A call to all decent Celtic fans.

As we all know that once again the very vocal minority of the Celtic support (I would like to think) the Green Brigaders will no doubt bully and intimidate the vast majority(I would like to think) of Celtic support by pulling another moronic stunt that will desecrate the Memory of people who have been the casualties of war.

That is to be expected.

Scum is as Scum does.

Now if the vast majority (I would like to think) of the decent Celtic support feel to intimidated inside the ground to confront the Neil Lennon, Peter Lawwell and Celtic board backed Green Brigade then here is something you can do.

This is a screen grab I was sent by a reader of this blog after seeing my post about the 32CSM the political wing of the RIRA Scotland branch.

As you can see from the screen grab this group are planning to protest outside the gallowgate entrance of Celtic park.

If you have read my previous post about the RIRA political wing in Scotland you will know that this is not the first protest the have undertaken with impunity by Celtic, Police even the anti terror branch.

But what is more inflammatory and deeply upsetting is that is being

1. held on armistice day

2. only days after Northern Ireland came as one for the funeral of maghaberry prison officer David Black against the murderous dissident bastards that would try in a gunshot drag Northern Ireland back to the bad old days of the troubles.

Now if the good people of Northern Ireland can come as one and round on these dissidents for the scum they are why are we in another country allowing such open support for Irish terrorists and not only that allowing it to be intertwined with football?

They like to band about the Prisoners of war tag but what war are the fighting the vast majority of decent Northern Irishmen and woman have turned their back on the so called “WAR” for peace prosperity and a better future for their kids.

If they can do it in the country where the trouble actually took place.

Then why cant we.

So once again I put a call out to all decent Celtic fans to counter demonstrate against this evil.

Dont be scared yes their banners are very professional looking and look like the ones you will see in the dissident strongholds where these sectarian bullies dwell.

Dont be.

From what I can tell that this rag tag bunch of scum are made up of a minority of either drug dealers or emaciated drug users all be it being worked from the back by people in dissidents strongholds in the island of Ireland.

Also to all my readers who are not Celtic fans I ask you to contact on twitter with links and the pictures of this blog to Celtic supporting M.Ps who are such vocal opponents of fascism on twitter to do something about this.

Such M.Ps I suggest would be to start

Jim Murphy Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Defence.


Humza Yousaf SNP MSP  for Glasgow


Joan McAlpine Scottish National Party MSP for South of Scotland


See if you get a reply.

I wouldnt hold my breath they are quick to comment on other Fascists but seem to ignore the ones right on their doorstep so to speak.



  1. Alex MacLachlan says:

    couldnt agree more mate..SCUMBAGS

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