You wait over 100 years for one Celticminded official at Hampden and three come along at once

Now in the pantheon of Celtic paranoia, one tale has to be at its delusional zenith.

That tale is that no catholic or Irish need apply at the SFA.

That the corridors of hampden were run by protestant masonic refs hell bent on keeping those poor Irish Catholics down.

This seething paranoid hatred even boiled over when Tommy Burns was “Snubbed” by SFA for the Scotland’s manager job the  paranoid ones in one collective yelp cried

“That’s pure anti Irish Kafflick so it is by ra way” Not fully aware of Mr Burns tragic circumstances.

During this over 100 years of Britannic reign Willie Maley Celtic team managed to set a Great British record of 62 games unbeaten during the First World War when everyone else was away fighting the jack boot of the Hun.

Also during this period of masonic conspiracy, so fanciful that not even Dan Brown could make it up, Jock stein teams managed to win 9 in a row.

What happened there to allow this anomaly of proud Irish Catholic supremacy?

Did the protestant establishment take decades off?

But let’s pretend the Paranoid Celtic fans are telling the truth. That the Roman Catholic Irish diaspora many whilst holding positions at Celtic park didn’t exist at the SFA and never happened.

That this bastion of protestant masonry was not even cracked when Celtics Peter Lawwell was appointed to the SFA board along with Celtics Eric Reilly to the SPL.

Let’s say it was after that and year zero happened when total unbiased outsiders where appointed that saw the worm turn on the big bad establishment and taken on its favourites the Mighty Glasgow Rangers.

I say totally neutral outsiders, but who truly can be if they have been fed this two dimensional view that Rangers are the British establishment footballing black n tans and Celtic those poor downtrodden Irish

Did Stewart Regan when he was employed at Coors with Peter Lawwell get spoon-fed this baloney by the Celtic CEO?

Does Stewart Regan hold the same views already and is part of the North East Irish Cultural Network like Brother Professor Stephen Regan who waxes lyrical and in print of the 1916 Easter rising, IRA, bold Fenians such as Wolfe tone and his passion for Irish history and literature, his writings on that country and its struggles?

If so and he has been spoon fed these lies and does subscribes to the views of his brother it would explain the total disrespect shown to all Rangers fans on social media sites and would explain this Tweet.


Neil Antony Doncaster to give him his full Sunday name rose at a rapidly alarming rate through the ranks of a Norwich with fanatical Roman catholic convert Delia Smiths at the helm. She attends Mass every day dontcha know.

Surely it’s not for his business acumen if things are to go by from his handling of the SPL as a Brand that’s a big no, no.

If it is the former and that he shares the same fundamental views as Delia Smith and has been spoon fed the propaganda that is perpetrated from the bowls of parkhead then surely there’s only one team for him

And as for fanatical Celtic fan Vince Lunny the Scottish Football Association first full-time Compliance Officer put his appointment done to “Pure luck!” we know where he stands.

But like the Celticminded drivel that said the SFA was run by a shadowy cabal of Masons.

What If it wasn’t “pure luck” as Vincent says but all these men were put in place by design by some sort of fanatical Jesuit branch of the Roman catholic church designed to Smash the anti Roman Catholic bogey man that SFA and Rangers were?

See conspiracy theories are easy to make up and harder to prove unless you have evidence or at least strive to get your questions answered.

More to come.


3 comments on “You wait over 100 years for one Celticminded official at Hampden and three come along at once

  1. bert whyte says:

    Good stuff sir, keep up the good work!

  2. david mccreath says:

    Keep opening the cans of worms, great work !!!

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