The Scottish Football Mopery part 2

This was also posted on The scottish Football monitor site barely hours after the wonderful scenes at Ibrox.
From a so called W. Johnston who is morally outraged about this but no moral remorse from stealing a Live internet feed from Rangers T.V
And yet again it gets 257 thumbs up and only one thumbs down from the Rangers hating cretins that inhabit this unbiased site!
wjohnston1 says:
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Please allow me to share a few thoughts with you which may yet again receive multiple Thumbs down or even result in my post being removed. I will take the chance.
I am sitting on a Saturday night watching on television the Royal British Legion Service of Remembrence. A very dignified occasion well prepared and presented.
Tomorrow morning I will go to the local Cenotaph and join with many others in remembering those who gave all in the various wars. in the small town where i stay the service will be conducted by the local minister. The music will be provided by the Salvation Army and the local Orange Order. I have been attending for so many years i couldnt guess how many. Both bands will be well turned out and always play appropriate music. I must give them all enormous credit.
Everything is done properly and is very dignified.
Next year i and the remaining members of my family will travel to Italy to keep a promise to my now departed mother to visit the War Grave of her only brother who left home in 1943 to serve his country and never returned.
And why am I saying all this in a blog dedicated to monitoring Scottish football.
Let me tell you why i am doing this.
This afternoon I managed to pick up on the Internet coverage of The Rangers game being televised by Rangers TV.
i am a football fan and watch anything and everything on the box or on the internet.
During the commentary in the first half they made reference to an appearance at half time of some 400 or so military personnel.
I stayed tuned in to witness what i hoped would be a dignified parade allowing fans the opportunity to show support for our military and respect for the departed.
What did I see? A bloody rabble.
Several hundred military personnel did descend onto the park.
They ran, they jumped, they kicked a ball about. They chased and hugged rangers substitutes warming up on the park. They ran into the crowd and posed for pictures. They dived about the goalmouth, and all the time the baying crowd sang Rule Brittania.
It was a shambles, it was a disgrace and it was totally inappropriate.
This football club, born of the ashes of a similar club who failed to pay millions of pounds in taxes disgraced the memory of those who had fallen in all the wars.
I watched it, I witnessed it.
Do these morons think for a minute that it was only Rangers Supporters who died in the war.
who on earth in our services authorised the attendance at Ibrox of servicemen and allowed them to behave in such a disorderly and inappropriate way.
I am disgusted at them.
But not half as disdusted as i am at that shower in charge at ibrox who arranged such a display.

this and the letter in the other post have been posted on more tellingly an Irish politics site




2 comments on “The Scottish Football Mopery part 2

  1. Ft says:

    That guy must be king of the mopers. If he had family in the Army I’m a bananna. Steals feed from his most bitter rivals but no problem with that. This cunt is everything that’s wrong with Scotland,more interested in Rangers than his own shit life(and it must be shite obsessing over another team in another div. ) Probably doesn’t even go see his own team,the remote will be his season ticket. I thought when we went to the 3rd I wouldn’t hear their rankings but the sad cunts are worse. More interested in tax than kiddie abuse- the catholic way it appears. Clean up yr own club timmy.

  2. ian robb says:

    what service personnel do in their own time is thei business,organise future events our selves,what we do on our turf is our business

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