The Scottish Football Mopery part 3

More thinly veiled  sectarian bile from the scottish football monitor disguised as mock offendedness
This time by a “frank forrest” in an email to Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP who it appears by this email was a friend of the person sending the email 20 years ago in the national union of students.

The Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP

I wish to draw your attention to the appearance of some members of the British Armed Forces at Ibrox Park on Remembrance Sunday. I assume that you are unaware of the appearance of said troops and the disgusting way that they were manipulated and turned a solemn occasion into a farce and a circus.
I was disgusted at the way these troops paraded themselves waving Rangers scarves and flags as well as seeing one particular individual adorn himself in an Ulster flag and dancing in front of a cheering and baying support.
This is no way for anyone, let alone uniformed British troops, to act on a day when we, as a Nation are engaged in honouring our fallen from numerous military campaigns, including the conflict in Ulster itself. This despicable escapade shows utter disrespect and a total disregard for the sacrifices made by millions of British men and women in protecting this Nation.
I would like to ask you to enquire into the reasons that this circus was allowed to occur as it casts shame on every single individual who took part in this pantomime. The image of British Uniformed Troops dancing and prancing under banners of orange coloured poppy’s, waving Rangers scarves and playing to an overtly sectarian audience makes me feel sick, especially when you consider the connotations for the minority ethnic population of Ulster.
On a personal note Jim, this was absolutely disgusting and if you haven’t seen it, have a look on you tube and you will understand the outrage that I and many, many others feel at this escapade. Someone was responsible for allowing this to happen and I am contacting you as both the Shadow Sec of Def, but also as a person that I know will not stand for instances of troops being manipulated in such a shocking and ugly manner.
I look forward to hearing you ask a question of your opposite number in the House as to why this was allowed to happen as well as who authorised it. It was a disgrace Jim, an utterly disgusting display that must never be allowed to happen again. I greatly anticipate your reply.
Finally, Its a pity that I have to contact you over a matter such as this, but it would be good to catch up sometime.

Your friend


Just sent this to someone I was on the NUS Executive with 20 years ago!! Hope to receive a reply as soon as.
Reply will be posted here.


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