Celtic Football Club PLC an inclusive organisation open to all. part 2

Before I start Im writing this just hours after the cold blooded murder of David Black my thoughts and condolences go to his colleagues and most importantly his family in this dark hour.

Rest in Peace

The tale Im about to tell may shock some of my readers that live in other parts of mainland Great Britain and do not live in the west coast of Scotland.

There has been public demonstrations in support of dissident Irish republicans by a group purporting to be the Scottish branch of the Political wing of the RIRA, the 32CSM.

You may be aware of them from this blog where they have close ties to Union flag burning Scottish Nationalists.

You might also be shocked to find out that its not just one protest that the have had but a series of demonstrations in aid of such terrorists as Marian Price the old Bailey bomber pictured here with RIRA OC Alan Ryan.

Starting way back in february there have been at least four demonstrations maybe more in support of the RIRA.

Now you may say how the hell can this show of Pro Irish sectarian terrorism glorification and indeed support for ant-Britishness be allowed and go ahead unchallenged?

Where on earth could this madness be accepted.

Well it appears to be at Celtic park and not just any days no they seem to like days when Celtic football club play there on their home games.

This particular time and place is when the Political wing of the RIRA feel safe to spout and show their Pro Irish Terror anti British bile.


Now Celtic football club have been fully aware of these demonstrations and have made no attempt to come out and publicly distance themselves from this group or indeed stop them from using the name of their stadium never mind them stopping them physically from promoting their Anti British terrorist bile infecting the ears and eyes of their patrons.

Strange behaviour from an inclusive football club and organisation open to all.



One comment on “Celtic Football Club PLC an inclusive organisation open to all. part 2

  1. cyberted says:

    Celtic Park is treated in much the same way today as the Finsbury Park mosque was in the 80s and 90s. The police are too scared to intervene. Everyone from the security services to the politicians know what is going on. There is a real security threat here to the Queen opening the Commonwealth Games as some insiders at Celtic including players have connections to the RIRA yet the authorities will not act.

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