The Bheast of Midlothian

Vlad, Bad and dangerous to know.

I’m watching with a mixture of schadenfreude and disbelief the mess Hearts of Midlothian have found themselves in yet again

The disbelief is the amount of MP’s and MSP’s who have come out the wood work and have finally found a voice, opinion on Football Clubs in financial difficulty. Well that’s not entirely true there some MP’s who commented on the Rangers situation but it was only to guffaw at the train wreck that Craig Whyte had led this great Scottish institution to its knees.

Also the fact HMRC also bending over backwards to help them out when others were not shown such leniency.

The schadenfreude from them not only stabbing us in the back but being first to get their hands bloody and in doing so slitting their own throats financially too.

Hearts being at the forefront of such a decision sided them with the Anti-Rangers bheasts of Celtic, Dundee united, Aberdeen and Hibernian and must have been music to their ears to see a side with such a proud British history side with bheasts who care not a jot for it in their attempt to try and kill the mighty Glasgow Rangers once and for all.

But it was to no avail the mighty Glasgow Rangers are still here proud history intact. In fact perversely apart from the obvious disadvantage of not being able to play in Europe, this placement in the division three has been a refreshing God send it has galvanised the support. Unified a once fractured support and in doing so got rid of the many hand wringing Glory Hunters that attached itself to the club.

Just in case there is any Handwringers still attached to our Club that want to see the Club that many sectarian Bigoted Celtic fans call the “wee Huns”.

We’ll let me cast your mind back to Vladimir Romanov hate filled unfounded rant when Hearts were the first club to do their masters bidding.

How he wasn’t up before Vincent Lunny and the SFA after this rant on a bringing the game into disrepute charge says more about the state of the morally bankrupt and bigoted SFA/SPL that Wee Vlads mental state of mind.

Vladimir Romanov’s Statement in full.

“The opinion of Heart of Midlothian FC in regards to the current situation of Scottish football is clear and robust.

“The football mafia represented by former owners of Rangers FC and Rupert Murdoch’s media are to blame for some of the worst problems to hit Scottish football and must not be allowed back in under any circumstances.

“As regards the club itself, we can only express our deepest condolences to its supporters, who have been lied to for so many years.

“It had to happen sooner or later. Victories were achieved not by sporting merits, but through slander, conspiracies amongst players and their poaching via third parties, unfair pressuring of referees, who in themselves are as valuable to the fabric of football as the football stars themselves.

“All of this brought hollow victories and destroyed football. We can also mention the attempts to eliminate Hearts with the help of the tax petitions, through false accusations and threats to revoke the club license. There is a saying about digging a grave for someone: you get it for yourself …

“Without these people football will become cleaner and stronger. Without Murdoch the whole of society will improve, in particular sport and culture.

“Supporters deserve a new beginning and have to accept the fact that their club has to start from the lower league, keeping order in the SPL and without creating unfair competition with other clubs.

“As regards the pitiful state of Scottish football finances, a lot of the blame should be placed at the doors of Murdoch’s media. They pay huge sums to English clubs, whilst in Scotland, where football is better supported per capita than anywhere else in Europe and there are more cable or Sky subscribers per capita than in England, clubs receive peanuts for their broadcasting rights.

“At the very least this is discrimination and protectionism for the English football product, which at the same time stunts the development of the game in Scotland, that is regarded as the cradle of football.

“I feel that it is absolutely realistic to create a company that would bring to Scottish clubs at least the same broadcasting income, and even grow it by 50-100% over the next two to three years. This company should be in the hands of Scottish clubs and work with those who want to earn money the honest way, instead of conducting business the Murdoch way.

“They have lived beyond law and all morals, and should now be declared beyond the pale. A society that allows the destruction of integrity in sport, which is a crucial part of Scottish culture, is destroying itself – and all for the benefit of a media aborigine.”


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