The Better not SEEN Brigade

As you all know this blog is very critical of certain aspects of “the Culture” that surrounds and is indeed inside Celtic park from the lowest fan to players to manager right up to the very boardroom itself.

I wish I didn’t have to expose the uglier side of Celtic Football Club but it appears I live in a country whose media can see no wrong that Celtic does or indeed chooses not to print said malfeasance’s.

But credit where credits due I have to say from what I heard and by all reports the minutes silence on remembrance Sunday was impeccably observed.

Albeit, after names of Celtic players who paid the ultimate price for their country and peace, where read over the loudspeaker.

Now to the reader outside of Scotland they might think

“What? You are actually congratulating people on having and observing a moment of silence for remembrance Sunday? Surely that’s a basic human decency to manage to stay quiet for a whole 60 seconds?”

Well my friend you don’t live in Scotland.

Anyway I would like to say thank you on behalf of my maternal Grandfather who I’m proud to say was not only in Lisbon in 1967 but also Dunkirk as a mere boy as he and many others were confronted with by the barbarism of the Nazi blitzkrieg.

Lucky for me he came back alive

Thank you, I would like to think to the vast majority of decent Celtic fans, who like me have similar family stories for standing up to that militant Irish terror supporting anti-British Celtic board and manager backed rabble the Green Brigade.

The Green Brigade who I hear is to boycott the next two home games. This can only be a good thing as the vast majority of decent Celtic fans can reclaim their songs and stadium from anti British and pro-Irish terror glorification stunts.

It’s a pity that it’s not your job too to keep the entrances of Celtic park free from pro-Irish terror and anti-British demonstrations as the RIRA political wing the 32CSM Scotland branch where at it again on remembrance Sunday of all days.

The Green Brigade are to boycott ,why?

Because according to them that just under 50% of the Green Brigade have either faced, or are facing a police charge or ban from football.

“Well great! well done our tax payers money at work rounding up and keeping tabs on anti-British militant Irish republican terror supporters within our country I will sleep safe tonight.”

“I bet this positive news about our Police force being proactive is headline news on BBC Scotland and elsewhere? Right?”

Readers from outside Scotland might think.

Well you would be wrong there has not been a single cough or fart about this in the media. A media I may add who has been quick to publish name and addresses of other fans pulled up for the littlest misdemeanor before trial and without being found guilty.


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