Celtic sign GAA club with history of IRA glorification, manager

Celtic have announce that Donegal GAA Football manager Jim McGuinness is joining the club as a performance consultant.

Donegal GAA have a history of IRA glorification.

Indeed their very Stadium the MacCumhail Park is named after IRA terrorist Seán MacCumhaill AKA Seán McCool.

The aforementioned stadium is a regular host to the Harvey and McGlynn memorial cup.

The Harvey and McGlynn “memorial” cup is played to “honour” the death of Donegal PIRA terrorists Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn most notably recently in August of this year despite condemnation and pleas to the GAA to have it stopped .

The GAA match commemorates two IRA terrorists  Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn, who died when a bomb they were carrying exploded prematurely on 10 August 1973.  They were about 200 yards from the customs post at Kilclean when the bomb exploded killing the two IRA men.

Gerard McGlynn (18) was from Castlederg and Seamus Harvey (22) was also from Castlederg but had been on the run and living in Donegal.  A few weks before his death Harvey had been in court in Dublin charged with IRA membership and possession of weapons.

Now the stadium where said match took place is as I have said named after an IRA terrorist.

Not just your common old IRA terrorist but Seán MacCumhaill.

Seán MacCumhaill a prominent republican who was chief of staff of the IRA for a short period in 1942.

This was during the 2nd World War, at a time when the IRA were collaborating with the Nazis, and McCool developed plans to get Nazi agent Sergeant Gunther Schuetz out of Ireland and back to Germany with a shopping list of weapons for the IRA.

Above Picture: The winning team  presented with a memorial cup from Dean Harvey, grandson of Seamus Harvey.

Oh and if I don’t post before Sunday to all my readers lets remember our fallen with pride and dignity on armistice day.



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