Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive!

The reason I include topics of the Roman Catholic Church is for one thing and one thing only!

I, as an agnostic Rangers fan cannot have an opinion of the Roman Catholic Church, in Scotland without being tarnished a Bigot!

It has always been thus as far as I can remember.

But over the last few years there has been a disturbing turn of events in the Law of the Land that has led to me also facing the risk of Imprisonment for having a contrary view on the Roman Catholic Church just because of the football team I support!

This threat, and believe me I have had many! Has only strengthened my resolve in shouting louder! Indeed actually taking on the hypocritical hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Since I started this Blog back in September of last year I have been demanding an independent inquiry into the Roman Catholic Church about alleged Child abuse in Scotland.

NOT inquiries held in house by the Roman Catholic Church only for things to be swept under the carpet.

Since September well how the world has changed!!!!!

If my humble little Blog, that has seen nearly 100000 views I started in September spurned on by these rushed in draconian Orwellian new SNP laws has helped play a small part in that change well I am very honoured to have stood up and played a part in it!

What I have found out, if true. Only strengthens my argument for that independent inquiry into the Roman Catholic Church.

You see the person I believe to be the Married Ex Priest who Cardinal Keith O’Brien has alleged to have made “inappropriately acts” on him as a 20 year old in 1980.

He was himself Accused and later found not Guilty of five charges of indecent assault on two youths aged 16 and 20.

Archbishop O’Brien gave evidence for the prosecution in the trial.

He said: “I was hoping it could be resolved amicably without involving the police. I did want a peaceful reconciliation of the matter.”

He even checked with the Church’s child protection officer to see if the police had to be involved.

Archbishop O’Brien told Linlithgow Sheriff Court: “He said I had no obligation to report the matter to the police because of the boys’ ages.”

But the boys’ parents told the police after the ex-priest sent a letter of explanation to the Archbishop.

The families expected an apology but the court heard that instead, the ex-priest confessed he had been so drunk he could not remember what happened.

Archbishop O’Brien added: “The families did not wish to accept the form of apology offered. Neither was prepared to accept it was a true statement of what had happened.”

As I have stated the Ex-Priest was found not guilty on all charges! He later resigned and Married in 1997 in Edinburgh.

Now if this is the same man that I’m led to believe it is who was, 20 years old in the year 1980. Served in the same Archdiocese under Cardinal Keith O’Brien  who believes the Roman Catholic Church will “Crush Him!”

Well lets just say Father Gerry Fitzsimmons, the Roman Catholic church may think it is all powerful but I think you will have many, many friends in your corner!

My enemy is not the normal Roman Catholic in fact as an agnostic I envy your faith.

My aim is not even to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. Why would I it brought my maternal Grandfather into this world with dignity at his baptism and gave him a dignified send off at his funeral both happened in the same Roman Catholic Church as Tommy Burns attended.

My enemy is Hypocrisy and double standards.

My enemy is Justice not being done and cover ups taking place.

If you don’t want to take my word as a Scottish Rangers Supporter.

Take the word of died in the wool Celtic fan Martin Hannan. A sports journalist for Scotland on Sunday and author of Celtic Manager Neil Lennons Biography man and bhoy! Who himself was a trainee Priest who says he was approached by a predatory Priest.




One comment on “Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive!

  1. m clark says:

    Peace be upon you.

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