Is the man widely touted as behind the Rangers Tax Case sectarian?

As I have said before I hope this will be another Blog within a Blog.

I have been putting this off for a while now been very busy and time constraints and so on.

But with today’s news that Rangers Football club have served disgraced lawyer Paul McConville with an injunction to stop spreading his malicious lies.

And that I seem to have the attention of Celtic forum Celticminded that use the sectarian racist term Hun as if it was going out of fashion.

I feel there is no better time to start outing these people.

David hillier is a man that has been at the forefront of the media investigation into the Rangers Tax case so much when challenged by members of the twitter community that he was such said person instead of rebuffing such claims as falsehoods he took the strange step of deleting all his tweets.

Now the question I’m asking is this man David Hillier strong critique and opinion on the Rangers Tax case could be clouded by hatred and sectarianism towards Rangers and it fans who he may perceive as being of a certain demographic is because of this little story I have found.

On Sunday, 11 April, 2005 Benjamin Hillier, of Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, who was arrested after allegedly making sectarian comments in a barrage of abuse directed at other fans. The 18-year-old building site worker pleaded not guilty.

He was arrested at the Scottish Cup semi-final between Hearts and Celtic.

A match where tempers were running high as for some reason the SFA in their infinite wisdom decided to hold a minutes silence for a corrupt foreign head of state.

This came after the absurd decision the SFA SPL made for Scottish clubs to make up their own mind to clubs to hold a minute of silence for the Scottish Queen mother.

A match Police sources claimed there was a ‘poisonous’ atmosphere in the build-up to the game.

One said: ‘There was something nasty in the air before the fans had even reached the ground. The atmosphere was poisonous and deteriorated after the silence was booed. The reaction from the Celtic fans was ferocious.

Benjamin Hillier was arrested on that day along with fellow Celtic fans Paul Quinn, who was charged with shouting sectarian remarks and kicking and punching someone outside the Hampden Park venue.

The 50 year-old professional, of Bellshill, Lanarkshire, has denied any involvement.

They were granted bail but banned from entering Hampden, Ibrox and Celtic Park.

Apprentice joiner Hillier whined ‘They did me for sticking my fingers up at a Hearts supporter’ bus as it went past.

‘They started with a breach of the peace but by the time I got to the station, it was a sectarian breach of the peace.

‘I didn’t open my mouth to them because I was on my phone. I was annoyed because it was 27 hours before I got out again.

‘I just think it’s because Jack McConnell wants to clamp down that the police are trying to do that.’

And it appears that this sort of anti social behavior is not just exclusively the domain of the eldest of the Hillier clan

This was sent to me from one of Daniel Hilliers social networks.

As you can see not only does this disturbing image is sectarian but it has overtones of Anti British terrorism.

So this begs the question are David Hilliers adults sons just loose cannons or do they indeed live in a house where sectarian bile and support for Irish Terrorism not only tolerated but promoted?.

Also with Mr Hillier’s expertise in the world of finance and the fact that he seems to be the worst sort of rabid Celtic fan.

It would be pretty strange that a person wouldn’t put two and two together and say he may have some input in a Blog that specialises in Finance and Rangers hating.

I think it is time that Mr Hillier should come out and publicly tell us his involvement with the Rangers Tax case Blog if any and set the record straight.


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