Another Lawyer throws his hat and his reputation into the ring?

After being introduced to the MLM solutions blog I stumbled across another Blog on said site by a certain Mr Aidan McLaughlin with the title:

Rangers Big Tax Case & HMRC Procedures to collect tax debt


Now Aiden McLaughlin isn’t just any fan commenting on the Rangers Tax Case he is a man of letters a professional in this field.

As his curriculum vitae states.

Partner at McLaughlin Crolla LLP

Director of Tax, Scotland at Top 10 Accountancy Firm

Partner at LWC Accountants LLP

Senior Tax Manager at Rutherford Manson Dowds CA

Senior Tax Manager at Arthur Andersen

HM Inspector at Inland Revenue


Chartered Institute Of Tax

The University of Glasgow

Corsi Singoli – University of Rome

St Aloysius College, Glasgow

And it appears by that C.V he could be one of the suspects for the Mr. Verdigris of Scepticism LLP, Chartered Tax Adviser but why if it is him that wrote the blog why does he feel the need for anonymity now? when he didn’t need it months ago?


Is it because the fact the FTT decision didn’t go in the way he would like?

Now Aiden isn’t Just your common old Celtic fan he is indeed part of the dynasty of Celtic in with the bricks part of the foundations so to speak.

You see Aiden’s ancestor John Hubert McLaughlin was the Celtic football Clubs chairman from the years 1897 – 1909.

Interestingly, he was virtually unique among the Celtic pioneers in having no public involvement or profile in Irish political affairs. He was a vocal supporter of the British the Boer War, very much out of step with many others on the Celtic Board who tried to have him unseated.

You wouldn’t believe this because a quick glance at Aiden’s twitter Timeline on the unfortunately named @aidsregs will see that its far from the dream of the all-inclusive club his fore father might have envisage for Celtic.

Ironically with all of Aiden’s Morally pontificating on Rangers and its high paid players it was Aidens ancestor who when Celtic were founded the 25  year old with no knowledge of association football became one of the leading advocates of professionalism in Scottish football and an expert legislator.

One could argue He promoted more Professionalism in sport thus corrupting Scottish clubs who espoused the amateur Corinthian spirit.

This issue was discussed 1893 but rejected.

The president of the SFA at the time, argued “that all Associations should unite to stamp out professionalism”

Oh how a better future we might have all had if it wasn’t for the likes of Aiden’s ancestor.

With players just playing for the love of the game and for the games sake.


Celtic chairman JH McLaughlin made a speech after the Scottish Cup final of 1899:
“Sectarianism is a dead letter in Scottish football… We cull players from all quarters, regardless of sect.” 

A wag in the crowd shouted back “Or cost!”. A dig at Celtic’s spending Harry Marshall’s loan had cost £300,



  1. Billy Russell says:

    Brilliant detective work as usual. Keep digging these cretins out from the stones they hide under!

  2. Tom says:

    Good stuff. They thought they could hide in the shadows. Could u imagine the damage his reputation would take. Oh the joy of seeing that. Hopefully the police investigation will throw out some names. Keep up the good work,it’s important.

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