The Scottish Football Mopery part 6

Yet more mopery this time from Paul “you get the door it might be those miners looking for their money” McConville Blog Rangers ….Sorry Scots law blog


I note that a lot of posters on TSFM are putting in complaints about the disgraceful events at Ibrox on Sunday with the chaotic Remberance circus and apparently the guy in charge of Scottish soldiers is as below if you wish to add your protest or question what happened and why it was allowed.

I will be writing to him mainly to get an explanation of WTF the officers were doing as I just don’t believe you can have 400 soldiers milling about in a mob with no officers. I will also be asking if the British Army thinks that the behaviour that took place is appropriate for a remembrance ceremony:

Major General Nick Eeles
HQ 51 Scottish Brigade
EH30 9TN

and also the totally unbiased The Rangers …… Sorry Scottish Football Monitor

ecobhoy says:

Tommy says:
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 21:37

The guy in charge of all troops in Scotland is ultimately:

Major General Nick Eeles
HQ 51 Scottish Brigade
EH30 9TN

I think he is well worth copying-in on anything. Correct address when writing is ‘Dear General Eeles’. I too was disgusted by the spectacle of troops in uniform playing football and taking kicks at goal. I have never seen troops in uniform wearing football colours previously when on any official business let alone a supposed Remembrance occasion. It was a real demonstration of how easy it is for order and control to disintegrate and I find it hard to believe they were front-line Regular Army. That is my only consolation from the whole sorry event.

There was also RN personnel as well as a small contingent of RAF although they might have been RAF Regiment. It seemed to me that there were no officers in attendance at half-time although there were NCOs. The soldiers from their white Hackles were mainly Royal Scots Fusiliers but I haven’t bothered checking the hat badges of the others. I could see nothing from start to finish that in any way honoured or was a contemplation of those who have died in conflict and to me that means more than just military casualties.

But there were officers at Ibrox from all of the various units and approx 6 of them paraded behind the Rangers Directors for the poppy wreath laying at John Geig’s statue which is obviously of importance to Ibrox supporters as it marks the sad loss of fans who died in the Ibrox disasters. But I am unsure as to what, if any, significance it has to the war dead of our nation.

The triumphalism was very inappropriate for the occasion and all the more so to me considering that a Scottish soldier was murdered that day as he played a game of football trying to build bridges with the local population in Afghanistan. A terrible loss and his family are certainly in my thoughts and the team he supported makes no difference to me.

I do support our Army at this time in Afghanistan, who are tasked to a job that cannot be achieved, and they know that. And I have stood at homecomjng parades and cheered as they marched past and that is the kind of occasion where that is fine. But even then they wear their uniform according to regulations, are disciplined and march with pride.

And btw all praise to the GB yet again for their card display against Barca and also the very sensible and mature decision they took on Sunday.


One comment on “The Scottish Football Mopery part 6

  1. malkster says:

    Absolute unabashed mopery indeed.

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