The Scottish Football Mopery part 5

This MOPEs poor wife was “distressed, shocked and appallled” at the sight of Armed forces personnel being giving the heros welcome they so rightly deserved.
iceman63 says:

A couple of points.

1. re: Remembrance day. Mirrenman – in ideal , indeed in even remotely sane circumstances – I would agree that this should not be a matter of controversy to be discussed on this blog. Individuals at games over the weekend should and in most cases were given the opportunity to observe a respectful silence to remeber the fallen – and that we all understand the sacrifice /stupidity/futility/courage of all of those who have been killed in wars.

The problem here is the appalling display at Ibrox on Saturday by serving soldiers! I showed it to my wife who was genuinely distressed by the coverage – she was shocked and appallled at its insensitivity and crassness. This outrage on our sensibilities was perpetrated by an ersatz team whose predeceesor in whose honour it still plays had systematically defrauded all of us of significant sume of cash to achieve an advantage on the field of play. It was SEVCO who orchestrated and celebrated what looked like a drunken brawl as some supposedly fitting act of remembrance. This happened in a football stadium during a league game in Scotland – and as such discussion of it is, sadly, wholly valid here.

Perhaps John Clarke – an erudite, composed and temperate letter writer, unlike myself often, should also write to the Royal British Legion about the damage to reputation such scenes have inflicted upon an event of genuine personal significance for many of us. .


2 comments on “The Scottish Football Mopery part 5

  1. NaefearRFC says:

    ” SEVCO ” say it all really! sad!!! obsessed!!!

  2. joe says:

    I question your motives and believe you have a hidden agenda.

    You don’t seem to be offended by the offensive banners and the constant abusue our Soldiers take from across the City.

    Commemoration and celebration are two different things. Both have been done by Rangers and its fans with dignity.

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