The Thompson Spins Vol 3

Pantomime season


Since its pantomime season is almost at an end (oh no it isn’t !oh yes it is! oh no it isn’t! oh yes it is! oh please yourself)

I’ve decided to propose  a new one for next year ….

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

With Alex Thomson as Don Quixote of La Mancha miss Haggerty as his well ridden skinny horse Rocinante and Phil Mac giolla bhain playing the horses rear.

The tale will be basically be about Don Quixote’s attack on windmills that he believes to be ferocious giants, where the English get the phrase tilting at windmills is an idiom which means attacking imaginary enemies,  based on misinterpreted or misapplied heroic, romantic, or idealistic justifications

After Alex Thomson’s extensive bullshitting, that there was a gang of feral Scottish sports journalists hell-bent on causing him grievous bodily harm. we all sat down to his much self-promoted “expose” on Channel 4 that was set to lift the lid on all these journalists that were intimidating their fellow journalists.

But no Journalists were mentioned not one even the ones he had on his Goebbels like anti-Rangers propaganda piece as “Character witnesses” were dubious to say the least.

Then came these tweets from Alex Thompson


Now I have searched for a Mr David Limond there is no records of said individual on journalisted but in saying that there are no records of Miss Angela Haggerty who was purported to be an editor and journalist too.

Although I have been informed she has an H.N.D!!!!!!! From Cardonald college, no less.

Now I’m sure miss Haggerty has a colourful C.V and I have been reliably informed that once she gets her teeth into something she will be relentless, robotic indeed until she gets the job finished, not caring a jot if it leaves a bad taste in some peoples mouth.

But c’mon How does one become a Journalist surely its regular paid employment with a respected newspaper etc. or does one wake up one morning throw a dart at a dart board laden with words like Astronaut, Big game hunter, Spy and say “Look mummy I’m gonna be a Journalist today!”

It’s like the phrase citizen Journalist I mean c’mon to….. You never get citizen brain Surgeons. Maybe that explains why charlatans like Graham Spiers can get away with it so long.

An industry full of bullshitters and blaw hards I have found out in the last year. Where chancers are ten a penny.

So, one must assume that the David Limond that he tweeted about must be the satirical genius that is Glasgow Limmy. No not the shite one on the BBC Brian”The Limmy Show” Limond. No the one with those fantastic satirical videos on youtube with 100000 of views pricking the pomposity of modern day Scottish Culture. Like a modern day wee boy screaming that the Emperor has no clothes.

A quick search revealed that was him and also this disturbing story from the STV website.


A man has been arrested by anti-terrorism officers in relation to alleged offensive comments made on a Rangers Podcast.

David Limond was detained in Ayr on Friday morning by officers from Strathclyde Police’s major crime and terrorism squad.

The 40-year-old, known on Twitter as @GlasgowLimmy, was arrested in relation to comments made on an unofficial website for fans of the Ibrox club.

A force spokeswoman said: “On Friday 14 December officers from Strathclyde Police’s major crime and terrorism unit detained and arrested a 40-year-old man in relation to alleged remarks made online.

“He was charged under the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 and was released on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.”

It is believed Mr Limond is scheduled to appear at Rothesay Sheriff Court on January 7 next year in relation to the incident.

So this is the country we live in you make a Podcast called Rangers Chat (although there was very little talk about Rangers to be honest) with comedy jingles and jokes and you can expect a visit from Strathclyde Police’s major crime and terrorism unit!!!!!!

Or is it because the powers at be find it offensive?

If that’s the case then I have, for my sins, listened to countless “Celtic” fans podcasts not only sectarian in their nature but also Pro I.R.A anti-British terrorism that any normal person would find offensive. That was one thing you cant lay at the door of GlasgowLimmy and I enjoyed about Rangers Chat, the host had no time for terrorism being promoted through Football on either side.

So why are the courts not littered with these Pro I.R.A anti-British Sectarian Celtic fan podcasts?

Are the Establishment picking and choosing their cases? Who to target? Listening to people who have a special relationship with the Police VERY FRIENDLY INDEED?

If that is the reason we are sleepwalking into a very disturbing Orwellian dystopian future!

Orwellian ironically enough since his name has been tarred forever with the sectarian Brush or until it takes the award of the now discredited and defunct bigoted blog!

I mean what if this technology was around in 1930’s Germany and was being used to prick the pomposity of a certain Heir Adolf Hitler! I think you would agree dear reader that the world would be a better place.

But knowing Human nature as it it is the fascists bullies in charge of 1930’s Germany would have stamped out their voices too!


2 comments on “The Thompson Spins Vol 3

  1. alex says:

    You want to lay off the gear for a while mate, you’re sounding a bit paranoid.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Mate, good to see you back, there have been times when I thought you’d been got at and removed.

    I must admit having a snigger at the description “well ridden skinny horse” to describe Miss Haggerty. As a former black hack driver I saw many a female that fit this description pour from the hostelries that abound between Glasgow Cross and Bain Street although perhaps “frequently” and “multi-jockey-ed” might be used in place of “well”.

    With regards to David Limond I find it strange that he should be arrested in Ayr and be summoned to appear at Rothesay. Could it be that the complaint about his podcast was made to Rothesay police initially?

    Who “became an established columnist in local newspaper, The Buteman, writing a lighthearted fortnightly column about commuting from the Isle of Bute to Glasgow” ? why none other than “well ridden skinny horse”

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