The Arab Spite


On Saturday Tannadice saw the biggest congregation of Arabs it has seen in a very long time.

9,564 minus the 365 so called “Rangers fans” (sorry that should be 364 as I have just found out Graham Spiers was one of the paying customers) all turned up to watch if you believe what they were chanting a brand new club with no history that plays in the 3rd Division.

9,199 Dundee united fans turned up to watch this so called new club with no history from the 3rd division, when only months before in the League cup quarter final against fellow SPL Heart of Midlothian they pulled in a pitiful 3,789 including away fans at Tannadice.

Now you can see dear reader the Dundee United fans doth chant too much, methinks.

You see the reason why they filled the rafters of Tannadice, arguably more united fans there than the bitter local Dundee derby. Is because Rangers and everything it perceives to stand for hating is alive and well and it seems to be an acceptable past time in Scotland.

The Rangers that is being hated no matter how much they doth protest in song is the same Rangers that started from its humble origins in 1872 that went on to be the world’s most domestically successful club and whether you like it or not a through it traditions and the majority of its fans a bastion of Protestant Unionism loyal to her majesty the Queen.


Rangers Forever

As I’ve said Rangers hating is alive and well and is seems to be an acceptable past time in Scotland and we better get used to it.

Cause it isn’t going away anywhere anytime soon.

How else do you explain these home attendance figures for the season so far?

Hibernian  7,267

Dundee  13,538

Ross County  6,892

Heart of Midlothian  6,597

Aberdeen  9,858

Celtic  10,521

Kilmarnock  6,287

Motherwell  5,289

Inverness C T  5,483

St Johnstone  7,063

St Mirren   6,386

Ross County  5,117

Rangers  9,564

And the aforementioned League cup quarter final against Heart of Midlothian they pulled in a pitiful 3,789.

How else can you explain the pathetic desperate actions of their chairman Stephen Thompson?


Who when hearing of the boycott he went running to the SFA to try and force Rangers to take their allocation.

When the SFA actually for once, imposed their rule book legally this time, he and his club pulled the pathetically desperate act of contacting Rangers and begging them to waive our rights to the share of the gate under Cup Competition Rule 46(c).

This I’m glad to say was declined and that any proceeds from gate receipts due to the Club will be donated to the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice Brick by Brick Appeal and Erskine charities via the Rangers Charity Foundation.

Then we had the beat the boycott campaign where adults where charged £15 and children £5.

Now I’m not going to say anything bad about a chairman reducing the price of his tickets. I applaud it in fact, but this leaves Stephen Thompson in a bit of a pickle with his supporters. You see I heard on the Radio Dundee United fans saying “sensible pricing like this and we will pack it (Tannadice) out every week”

As we all know Stephen Thompson is a man of his word, (stop sniggering at the back) and that I quote him directly

“You can’t ignore fans. Any business which ignores its customers is doomed to fail.”

So the question remains if he can drop the prices over halved in some case for the game against Rangers. Will he do the same for a game against say Ross county which would set you back normally £21 for adults and £12 for children.

We will wait and see.

Also another desperate masterstroke from the Baldy philanderer was changing the manager just before the game so that there would be no complacency from the United team.They would come out fighting right from the start. Which the team did and I can only applaud them for that.

Yes Thompson was a man desperate to beat Rangers at all costs. Strange for a team with no history you would think.

Now the reason I brought up Rangers undoubted  history and tradition of being a proudly Scottish proudly British club steeped in the Protestant ethos is because it would appear that this new club that a record amount of Arabs came out to see has the same history and represents the same culture and traditions.

You could tell this, because in among the usually banal harmless football banter like Craig Whyte masks. (Again showing they hate our club more than they love ours. Why could they not wear masks of say Jim McClean when Utd where actually contenders for the top title instead of being Celtics also rans) there was the sectarian anti British racist chanting from the home side of “GO HOME YA H*NS”

A song that finds its origins sung by Irish nationalists to  the British Army that had came into protect them and towards the protestant British community of Ulster who they were telling to go home when they already where.

As can be demonstrated in this video from late 60’s early 70’s at 7 minutes 45 seconds.

I hope the Arabtrust come out as quickly as they did when it was muted that points may be deducted for this type of behaviour when they got pumped by the same team they were playing yesterday in the SPL.

The statement at the time.

Sectarian Chanting

Posted Wednesday 20th April 2011

Members of ArabTRUST have reported that illegal sectarian chants were sung by ‘fans’ of Glasgow Rangers at Tannadice Park last night.

These chants were heard throughout the stadium and ArabTRUST condemns these so-called supporters who bring down their football club and tarnish the reputation of our national sport.

ArabTRUST has accordingly reported the matter to the relevant authorities.

Amongst many deplorable chants, at 9.06 pm, the following could clearly be heard in the stadium and on BBC Radio Scotland:

We now challenge both the SFA and UEFA to take action. These chants have also been reported to Tayside Police and we await the outcome.

We are fully aware that many Glasgow Rangers supporters share our concerns.

It is time that both sectarianism and bigotry are ended in Scottish football, and Scottish society as a whole.

We invite all supporters’ trusts to join together so that we may eradicate such vile prejudices.

Let’s hope they come out as swiftly to condemn their own fans and we can “join together so that we may eradicate such vile prejudices”

But I won’t hold my breath as this is the same Arabtrust have often used the term “H*n” on their official Facebook and Twitter pages. There is no doubt “H*n” is an offensive sectarian insult as proven in a court of law by Sheriff Iain Peebles and by anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth.

You just wonder why these new rushed sectarian laws brought in by Salmonds SNP are not being applied evenly or fairly.

Or where they in fact brought in to continue to target and demonise one section of society?

So what can we do as Fans of this great club?

Well one thing we can do is stick together as a club, Unified in our common goal. That is getting back to the top of football whatever shape or form that will be when we do.

We can do so in the words spoken by the man who epitomises Rangers today as it was 100 years ago Bill Struth.

“….inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers.”


Just as this boycott has proved going by the mhedia frothy anti Rangers reaction it has done its job.

It has frightened many.

Its had the baldy philanderer of an United chairman scurrying about on his hands and knees begging undignified, pulling every trick in the book to make sure Tannadice was going to be packed like it hasn’t been so many times this season.

Proving again. that they hate Rangers, more than they love their own club, sadly.

Yes make no mistake we are the same Rangers as then, as now, and as Forever.

Just as the haters will continue to hate us then, us now and forever.


4 comments on “The Arab Spite

  1. Dave gebbie says:

    Excellent article. I totally agree with the sentiments expressed.
    How can we highlight the actions of the Arabs on Saturday?
    Rangers for EVER

  2. StevieBC says:

    IMO, I honestly don’t think fans – especially neutral fans – ‘hate’ The Rangers.
    They may dislike, mistrust, but IMO the average person does not care enough to ‘hate’ any other club.

    Whilst the above piece is written from a personal viewpoint, looking at DU and
    others – for balance there could have been some internal reflection e.g. on the wisdom of boycotts, or indeed why there is a perception that other fans dislike The Rangers so much.

    If Rangers showed some remorse or humility, in an attempt to build bridges with other clubs’ fans – you may be surprised at the positive recognition that would receive, IMO.

  3. watpforever says:

    Don’t give up – never never ever give up. Our day is on the horizon, and I can see it, I can touch it. It is the day when those fenian loving snp are booted back to their mud & mire.

  4. arabest1 says:

    All this ‘loyal’ to the Queen stuff is hollow until you pay the taxes RFC dodged in 2011/12, and the taxes dodged through EBT’s 2000/11. Until this happens no won takes you seriously.

    As for The Rangers v Dundee United tie….your wage bill is 4 times ours, the average age of you team was 26, ours 25, every player in blue has represented their country as some level, and you all saw it you were swept aside without Utd getting out of 3rd gear. Is it a world record for a club to be eliminated from so many cup competitions so early?

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