“The John Boy doth protest too much, methinks.”

I wasn’t going to do another Blog today but after a comment I got from a certain “johnboy5088” I feel that I have be pre-empted to do so.

Here is the comment in entirety

johnboy5088 says:

November 24, 2012 at 11:01 pm  (Edit)

I take it you are just jealous of his intelligence and command of the English language. His latest blog was very insightful, fair and a pleasure to read.

Had any luck finding Mr Rangers Tax Case yet?

Made any apologies to those you wrongly accused?

Found out who actually owns your new football club yet?

Worked out why Mr Murray was “duped” into selling your old club for £1 to a shyster whom he knew from his days as a Plant Hire firm operator in Lanarkshire and son-in-law of a steel mill owner?

Wish your new team was playing in the Champions League rather than struggling against pub teams whose owners can’t even count up to 4,000?

Dominus Vobiscum.

Notice the wee bit of Latin John Bhoy slips in at the end typical Celtic fan always bringing religion into football.

As I said before I have been pre-empted to do another Blog or should I say I am at least offering “johnboy5088” who has been on my Radar of Rangers Tax Case obsessives for a while now.

You where the 1st to ever comment on Rangers Tax Case “John Boy” weren’t you?

To come out and tell the world how he knows for sure that I have wrongly accused people?

Also to come out publicly and explain how Sir David Murray sold “club for £1 to a shyster whom he knew from his days as a Plant Hire firm operator in Lanarkshire and son-in-law of a steel mill owner?”

As I am no big fan of Sir David Murray I will welcome in giving you a platform to explain these comments with concrete evidence.

You will understand “John Boy” that you will have to agree with me beforehand that YOU wil be 100% accountable for what you say and I cannot be personally held accountable for what you say As Auld Sir David has 1o gallon litigation hat on these days.

I just wish he had it on for the club I love too and defended it from the constant onslaught of Rangers haters in the past 20 years.

Also “johnboy5088” I know who you are the blog about you is already in the can so maybe you can come out and explain your role in the Rangers tax case Blog however small or large it may be.

All though I think your role might be a little larger now.

As auld Bill Shakespeare wrote.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”



  1. j tannock says:

    Name calling and bully boy tactics are not a legitimate argument to prove your point.. Please argue on facts.
    Ebt’s are morally abhorrent, no corrupt. They may be legal as were the rules for most MP’s expenses claims, however, as with Jimmy Carr, Starbucks they allow millionaires to use tax loopholes to avoid paying tax, whilst benefits are cut for the poorest in our society.
    In my view it is a form of cheating,
    HMRC are our representatives whose responsibility it is to pursue tax avoidance schemes. In other words in the case of Rangers (oldco) they were only doing their job. They may not have done it expeditiously and even if they had Rangers would have still entered Administration.
    Rangers had an £800000 per month funding gap at the time of the sale. Simple arithmetic meant that without a substantial increase in revenue or substantial reduction in expenditure Rangers were not a viable proposition. Champions league failure was the death knell of David Whites reign.
    Lloyds inherited the MIM account. It was evident that MIM was not a good business model. David Murray borrowed way beyond the Companys capabilities and LLoyds mindful of their obligation to their shareholders and savers were not prepared to continue a company that was not viable.

  2. If Lloyds had given Rangers a fraction of the time it gave Murry Metals to solve the deficit issues there would have been no debt to deal with. If Lloyds loans were running at 1% interest as with Celtics with the Co-Op Rangers could have stuck it in a high interest account and paid off the debt on the interest gained over a few years; (free money) or even better, if you’re an Aberdeen chairman, just get the bank to write off the 11 million debt altogether. Don’t give us this morality bull shit j tannock. Your clubs board is full of accountants and Lawyers that have been at it with GCC and EDC for years. You guys just do such a good job at making relevant info disappear. Putting Celtic minded people on investigation committees (Local and international) and we won’t even go to the child abuse cover ups not even looked at by the authorities.

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