Dear Jim can you fix it for me that the Roman Catholic Church is investigated by Police.


Any of us as children would remember the start of that sentence from the popular children show Jim’ll fix it for you BBC show.

But just as it seems all our innocent childhood memories and dreams will be sullied by the revelations in an upcoming ITV documentary that claims Jimmy Savile sexually abused young children in the 1970s and 80s.

Our beliefs in the cornerstones of our society maybe sullied as well if they don’t take the claims of abuse by the two people previously mentioned in this blog seriously and have an independent investigation into the goings on in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

In particular the goings on at the Parish of St Patrick’s in Kilsyth under Canon Denis O’Connell where both His Eminence Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien and Fr Thomas Mullen who has been accused of child rape and is under investigation albeit by his employers the Roman Catholic Church not the Police or government both preached.

The Reason I am targeting on this individual place is because in my investigations it has been host to at least five persons who have been accused convicted or taken part in the cover up of Child rape.

Canon Denis O’Connell association with the BBC started with his posting in London for two years where he worked as a consultant on Catholic broadcasting making many radio and TV appearances Fr O’Connell was no stranger to celebrity which he used to good effect either for fund raising or for community events.

Fr O’Connell staged a free open air concert in Kilsyth in 1976 by the Bay City Rollers, then at the height of their fame. He vaguely knew Tam Paton their manager but his secretary wouldn’t let him in to his office after he had outlined why he was there – to get the Bay City Rollers to play Kilsyth – for free!

The Bay City Rollers

In 1982, Tam Paton was convicted of gross indecency with teenage boys, serving one year of a three year prison sentence. He was also accused of but cleared of raping the band’s guitarist, Pat McGlynn, in a hotel room in 1977.

In 2000, Derek Longmuir the bands drummer was sentenced to 300 hours community service after admitting possessing child pornography

Sir Jimmy Savile

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG was a frequent visitor to the Parish of St Patrick’s in Kilsyth during the period when he had a hit TV show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ or was in between presenting ‘Top of the Pops’ or hosting a show on Radio 1 and could often be seen at 10 O’clock Mass of a morning, sporting a kilt. You could always tell when he was in Kilsyth as his white jaguar car was parked outside the Parish House.

Jimmy pictured along side Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly.

It was Jimmy’s mother who had originally got to know Fr O’Connell in his role as Vice Postulator of the Cause for the Beatification of (at that time) the Blessed Margaret Sinclair. She had a devotion to Margaret Sinclair following a period when the young Jimmy had been very ill after a fall. She always attributed his recovery to Margaret Sinclair’s intercession.

Jimmy and Fr O’Connell formed a close friendship when Jimmy’s mother died which lasted until the then ‘Canon’ O’Connell himself died in 1997.

In return for Jimmy’s frequent visits to Kilsyth and tireless fundraising, Fr. O’Connell built a fountain in the front piazza at St Patrick’s in his name to recognise his charitable work.

And there is also Fr Thomas Mullen who has been accused by two different adults who don’t know each other and are from different parts of Britain of abusing them.

Is there anything you are hiding Keith Patrick O’Brien? Anything that would help the Police with their investigations?

One Bird that sung.

For many years Fr O’Connell famously kept a mynah bird – which he trained to speak. It had a large and sometimes choice vocabulary! The bird was kept in a large cage in front garden of the Parish House where it could talk to passers-by in the Low Craigends.

Unfortunately this had the side effect that from some of the passers-by, it learned a larger and more colourful vocabulary than any resident of the Parish House would otherwise ever have! Fr O’Connell also used the bird to great effect to attract the youth to his children’s Masses of which he was very fond and which are remembered by a generation of Kilsyth’s Catholic men and women

where you lured by Canon O’Connell mynah bird?

If so this Blog is here to help you there is already contact details posted that you can phone in confidence.

11 comments on “Dear Jim can you fix it for me that the Roman Catholic Church is investigated by Police.

  1. T Curwood. says:

    This must be shared across our land,

    For God and Scotland

  2. Eddy says:

    If there is truth in what you say here, you now have a responsibility to make a serious complaint to the police and to do everything you can to make sure your complaint is taken seriously. With the disclosure of sexual abuse carried out by Cardinal O’Brien in today’s newspaper, the time is ripe for everyone who has been abused in any way, no matter how small, to come forward and demand justice, punishment, and compensation.

  3. Jerome says:

    He had a massive cock

  4. Angela McDonald says:

    Canon O’Connell holds a very special place in my heart, and many others. This blog is fact in that he knew these people but the implication that he was in anyway involved in what they have been accused of is by far the most ludicrous thing I have heard. His only fault is that he befriended a great many people in his work as a long serving parish priest, including many players and staff at both Celtic Park and Ibrox in the 80’s and 90’s, why is it not implied that he was also involved in the financial discrepancies that have taken place in these institutions…. is it because that is not scandelous enough? Why is it that people look for abuse problems within the Catholic Church and attempt to link people with it, no matter how tenuous. I am sure that Tam Paton had many friends, none of which are named here. Lots of people kept Mynah birds but are not accused of using them to lure children. Jimmy Saville travelled the country in his work and visited many people making friends with their friends but none of these people have been implicated in the accusations, is this because they are not members of the Roman Catholic Church so again wouldn’t cause the desired scandal?
    If the Cardinal were a lollypop man or a shop manager who had attended mass in Kilsyth and was now accused of these actions then there would have been no “digging for dirt”, these tenuous links would not have been formed and the Canon’s good name would not now be called into question. The fact is that he is the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland and that position itself shouts for a scandal to be uncovered, What people forget is that priests are men like any other and like men (and of course women) in any other profession there are those whose actions are beyond abhorance.
    In reponse to Eddy there was no accusation of sexual abuse by the Cardinal, the accusation is one of inapropriate behaviour. Jerome I will not respond to except to say that it is small minded people like you that make it harder for real victims to be taken seriously after they have had the courage to come forward to report these hideous acts.

    • My sources say that this will could very well be Scotlands Murphy report!!

      Surely as a good Christian you would welcome a full independent inquiry so Victims can get Justice guilty people punished and Men/Women who are a danger to children removed from any access to children?

  5. Angela McDonald says:

    We must of course also remember that as things stand the Cardinal has been accused of these actions, nothing has been proven. He must be given the opportunity to respond and have these accusations investigated by the relevant authorities.

  6. hunsabout says:

    You are a sick Orange Bastard.

  7. Trish Mcd says:

    ok maybe u got some facts ..but ur page to me is more for the bird outside the church house ffs..get a life, i was a kid ..i recall the bird as do many of us ..yeah there is such a thing as freedom of speech but ur making accusations without proof against people who are no longer alive to defend themselves as father oconnels mynah bird would say …FUCK OFF YA HUN FUCK

  8. David Fleming says:

    This is scandalous. Father O’Connell did nothing but good for the people of Kilsyth, including founding the Colzium Athletics Club and St Pat’s snooker hall, both of which were used by Protestant and Catholic children alike. I remember his Mynah bird and it wasn’t to lure anyone, in fact the nuns used to tolerate doorstepping children who just wanted to have a laugh at the bird and it was the children-me included-who taught it to swear. Father O’Connell taught it to say “go to school” to try and chase us away. Sure, father O’Connell liked a dram but that was the full extent of his weaknesses and the person who wrote this rubbish should be ashamed

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