The Better not seen Brigade part 2


Better NOT together!

Can you hear that? ………….. sssshhhhhhhh THERE!………………hear it?

That’s the sound of the smallest violin in the world playing for the Uber Lefty Marxist terrorist cheerleading GREEN BRIGADE.

Loved seeing all the unashamed Celtic minded Journalists and Politicians etc. abusing their positions in helping out this rag tag bunch of militant treasonous ingrates!

Also noticed our old friend Angela Haggerty was at the melee.


Very brave, Very brave of her considering her ordeal she had to get over last year being sent ‘terrifying’ tweets. That lead her to bravely come out of hiding to appear in front of Alex Thompson’s Channel 4 T.V Cameras.

I was deeply shocked that Angela was bundled and pushed and found herself in among the Police kettle .Facing the wrong end of a Police Truncheon which I’m sure was not the first time for her.

I could only put this down to her being disorientated being so close to Park head on a match day. It must have been confusing for her.

And NO there is no truth in the rumour that when the Police officer told to pull down her hood, he told her to put it back up!

Why was she there?

Did she have a camera?

Was she doing some snooping of her own on the Green Brigade?

She was there with her septuagenarian Father. I don’t know if that was why Phil Gillivan, or whatever he’s calling himself these days, wasn’t there too?

But that’s the first thing I would’ve done when I’m going on an unlawful extreme Ultras march.

I would go round the old folk’s homes to see who wants to come for a wee bit of Pro Terror songs accompanied by some rambunctious lateral movement.

One thing in Angela’s defence at least she got down to the east end unlike Phil who’s Idea of supporting Celtic is streaming games illegally on his computer of his but ‘n’ ben in Donegal.

While they are trying to spin the Gallowgate Gang bang, into some sort of civil rights march by hard done by members of our society, lead by a charismatic Martin Luther King figure.

The real reason for this unlawful march is being lost in the pro Celticminded guff!

You see the reason that they were marching is because they have thrown the toys out of the pram big time.

Is because this offensive behaviour football threatening communications bill that they so deeply wanted as they probably thought or where told would be another stick to beat “the big bad Protestants Brits” which they were 100% correct with but it is also is HAMMERING them too!





It didn’t cross these repugnant plooky faced malcontents that singing about murdering innocent British woman and children in a football stadium in Great Britain would be deemed offensive,

That singing about shooting down British Army Helicopters with Surface to air missiles in a football stadium in Great Britain would be deemed offensive,

That singing about Mass murdering sectarian ‘Hunger Strikers’ in a football stadium in Great Britain would be deemed offensive.

That disrespecting moments of reflection for Britain’s War dead would be deemed offensive.


I myself was going to go to the march that was going to be organised by the fantastic Union Bears from Battlefield to Hampden for the Queens park game.

As soon as the Police pulled the plug on the march and threatened anyone doing so that they risked arrest well that was that!



Forgive me but I wasn’t going to break the law just by walking to a Rangers game also no doubt getting my club into trouble by an already salivating Rangers hating Media.

And you better believe there would not have been any questions asked at Holyrood about “treatment” of Rangers fans if that happen.

What makes the Green Brigade above the law that they can still march 200 300 strong on busy city centre Streets against the direct instructions from the law of the land and the Union Bears cannot?

That brings me on to my message to the fantastic union bears. Distance yourself from these British hating loony left wing cretins.

In a week when many Rangers fans were asking why the BBC’s Chick Young was invited into Ibrox.



the Union Bears gave an Interview with Freelance journalist Andrew McFadyen Formerly BBC Newsnight ,Channel 4 News and is a big noise with Scottish Labour propaganda wing.

Yes the BBC are full of Pro Celtic Rangers haters, but Chick Young is way down the pecking order and very much on the luke warm scale of it.

Mr Andrew McFadyen is absolutely at boiling point when it comes to the Pro Celtic, Rangers hating scale.

This is not a dig at the Union Bears you are fast becoming part of the folklore at Ibrox and woven into the rich tapestry of our club, and that is why many fans feel disappointed with the Journalist and his repugnant outlook on British society you gave credence too by talking to him.

It only takes for you to ask for Journalist previous work twitter or facebook and within 5 minutes you would have found out what a loony left wing Pro Celtic anti Rangers cretin this man is!

I could only put this down to the desperate need to get your frustration out about the way you have been treated especially this season.

But giving your story to this cretin who has far less followers than you on twitter and as far as I can see only asked for you comment in a desperate attempt to fig leaf his Pro Celtic bias.

There are many great websites and outlets i.e the Rangers Standard, Rangers forums, Rangers fans on social media that you could use to get your points and highlight the harassment and victimisation you have received just for following your team, across.

Also use them to hold your own protests and evidence of harassment you have faced and make the rest of Rangers fans who may not be aware of it, and get them on your side.

Because you know the media and Politicians that were so pro the green brigade were nowhere to be seen when you were getting baton charged and frogmarched out of Ibrox as PAYING CUSTOMERS! Not an unlawful hooded rabble on the Queens highway.

Yes Union Bears/Blue Order distance yourself from the obnoxious, repugnant anti British anti Israel  pro-Irish and Muslim extremist terrorists Green Brigade.


In this case we are better not together.


4 comments on “The Better not seen Brigade part 2

  1. Billy oban says:

    Couldn`t agree more, the whole scenario was a set up with QC`s politicians et al in position to complain about the harassment of the poor wee Pxxa supporting children on a little walk to the scumdome

  2. M says:

    I need to speak to you buddy. Could have a decent wee story for you to get your teeth into.

    Can you access my email address?

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