Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan

Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan is Jim McGinley

Jim McGinley aka James Joseph McGinley aka @BroganRoganTrev aka Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan aka @Strandsky

Jim McGinley wrote a 11500 word Diatribe called The Silence of the Lambs—- and when the wheels come off the bogey!

This has to rank as the Mein Kampf of internet bampottery . Full of references to Rangers, Cheating , Financial doping  basically comparing Rangers to cheat Lance Armstrong.

One wonders if McGinley Bhoy could muster an 11500 word diatribe about his own team Celtic and say compare them to another American sports scandal like say ….erm Penn state for instance.

James Joseph McGinley is a director in the following companies

Company Name               Company Status



I would invite any of my readers to forensically go through his companies’ accounts. I’m sure Jim won’t mind in the interest of financial fair play.

Jim McGinley aka @BroganRoganTrev it seems is good pals with sectarian Rangers hater and BBC employee Stuart Cosgrove. Both write for the bastard offspring of the now discredited and deleted Rangers Tax Case, the scottish football monitor.

Auld Jim McGinley even got a name check by Cosgrove on his BBC off the Ball yes the same Stuart Cosgrove who said this,

“One time we were through at Hearts, and we were at Falkirk station on the way, on the same day Rangers were playing Falkirk. It was Huns galore -thousands of them, and there were maybe 40 of us in the CYS from Perth. We got on the train at Falkirk station, we just opened the windows as it started moving, and gave them ‘Orange wankers’ and all the rest of it, and of course as soon as we were moving – the train stopped and started moving back into the station! The driver must have been a Hun or something.”

Stuart Cosgrove is head of diversity at Channel 4.


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