3 men and a little taxi



A right on trendy Priest, a Disgraced Cardinal and a sex mad Swinging Politician all get into a taxi after a night on the town.

No this is not the start of a joke this actually happened!

Well according to down with the kids right on soul brother “hey kids you can call me Steve” Priest Father Steve Gilhooley when writing in the Edinbugh Evening News on October 6, 2006

And I quote….

“When I joined Tommy Sheridan on the sunbed of the Scottish Socialist Party one of my “brother” priests wrote to the national press asking for my resignation from the priesthood. “He cannot plough a lone furrow,” he bellowed authoritatively, thus wiping out the whole history of the Biblical prophets who were rather adept at ploughing lone furrows. Maybe we were just reading from different Bibles.

One of my fondest memories was coming home from a meal with Tommy Sheridan and the now Cardinal O’Brien. When the three of us got into the Edinburgh city cab, the driver switched off the meter because, as he put it: “You guys are one the side of the poor so I’m not charging”. After he dropped off Tommy and myself (nowhere near a swingers’ club, I may add), he switched the meter back on to take the Cardinal home. Now there was a statement!”

Well Well Well what a statement.

I wonder if it was Tommy the Taxi Driver?

And I wonder if it could be anything relevant to the Heralds Gerry Braidens tweet


would this tweet describing a Priest suffering abuse at hands of Keith O’Brien going public about great nights out with him & a high profile politician in 2006 be describing the same event as what Father Steve Gilhooley was describing?

or is it just a coincidence?

If its just a coincidence and this event was another event entirely. Then forget about being the lead singer of a Rock and Roll band it appears its a Cardinals life for me!



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