now these cats must be that hardest working Pro IRA loony left wing Band in show business.

The band that is backed by TAL Celtic/IRA rag, sorry fanzine. Nope was right the first time RAG and the green brigade, played at the SNP rally before heading down the motorway to join fellow glorifiers of Irish terrorism The Amadans .

The event in which these two bands were playing part was the Celtic Convention in Blackpool held over the weekend of 21st to 23rd September. Where they were joined by Anti British Irish terrorist supporting father and son act The Ryans, all the way from that well known Irish city of LIVERPOOL!

Now that’s not the most hypocritical part of this story the event was held in among other places the Blackpool Hilton.

The Hilton as a chain of Hotels are no stranger to and have been on the receiving end of numerous terrorist acts.

On 5 September 1975, the London Hilton was the target of an IRA bomb which killed two people and injured 63 others.

Not to mention Blackpool just being a few miles away from most notable of IRA atrocities of Warrington and Manchester.

More on this story to come.


One comment on “Tri colours,IRA banners and a Pro IRA Band’s

  1. roady says:

    fact is were losing our country its been happening for yrs theve been gradually eating away at our existance round all these scum up and kick them out including the snp

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