The Battered Bunnet

Cut a long story The Battered Bunnet is Tony Mckelvie

Heres a pic of Tony with his better half.

You know looking at this picture reminds me of the old joke the wife says to her husband

“you are more obsessed with Celtic than you are obsessed with me”

To which the husband replies

“Hen I’m more obsessed with Rangers than I am with you”

and to be fair with Tony who could blame him.

Now Tony did an in-depth look at Celtics finances round about the time when the Rangers tax case Blog started in CQN you could even argue it was a mirror image of the RTC.

Now if you want to do your own bit of forensic financial investigation on Tony make sure all his Tax paying duties are all above board then be my guess he is a director in the following company.

INNTABIZ LIMITED           Active

One thing Tony is definitely at the forefront of in his obsession with Rangers is the allege EBTs and dual contracts

So much so that when the one time social worker Phil Mac Giolla Bhain wrote on his blog about subject he was pulled up by no doubt Tony under the other nom de plume Dumped_By_Phil_For_asking_a_question saying it was Tony and not Phil that broke the story Phil grudgingly doffs the cap to Tony Bhoy

Tony can be found on twitter under his real name and “the battered bunnet” as his avatar.


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