Scotland’s International Shame


Scotland has been known for centuries for her wonderful exports.

From Oil, to the finest of whiskey, succulent salmon, meat and the finest of wool etc, etc.

Not to mention the enlightenment, that saw this provincial backwater become a powerhouse of ingenuity and free thought.  Spurned on and allowed to nurture may I add by the reformation when Scotland released itself from the shackles of Rome and Roman Catholic Dogma.

The list goes on. I wont go on as I wouldn’t want to bore you and risk the accusation of being smug little Scotlander.

There is now a newish export we have that I don’t think Caledonia will be so proud of.

You see Celtic second top goal scorer last season Anthony stokes wasn’t the only PIRA terrorist loving republican from Scotland that traveled to Dublin for the fund raising knees up in honour of The Dublin RIRA boss Alan Ryan.

No also in attendance that night hailing from deepest darkest south Lanarkshire was the Volunteer Brendan Hughes Republican flute band. A Scottish band named in the honour of a former Officer Commanding of the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.


Now, dear reader you might think the famous idiom taking coals to Newcastle but that’s where you would be wrong. You see the good law abiding people of Ireland see these people much like we see the far right neo Nazis.

Violent deadbeat neds, embarrassing remnants of a violent bygone fascist age. Dissidents and any sign of of pro IRA terror in the Republic of Ireland are policed accordingly unlike in Scotland as this picture from Alan Ryans Funeral demonstrates.


Very unwelcome, in a forward thinking Ireland struggling to find its way in a harsh economic climate.

To paint a picture dear reader if I may be so bold this band going to Ireland would be akin to those “boys from Brazil” the Nazis that fled to South America by Odessa aided and abetted by Bishop Aloïs Hudal and the Vatican.

Coming back to present day Germany to pompusly strut their stuff and sing their Nazi marching songs.

But even they were not the only visitors from the United Kingdom to the event described as “Electric Picnic for terrorists” according to the Sunday World

“KEY members of a RIRA gang who savagely murdered a prison officer in the North were among a crowd who descended on Dublin on Friday for a boozy night in memory of Alan Ryan.

RIRA members travelled from all over the country to attend. Following a murderous week in the North, a number of key associates of RIRA leader Colin Duffy – who gave an oration at Alan Ryan’s graveside – was arrested on Friday by PSNI officers investigating the savage murder of prison officer David Black (52). The dad-of-two was gunned down on the M1 motorway by a dissident gunman as he drove to work at Maghaberry highsecurity prison. Duffy (44) – who has been cleared of murder charges on three separate previous occasions – mentored Alan Ryan during his brief and violent time as the leader of Dublin’s RIRA brigade made the trip to Dublin on specially organised buses and stayed in B&Bs in the city-centre.


Also in attendance were Gary ‘Donzo’ Donnelly who was arrested by gardai investigating the murder of MI5 agent Denis Donaldson last year


and ‘Fat Deccy’ Smith – the new leader of the RIRA’s Dublin.


Not to forget Celtics Anthony Stokes “Father” John Stokes and Derek Nolan who along with RIRA boss Alan Ryan before he was deceased are due to stand trial on numerous charges.


The day before the Anti-British Pro IRA terrorist Volunteer Brendan Hughes Republican flute band marched the streets of Dublin in “honour” of the old bailey bomber convicted PIRA terrorist Marion Price to looks from bewildered Christmas shoppers.


You have to worry for Scotland’s international reputation.


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  1. TAL says:

    up the RA!

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