I apologies for the title of what I hope will be a Blog within a Blog but I couldn’t resist it was an open goal tap in and it seems to be a snappy title for a blog.

As I’m on record  as saying the sorts of devious acts that went on at Celtic boys club had nothing to with sex as to me it implies some sort of consent  as we all know these where brutal acts of Rape against young boys.

In this Blog, I will be hoping to forensically go over this case to see if  there is anything that has been missed. Establish the truth and find out how far reaching  this disgusting episode in Celtic football history went.

Some of the things I have already uncovered should have people concerned.

Here is a little timeline of the major incidents to inform and to refresh?


1966: Celtic Boys’ Club is founded by Jim Torbett with the backing of Sir Robert Kelly Celtic Chairman,


1970: Frank Cairney joins club.


1972: Jock Stein ousts Jim Torbett as Boys’ Club general manager after allegations that boys were being sexually abused. He is replaced by Frank Cairney. Hugh Birt, a photographer and Celtic associate, is made chairman.


1970s: The Boys’ Club prospers and produces some great talent including Tommy Burns, Paul McStay, Roy Aitken, Peter Grant. But during that era, rumours of abuse are rife.


1991: Frank Cairney resigns as general manager and part-time coach at Celtic Football Club following a trip to New Jersey where a young Celt was allegedly abused.


1994: New Celtic boss Tommy Burns attempts to bring Frank Cairney back to Parkhead. Fergus McCann refuses, following outrage from fans in New Jersey.


August 4, 1996: Former Scotland star Alan Brazil tells Record of abuse by Torbett when he was a member of the Celtic Boys’ Club.


August 6, 1996: David Gordon contacts the Record to tell of his ordeal.


August 8, 1996: John McCluskey admits that he too was abused by Torbett.


October 25, 1996: Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney charged with sex offences.


November 4, 1998: Torbett stands trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with molesting three youngsters in his care including Alan Brazil.


November 12, 1998: Torbett is found guilty.


12 March, 2004: Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that pictures taken of young boys were hidden in a store room at Celtic Park for nearly 20 years by Celtic view employee John Cullen.

I will be going into the previous time line in more detail in the future of this blog.


2 comments on “THE CELTIC SEX CASE

  1. chef says:

    Do not let this go, leave no stone unturned and highlight this injustice to the masses, in this day and age these thing have no hiding place.

  2. Parky says:

    Did Torbett get back involved with the Celtic boys club after Steins death?

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