Rangers Tax Case Uncovered


Dear Reader let us cast our minds back to Monday September the 24th

Rangers Hating was at its zenith.

Rangers where being found guilty before the First tier Tax tribunal had cleared Rangers of any wrong doing.

This was also before the SPL witch hunt led by low level paper gatherers Harper Macleod LLP to steal Rangers fairly won titles. Which found that Rangers Football Club gained no unfair sporting advantage over lets face it the club that was and did gain most from the charade CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB.

Now lets cast our minds back to that day and to be specific the Social media week that was held at the Glasgow Sky park.

You know the one. The one Stuart Cosgrove pal attended Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan aka Jim McGinley full time Rangers obsessive part time chuckle brother stand in attended.



Here is a description of it.


Social media week Glasgow Monday September the 24th

The 2102 Orwell Prize was won by an anonymous blogger who presented facts about the finances of a football club, revealing a fractured and uncomfortable mainstream media response. With an historic referendum nearing, can the mainstream media in Scotland be trusted to conduct crucial debates on other important matters?

Hosted by John Ferry (johnferry.info) with writer Ian Brotherhood (ianbrotherhood.wordpress.com) and Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia (bellacaledonia.org.uk).

Lets have a look at the main speakers and see for yourself if you think they could Judge Rangers guilty or not guilty in a could impartial professional manner that would be befitting of Glasgow City council that is if it was them that funded this hate fest!


John Ferry


Glasgow Museums Digital & New Media Manager John Ferry

Digital & New Media Manager for Glasgow Museums – Glasgow Life. Glasgow Life is a charitable company that manages and runs the City’s cultural and sporting resources and services, including Museums, Libraries, Sports, Arts and Community Services.

John is responsible for championing digital & new media initiatives for Museums & Collections by developing and coordinating creative and informative user- focused content for all digital and new media channels – translating museum knowledge and content into dynamic and creative platforms and networks.

Glasgow Museums is the largest civic museum service in the UK. The Digital & New Media team work across 10 museums: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Riverside Museum, Gallery of Modern Art, Burrell Collection, St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, People’s Palace, Open Museum, Scotland Street School Museum, Provands Lordship.

Previously John worked for 9 years as Senior Learning and Access Curator for Glasgow Museums, with joint management responsibility for interpretation, access and learning strategy and development across all Glasgow Museums, with emphasis on working in partnership with local, regional and national agencies to deliver participatory and creative cultural learning opportunities for diverse audiences



David Miller


David Miller is Professor of Sociology at the University of Bath.

His research interests mainly revolve around the role of communication in the constitution and reproduction of power relations.

Research Grants: David has received funding for research from a wide variety of bodies including the ESRC, European Commission (FP7) and the Higher Education Academy,

Editorial roles: David is on the Editorial Board of Sociology (January 2012 until December 2014), Journalism Studies, Critical Studies on Terrorism and the editorial committee of the Scottish Left Review.

Research networks: David is affiliated with the Critical Terrorism Studies Working Group of BISA and helps to run the Teaching About Terrorism research network and the Think Tank Networks initiative.

Where does one start with this Character?

How about when he complained to the BBC about BLUE PETER yes dear reader the childrens program Blue peter.

What irked him?

Well I will tell you!

The long-running children’s programme was forced to apologise after the beautiful Ulster Lassie Zoe Salmon (who is from County down and believe me if I knew her I couldn’t wait to get to Bangor) suggested the red hand of Ulster symbol represented the “best of British.”


She said: “I’m from Ulster, and I’d like to cover a jumbo with the red hand of Ulster that is our proud symbol.”

The BBC said it received FOUR complaints yes four and acted swiftly.

Anne Gilchrist, head of entertainment and Blue Peter at CBBC, admitting that the choice of livery was “inappropriate and mistaken” and apologising “for any upset or concern we have caused”.

“We can assure you that the symbol was used in good faith and it certainly wasn’t our intention to be provocative or promote sectarianism,

This swift response came from the same BBC that turned a blind eye and protected Numerous peadophiles like Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall from numerous complaints of sexual abuse by vulnerable young people!


Anne Gilchrist argued that the programme’s researchers were advised that of Ulster’s nine counties, three were located in Eire and that

“both communities are equally attached to the red hand as representative of their province”.

“We can assure you that the symbol was used in good faith and it certainly wasn’t our intention to promote sectarianism. We’d like to apologise for any upset or concern we have caused.”

But on further investigation she accepted that the BBC show, had made a mistake.

Zoe Salmon, a former Miss Northern Ireland, caused further “controversy” a week later when she selected a competition entry that featured a map showing the whole of the British Isles decorated with the Union flag.

David Miller, professor of sociology at Strathclyde University and one of those who complained originally, said that the BBC had also received complaints about this edition.

“It’s welcome that they apologised but it’s not exactly full or frank. It doesn’t explain why they shouldn’t have done it,”

said Prof David Miller, who also claimed that the show broke its own reporting guidelines by using the word “Ulster” and added

“This symbol has sectarian connotations. It would cause offence to a lot of people.”

“Like the swastika, the Red Hand is a symbol that has been misappropriated. It is the symbol of the Unionists and is certainly not signed up to by the majority.”

also from Dominic Timms writing in the MediaGuardian, Friday 21 January 2005 11.55 GMT

David Miller, a professor of sociology at Strathclyde University, who complained to the BBC, accused the corporation of “deliberate provocation”, after the head of Blue Peter, Anne Gilchrist, wrote back claiming that both unionists and republicans were “equally attached” to the symbol.

“Nobody seriously thinks that it is a symbol for Ulster or Northern Ireland.”

Traditionally, the red hand is the symbol of Ulster and refers to an ancient Irish legend in which the king promised land to the warrior whose hand touched shore first.

The row over Blue Peter has sparked furious protests on weblogs and to the feedback pages of MediaGuardian.co.uk with readers pointing out the red hand has been used by many organisations on both sides of the religious divide including Gaelic Athletic Association teams such as a Cork hurling team and a Tyrone Gaelic football team.

A Blue Peter spokeswoman said the BBC had received a “handful” of complaints about the erd hand incident but was not aware that the BBC had used the union jack to represent the whole of Ireland.

Ms Gilchrist wrote to Prof Miller on Wednesday apologising for “any upset or concern” the programmes had caused.

“We can assure you that the symbol was used in good faith and it certainly wasn’t our intention to be provocative or promote sectarianism,” she wrote.

“The reason we chose to use it was because it is the official symbol of the province of Ulster. Of Ulster’s nine counties, three are located in Eire and six in Northern Ireland and we were advised that both communities are equally attached to the red hand as representative of their province.

“Blue Peter never seeks to offend its audience. We take all complaints seriously and after we received yours we did some detailed investigation into it, the result of which is that we realise that the context in which we were referring to the red hand was inappropriate and mistaken. We’d like to apologise for any upset of concern we have caused,” she said.

Prof Miller however questioned the nature of the apology.

“The outstanding issue which arises from the compliant is who gave the erroneous advice that ‘both communities are equally attached to it’? Was it the presenter? If so, was her use of the union jack coloured map of Ireland a deliberate provocation?”

He said despite complaining about the use of the union jack he had yet to hear back from the corporation.

“The BBC has clearly apologised,” he said, “but it’s not exactly full or frank.


Are we still not convinced of this man impartiality on all things Rangers that saw Glasgow City Council if they did do fund him to speak at this Rangers Tax Case blog love in? well don’t worry there’s more.

The Professor pops up In a Special Report by Billy Briggs dated Sunday 14 March 2010  to give his expert analysis on the subject!

Its titled and I quote

How sectarian hooligans are killing off Scots far-right

here is some of the most pertinent points in the propaganda smear piece on Rangers fans the Conservative party and the Orange Order.

Sectarianism lies behind the failure of the far-right Scottish Defence League to garner any public support in Scotland, its critics have claimed.

Opponents of the anti-Islam group said that it was finished north of the border and cited religious bigotry as one of the main factors behind its failure.

The Sunday Herald has learned that casuals who follow Hibernian and Celtic football clubs planned to attack the SDL in Edinburgh because it is made up mainly of protestant Rangers and Hearts football fans.

Members of the Capital City Service, a hooligan group that attaches itself to Hibernian, said Celtic fans had contacted them in advance of the SDL demo and asked to join together. “We were already making our own plans to ambush the SDL. The CCS would never support the SDL,” a CCS member said.

Luke Henderson, of Unite Against Fascism, said sectarianism had undoubtedly played a major part in denting support for the SDL. “The Scottish disease [sectarianism] meant that many football casuals refused to support a right-wing SDL comprising mainly of Rangers fans. There has also been a mass mobilisation against the SDL from the outset in Scotland and we have built a strong activist base.”


David Miller, Professor of Sociology at the University of Strathclyde and founder of the politics website Spinwatch, said that the failure of the SDL to garner support also reflected the political landscape in Scotland.

 He said: “I think it is related to the more consensual approach of the political parties in Scotland. The political class in England has not been as united against the EDL. The sight of Tory Annabel Goldie addressing an anti-racist demonstration on Glasgow Green is one obvious contrast.

 “Those associated with the David Cameron leadership in London, especially think-tanks like the Policy Exchange and the Centre for Social Cohesion, have been at the forefront of Muslim baiting and have limited the chances of a common response. There is also more support for the British National Party in England.”

 Spinwatch revealed recently that some SDL leaders were members of the British National Party, but this claim was denied by the group.

It was also claimed that EDL supporters were in discussions about visiting Northern Ireland for the annual July 12 Orange parades. The claim was made by the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, but denied by Alan Lake, an EDL leader in London, who said he had no knowledge of a Northern Ireland connection.

 A spokesman for the Orange Order said anyone intent on violence should not travel to parades in Northern Ireland.

 “Our parades celebrate our culture and tradition and are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people across Northern Ireland. Anyone who wishes to attend these parades for other reasons than to celebrate Orangeism is not welcome,” he said.

The Rangers Worldwide Alliance, an official global network of supporters clubs, was contacted but declined to comment.

the end

Why the hell would they comment on EDL?

would the sunday Herald go down to Celtic Player Paddy McCourts Republican slop house The Rock in the falls road to get comment on planned attacks by fascist dissident RIRA?

NO they wouldn’t!  which is a shame because they would probably get a scoop.

20120322_711795_1981 play mar 25

Reader still not made your mind up where Prof David Miller stands on Unionism, Northern Ireland, Rangers, Orange order etc. that Glasgow City Council if it is them indeed behind this Rangers Tax Case propaganda shebang?

You want more? I will give you more.

why not nip down to your local book shop and see if they stock


by Brian P Murphy. Foreword by David Miller.

Published by the Aubane Historical Society and Spinwatch

From his FOREWORD I qoute

“Contaminating The Historical Record The use of some of these propaganda documents as genuine historical sources by pro-British historians, as exposed by Murphy, is a testament to the power of propaganda as well as of the extent to which official historians are capable of fabricating history in the interests of great power. 

“Unfortunately for those historians who have made their living trotting out history which allows the powerful of today to rest easy, Murphy’s research exposes to the light the dubious empirical basis of some of their work. Murphy is one actor in the vigorous historical debate on the Rising and the War of Independence. The “revisionist” school has tried to bury the achievement of the struggle for Irish independence. Ireland was the first British colony to throw off the shackles of British rule.

It was the culmination of a long struggle carried out in the last instance by an armed revolution after the British state had emphatically rejected the overwhelming majority for independence at the 1918 election.

The revisionists instead want contemporary elites in Ireland, Britain and elsewhere to be allowed to paint the Irish revolution as a dirty sectarian affair springing out of the special ethnic hatreds so well incubated by the Catholic Irish.

Murphy undermines this lie by showing the process by which these historical account emerged in the propaganda dens of some of the most vicious British imperialists and racists.

“Murphy quotes one of the more restrained propagandists, Major John Street, who had conducted propaganda in the 1914-18 war as saying

“the IRA rank and file” were “poor dupes of the designing criminals who pose as their officers”.

His views are positively civilised besides those of his colleague Hugh Pollard, who hated the Irish with apassion.

“The Irish problem is a problem of the Irish race, and it is rooted in the racial characteristics of the people themselves” wrote Pollard in 1922. The Irish he thought were “racially disposed to crime”, have “two psychical and fundamental abnormalities… moral insensibility and want of foresight” which “are the basic characteristic of criminal psychology”. Furthermore, noted Street,warming to his theme “the Irish demand for an independent Irish Republic is… a purely hysterical manifestation”.

“Pollard, Street and Clarke also worked closely with the head of Special Branch in London, Basil Thomson. Through him they were connected to the key imperialist lobby networks in London. These individuals were not abashed about their politics, describing their network as the “diehards” and the “London Imperialists”. Central to it and very close to Thomson was Admiral Reggie “Blinker” Hall, who was the director of Naval Intelligence in the 1914-18 war. Together with Thomson, Hall interrogated Roger Casement in 1916 and personally leaked his “black diaries” to the press in order to ensure that Casement would not be reprieved as a result of the campaign being run by Arthur Conan Doyle. According to historians of the period, Hall’s victory in ensuring Casement was hanged, “was all very gratifying; an object lesson in secret service power which Hall… was never to forget”

Both Brian Murphy and David Miller will spoke at the launch of the book on FRIDAY MARCH 24 at the Teachers Club Dublin , which was chaired by newspaper columnist, author and playwright, Danny Morrison, formerly the , Sinn Fein (political wing of the P.I.R.A) Director of Publicity.

What Prof David Miller fails to mention is what you would find in this book more worthy of your time and money


about the“ethnic cleansing” against the British Unionist population in Cork in the 1920s

You want more?

Goggle “The Media, Propaganda and the Peace process in Ireland David Miller Stirling Media Research Institute University of Stirling”

Theres a .pdf file of his anti British rantings if you want to read them.

You want more?


from the BBC dated june 1999 where anyone that is new to the dark arts of the anti Rangers campaign can see the seeds here

Prof David Miller gives us these quotes

“Sectarianism is not just about symbols and religious bigotry. It is about power, about how we identify some groups as okay and others as not okay.

“It is the same process in racism and with ethnic cleansing in Kosovo – the attitude that ‘they are going to take our jobs’.”

Although sectarianism is most evident at football grounds, it is ever present in political and professional circles, according to Dr Miller.

He believes more research needs to be done into the question of sectarianism, particularly on the position of Catholics and Protestants in terms of jobs and money and class.

“An Observer article in 1989 quoted statistics which showed that although Catholics made up 16% of the population in Scotland, they accounted for 35% of the prison population. If it was merely a question of class, how did this happen?”

There is a potential for fresh sectarian conflicts based on power with the creation of the Scottish Parliament, according to Dr Miller.

“We are longer competing for resources with the rest of Britain – it is now more a case of competing within the country. There is a possibility that ethnic politics may have a resurgence.”


You want More?

Prof David Miller also pops up from time to time in the Political wing of P.I.R.A propaganda rag of choice An Phoblacht

heres a qoute from the 20 July 2000 Edition titled

BBC chief’s Police Authority appointment slammed

Blatant conflict of interest


Commenting recently on the BBC’s performance in the Six Counties, Dr David Miller of the Stirling Media Research Institute highlighted the broadcaster’s pro British agenda and unionist ethos, even within the context of the current peace process.

While on the one hand, said Miller, “the BBC has been over reliant on government statistics and briefings during the peace process”, on the other hand, there has been a tendency to treat Orange parades as matters of either cultural expression or as the focus of disputes… the view of Orangeism as fundamentally sectarian is extremely rarely reported and explained”.


There is sadly  more Dear Reader.

Have a search but I think you can decide from the mountain of qoutes I have given you if this is the sort of person GCC (if it is them that are behind this hate fest) should invite for an impartial debate on Rangers tax issues?

Mike Small


editor of Bella Caledonia (bellacaledonia.org.uk).

Dear Reader you may be unlucky to Know Mike Small from his Anti British anti Rangers rantings on twitter which there is many believe me.

Now I thought this guy was the top of the tree until I found The aforementioned Prof David Miller.

So lets just stick to stuff he has said about Rangers in a broadsheet newspaper not the rantings of his blog that reminds me of a Scottish version of mein Kampf.

The following are quotes from Mike Small in the Guardian(yet again) newspaper from Tuesday 14 February 2012

see if you think he is a rational impartial person to be co Hosting a debate on Rangers funded as I say by GCC if they indeed funded it.

“Rangers are a quintessentially British institution. This is the Queen’s XI. Their fans sing Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen – but they are in deep trouble, and may well fold completely before it’s time to launch the Jubilee barge. “

“But this is a story about financial stupidity more than cultural insolvency. ……….. Rangers may go bust owing the tax man almost £50m.”

“How did this happen? After the loyalty she has been shown over the years, how can Her Majesty allow her Revenue & Customs to behave in this manner? The reality dawning on the Scottish sports press and supporters of Rangers FC (two groups that are not always entirely distinct) is that the Scottish champions are perilously close to administration and, potentially, liquidation.”

“Establishment voices mutter confidently of the club’s fanbase and that the “”club will never die”. Such macho posturing is a default setting from the club’s supporters (who numbered 17,822 at the recent home defeat to Dundee United), but the full extent of the club’s debts are unknown. Closely tied to this belief that RFC will re-emerge is the notion (repeated like a mantra on all broadcast frequencies) that “the Scottish Premiere League without Rangers is unthinkable”, and “Scottish football couldn’t survive without the Old Firm”. But this idea was quashed by Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell only this week, when he stated plainly that his club “don’t need Rangers” to flourish financially. Lawwell said the eventuality of their Old Firm rivals going bust “would have no material effect on Celtic”

“The idea that the two clubs are mutually dependent persists only because the idea of Rangers and Celtic is so deeply embedded not just in Scottish culture, but also in Scottish press circulation. The Old Firm flog papers. But, in reality, the idea that splitting the Old Firm would be a travesty for Scottish football is upheld only by people who have vested interests in our (already) hopelessly failing game. Scotland’s Sky TV deal is already pitiful, and BBC Scotland’s coverage is reduced to a poorly produced highlights package.”

“Michael Grant of the Herald wrote: “Celtic and Scottish football could live without Rangers but, boy, it would be as dull as dishwater.” For the absent-minded and unobservant, Scottish football has been in dire terminal decline for some time now. The idea that it would be worse in a league that would immediately present more opportunities for success is patently absurd. It’s the sort of logic that could only be expressed by members of a closed group.”

 “Life After Rangers Football (Larf) would mean for every other club a chance that the thousands who migrate towards Ibrox from towns across Scotland every other Saturday might show an interest in their local team. They would have realistic hope of winning trophies. But the positive reality of a Scottish game without Rangers is not primarily about a sport rid of a substantial element of ritualised bigotry and sustained intergenerational hatred, but the prospect of top-quality football being played by young Scotsmen in an atmosphere of optimism. That’s something worth aspiring to.”

 “The mainstream press have been fatally blindsided on the impending crisis at Ibrox despite excellent blog coverage. But let’s not blame the clubbable journos. The real culprits are the management and board of the club who piled profligacy upon spending spree, from Dick Advocaat’s dubious £12m Tore Andre Flo to David Murray’s gigantic vanity project. But who’d blame them? Our culture lauds these dodgy geezers. Murray, the club’s previous owner, was quoted as saying: “For every £5 Celtic spends I’ll spend £10.” That doesn’t seem so clever now.”

Rangers Forever



But again Dear Reader I will leave it up to to decide if it is indeed the case that Glaswegian Council tax monies were used to put on this Anti Rangers Hate fest then is this man fit and proper to have an impartial debate without spouting propaganda?

As I say the next blog which is coming VERY soon will be on the topic of who funded this anti Rangers Internet Bampottery rally.

A lot of people will be having squeaky bum time to use a Fergusonism.


You might be interested to know what else was on later on the social media week.

on the Thursday September 27th Glasgow  Science & Technology 8:30am 10:00am

The Importance of Social Media in Retail and Leisure today ( linking live to Glasgow)

Hosted by Retail Gap, Incentive Media & Harper Macleod at Ca’d’oro Building, 45 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3PE


and also

A Guest post from Celtic Fanatic Humza Yousaf MSP minister for external affairs and international development

which got a fawning reply from a Mr Edward Harkins

“I was delighted and appreciative of Ministerial level representation from the Scottish Government at this event to conclude the Glasgow contribution to the whole momentous Social Media Week. I’m already bending the ears of some worthies on the Glasgow scene to encourage them next time to give a far higher profile to this event. Good to read that the Scottish Government has ‘a vision of a truly digital country’ and that the Minister sees his role as ‘to foster Scotland’s links with the world, to nurture our many treasured ties as well as building new relationships’.”



10 comments on “Rangers Tax Case Uncovered

  1. William says:

    Brilliant simply brilliant

  2. Hunter says:

    Excellent article. It may be a coincidence that John Ferry and David Miller are both Graduates of the Common Purpose Matrix course.

  3. billy says:

    sorry but what is your point u seemed to have missed it

    • Mick says:

      There was no point, just a paranoid ramble. From Blue Peter to ethnic cleansing in one jump. Pathetic schoolboy stuff. Still unable to accept his once proud football club simply self-imploded through overarching arrogance and greed.

    • Billy King says:

      Well billy, if you don’t get it you probably don’t belong here. It is as plain as the nose on your face! (I presume you have a nose)

  4. jackblack says:

    Excellent expose the haters of the old reformist peoples of Scotland .
    They are intent in destroying the values of this once fine upstanding land of the book.

  5. David Miller says:

    Are you in an institution? Do you need some more tinfoil? Absolutely mindboggling levels of paranoia.
    By the way did you not read this before posting? The spelling and grammar is atrocious.

  6. Dave says:

    I always like a response along the lines of, a cheeky wee insult, and an accusation of paranoia, but it wouldnt be complete without a wee spelling police remark.

    Where is the laughing smiley on here……..

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