The Thompson spins volume 2

Alex Thompson amazes me the way he sticks up for the multi nom de plumed Phil Mac Giolla Bhain almost in the way a battered wife sticks up for her Husband

“You don’t know him the way I do.”

But the fact is we all know the “husband” fine well is a scum bag of the highest order and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a Rangers hating obsessive and anti-British bigot of the highest order

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain a man defined by no lesser publication as The Sun Newspaper as being “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”

Now if that was me being described in Britain’s biggest selling newspaper as that I would be reaching for my Lawyers number (probably Claims direct no win no fee in Phil’s case) and defending my reputation and honour.

But as of yet no court action has been taken against the newspaper who’s reputation for truth has been tarred beyond repair by scandal after scandal.

The latest bit of his stand by your Bigot was his channel 4 news propaganda piece and glorified advert for Phil Mac Giolla Bhain rabid Rangers fixation / hit piece on “hate site”

You have to laugh the way Alex Thomson bands about the word hate site well he should know he fore worded Mac Giolla Bhains book and anyone who takes a cursory glance at Phil’s blog will know all about hate sites .

This propaganda hit piece by Channel 4 news that would make Joseph Goebbels blush contained Gerry Hassan, Paul Holleran, miss Angela Haggerty and Alex Thomson himself.

Gerry Hassan employed Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Paul Holleran is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain work colleague at the NUJ, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain employed miss Angela Haggerty and Alex Thomson wrote the foreword for Phil Mac Giolla Bhain book. Also there was a massive bit of product placement as the camera lingered on Miss Haggerty apparently reading said book upside down.

All as far as I can see are either Celtic fans or Rangers and British “establishment” hating bigots and as far as I am lead to believe all get a mention of acknowledgement in said book.

None of this was mentioned to the Audience.

In doing so appears to have broken Ofcom laws as written in this Blog by the Daily Ranger where it explains how you can complain to both Channel 4 and Ofcom please take a minute out and read and do both

Next up was the Clip played out of context was from Rangers “hate site” what Tomo failed to put on his hit piece was the comedy jingle that was on before and the fact the presenter of the show asked his listeners to ask miss Haggerty

“If Phil Killed the pensioner”

A question, may I add that was not answered.

No threat was made to her whatsoever .

Earlier in this blog I referred to Phil as “the many multi named Phil Mac Giolla Bhain” I do so as Phil is on at least his 6th and probably more in counting name change

The thing is Alex Thomson why should believe a man about “truths” in a book when we can’t even rely on him to tell the truth about his real name.

Anyway Phil’s “book” will only be bought by the type of Rangers hating obsessive bigots as himself who Im glad to say a noisy but very small rabble.

But if you are normal person who has stumbled across this blog and thinking of buying it or god forbid a Rangers fan who might think it has something worthwhile to say in a non-bigoted agenda free way.

Then don’t.

I will be given you the truth about the Author of the books mental instability and more proof of his rabid repugnant views.

More to come



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