The Scottish Football MOPERY



The BBC employee Stuart Cosgrove backed The Scottish Football Monitor blog is trying to take over the mantle as Obsessed and Bigoted about Rangers blog from the now defunct and disgraced Rangers Tax Case Blog.

Maybe they want to do they double and “WIN” the George Orwell prize for Blogging two years in a row?

Cause you see The Scottish Football Monitor Blog is really just another outlet of the Rangers Tax Case Blog for obsessed Bheasts of the worse kind to carry on their bigoted ways.

Ironically, the BBC employee Stuart Cosgrove (though how he is still an employee of BBC Scotland probably says more about this rancid Rangers hating organisation that it does about this self-confessed football hooligan. Who terrified train carriages full of frightened woman and children with sectarian abuse aimed at Rangers and Hearts fans. Or maybe hes still employed by the BBC because of some conspiracy to sell more T.Vs because every time his big bloated Baw faced Tomato coupon comes on 1000s of men up and down Scotland “shout aw hen time for a new telly the contrast on this one is fucked)  on the Rangers hating blog wrote the article the Dismal Art of Whataboutery.

Well no better example of petty disgusting whataboutery and mopery comes from the pages of the blog that he writes for and backs and that took over from the bigoted biased and disgraced Rangers tax case and from what I can see trying to outdo it.

The following is a letter that was posted on said site. From a mr “John Clarke”

john clarke says:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 23:56

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Forgive me, at this late stage, but I’ve just discovered that I can cut and paste from my original microsoft word draft. ( I had been faffing about trying to scan and copy and paste, unsuccessfully)


This is my letter to GOC Scotland.


Major-General N Eeles,

General Officer Commanding Scotland,

Edinburgh Castle,EH1 2NG.


Dear General Eeles,


You will, I imagine, share my dismay that Army, Navy and Royal Marines service personnel were participants in a travesty of a ‘Remembrance’ parade at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, during half-time in a football match being played between The Rangers FC and Alloa Athletic last week-end.


Whatever the original intention may have been, the occasion was allowed to degenerate into what I can only describe as a show of sectarian support- by the military personnel involved- for one particular section of Scottish society and one particular football club.


It was in no way respectful of the men and women ( among whom I include my own father) who suffered death or injury in the second World War, but was an absolutely undisciplined display of sectarian bias by the army unit(s) involved, who, I believe had balloted to be present because of their personal support for the aims and ideology of The Rangers FC.


In my view, the officer who authorised the use of tax-payers’ money for such a shameful partisan display, and the senior officer present on the day ( if indeed, any officer was present) should be asked to apologise to the people of Scotland for being so crassly insensitive to the feelings of many like me, who distance themselves from the poisonous ideology behind Orangeism and who do not wish their support for the Armed Forces of this country to be predicated on a false assumption that Orangeism equates to patriotism.


I am copying this letter to Rear Admiral Hockley (Flag Officer Scotland and Northern Ireland) and to Major-General Davis, CBE RM (Commandant General Royal Marines)


Yours sincerely,

as you can see dear reader 95 people liked this post with only one finding objection to it!

The reply came back

“The General Officer Commanding Scotland has now had the opportunity to review the events that took place at Ibrox Park with the other Service heads in Scotland. They share your view that the format of the half time event and the conduct of those taking part in it was inappropriate for Remembrance Weekend, and will take steps to ensure that such events are conducted with appropriate solemnity in the future. They believe that the minute’s silence before the match was the correct way to mark the occasion and Army commenders will be directed to restrict future Remembrance events to this type of activity in the future. The focus of Remembrance activities must be on the fallen, not on those who are serving in the Armed Forces today

Now you can make of this as you will. But it appears to me the M.O.D are agreeing with this sad individual that..

who distance themselves from the poisonous ideology behind Orangeism and who do not wish their support for the Armed Forces of this country to be predicated on a false assumption that Orangeism equates to patriotism.

If this is true then I think the Orange Order in Scotland and Rangers deserve an apology from the ministry of defence!

Also it comes as no surprise that this story surfaced in the Daily Record or should that be the Daily rebel as the Journalist David Leggat has proved their ever increasing links to Celtic football Club.


Its simple we are coming together in one unified voice as the Boycott of Dundee United proves. If we as one don’t patronise Rangers hating organs like the Daily Rebel et al they will hear our voice when it hits them in the pocket.

If you buy or contribute to Rangers Haters you are effectively buying your abuser the stick to hit you over the head with!


7 comments on “The Scottish Football MOPERY

  1. Thanks for posting that , if that indeed is the original letter and reply then it shows staggering weakness on the part of the armed forces to buckle to one complaint from someone that wasn’t even there.
    At least the mope has provided an address for us to put forward a counter argument to the poisonous ideology put forward by John Clark.

  2. jim crowe says:

    Totally Agree and I continue to be bamboozled at Gers Fans that continue to buy the “Sticks” that our abusers, “Batter” US over the head with!

  3. bigjockknew says:

    Is that Phil Gillivan, whyte,Mcgorillabrain, Sedgeley rd changed his name again?

  4. malc says:

    What a disgrace the MOD are.. has this political general taken leave of his senses

    is he trying to tell us “what is appropriate and what is not” when it comes to remembrance day ?

    “so we should just have a min silence for those fallen”, not a word for those currently serving and putting their lives on the line, perhaps he should start putting more effort into providing adequate resources for the current serving soldiers and their families instead of pandering to agenda driven bigots

    it really is a complete farce to have any member of our armed forces listening to these extremists

  5. Doe’s the lack of respect by Celtic fans in demanding that poppies are not sold at Celtic park not show they dis-respect the fallen and the serving service men who so bravely laid down their life to keep our nation free. This is my opinion alone i think this so called General should be reprimanded for listening and agreeing with this utter nonsense.

  6. Robert Smith says:

    Very good post , thought it was only Rangers hating posts that were allowed on this ,more importantly it shows what you are up against in this country when you have such hate filled vile bigots like this creature who sent this pretend “offended” e-mail,they make you sick.

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