The Gay Mafia? Me? O.K just call me Don Dontatella

About a month ago I received a delightful tweet from a “lady” calling herself Kate Quinn

@hareatthesideof who was alluding to the fact that the whole Cardinal (yes he still is one) O’Brien story was some sort of illabrate conspiracy by, and let me quote

“Militant homosexual conspiracy. The “men of integrity” should justify themselves in public.”

And also that I dear reader humble old me could be part of it.

Now as what I would call myself a red blooded Married Heterosexual with a child.

all down under the eyes of the Lord before you sanctimonious blighters get all frothy.

Well this was quite a shock to me!

As you could Imagine Dear Reader.

But as an outsider to the Roman Catholic Church I decided to take a closer look if such a schism exists.

One guy who would stand out in my investigations who could be a possible ring leader of this “Militant homosexual” cabal

(which could be a euphemism for progressive Roman Catholics worried about the actions of their hierarchy and direction their church is going in)

would be a Father Steve Gilhooley.

Fr Steve Gilhooley (Medium)

I’m not saying this man is a homosexual.

He is though, definitively what you would be called a progressive Roman Catholics that would get up most conservatives Roman Catholics noses.

A sort of right on trendy Vicar Type as his bio will explain!

He expressed concern when BBC Songs of Praise was broadcast from Faslane.

A Scottish Socialist Party member and why not from what I can see from my limited knowledge of the bible if Jesus was to be a member of any political party it would be a socialist based one.

Sided with the group, Catholics for the Ordination of Women.

At one point he received court papers from a fundamentalist right-wing Catholic group threatening to sue him and at the same time was being attacked in the Orange Order magazine Purple Star.

Also a keen Center half on the Football pitch.

Wrote numerous columns, in a variety of publications.

But also the one major telling thing was that he broke ranks and secrecy to tell the world about being abused by clergy at the junior seminary he had attended as a youngster.

A book called the Pyjama Parade that I believe you can still buy online.

Now this was sure to ruffle feathers and rub up some in the Roman Catholic Church the wrong way.

But the main question is why I haven’t heard of this book that was written in mid 2000s?

Why wasn’t this main stream news at the time?

Why wasn’t it on the nightly news?

Why wasn’t there an individual enquiry into the abuse then as soon as the victim found the courage to speak?

Do the Roman Catholic church who as the quite openly say are 18% of the population of Scotland hold so much sway and power in the day to day living of Scottish public life that they can suppress this?

Be allowed to Close ranks deal with it in-house and sweep it under the carpet?

Well I think there is too much “stuff” under the carpet that it is unavoidable for people to trip over it and not ask questions.

Yes those days are coming to an end.


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