Welcome to the best Small minded Country in the world Nigel


Nigel Farage knows of religious zealots and fascists baying for blood.

His ancestors were Huguenot refugees who fled to Great Britain from France to escape religious persecution from the Roman Catholic Church.

Yesterday in Edinburgh, He was again met by a baying racist mob hell bent on blood and telling him to get out of Scotland and “go home to England”

All gleefully tweeted by various Scottish Nationalist Parties MSPs on twitter.

But please Nigel do not turn this into a Scottish versus English thing.

You will find that most of the fascists numb skulls that tried to attack yesterday, just like many of the clowns who attended “Maggie Thatcher death parties” in Glasgow’s George Square.

Are merely dressing up their Irish Nationalism up in a Tartan bow to have a go at Britain and the “protestant establishment”

My enemies’ enemy is my friend, and all that Jazz.


And of course the choice of Public house was a master stroke as it is a lighten rod for these type of anti-British fascists.

As you may know Dear Reader I have mentioned this Public House in my blogs when talking about the SNPs Frankenstein monster the SRSM, Scottish Republican Socialist Movement.

This pub is a regular haunt for these Union flag burning anti-British bam pots.

Tartan Army 1

This is not Hyperbole the things I have seen in Scotland in the last few years have saddened and shocked me to my very soul.

I have a genuine fear that If Scotland gains independence it will be a stop of point for anti-English/British Terror.

Like the type seen in Ireland in the 70s.


Like the Warrenpoint atrocity that resulted in the British Army’s greatest loss of life in a single incident during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, with 18 soldiers being killed and six seriously injured the bombs of course detonated by remote control from over the border in the south.

And the cowards, that did it able to jump over the border and seek sanctuary from Dublin.

Ironically the Racist abuse that Farage received in Edinburgh, the one time Athens of the north is where at Holyrood We have Scottish Politicians falling over themselves to bring in laws that make protestations against all forms anti-British IRA terrorism as being anti-Irish Roman Catholic Racism.

When, anybody with half a brain cell knows that if you are indeed an Irish Catholic you are statistically more likely to be a victim at the hands of these cowardly, murderous, bastards.

Also all MSPs fall over themselves to be the first to wish a happy St Patricks day but nothing when St Georges day comes around and very little for St. Davids day.

I’m sure the welsh speaking William Wallace would be proud.

Also in this time of austerity we have councils using hard up Council tax payers money to fund Dubious so called St Patrick day marches yet nothing for other patron saints of these British isles.


Ironically both MSPs and Local councils are not so quick to defend the largest “ethnic” minority English born Scots.

At the last count in 2001 there were over 408,000 English born people living all over Scotland and a mere 21,774 Irish born people living in Scotland.

Next time you are up in Scotland pop into Ibrox and see the mighty Glasgow Rangers.

The Club and her fans know what it’s like to be at the receiving end of these anti-British Unionist fascists and BBC Scotland ( They two are not mutually exclusive).

Then afterwards pop into the Louden Tavern pub on Copland Road.


I’m not saying all fans of Rangers will agree with your points.

We are of course a broad church but we will at least let you have your say.

Without fear of your life!


6 comments on “Welcome to the best Small minded Country in the world Nigel

  1. allanwils says:

    I may not agree with quite a few of UKIPs policies, but I will defend their right to express them

  2. Robert says:

    The UKIP fiasco has got nothing to do with Irish Nationalism or anti-Protestantism or anything of the sort, you daft, bigoted little ned. Any excuse to air your hatred, eh? And I’m broadly supportive of UKIP.

  3. Bobby Sands says:



  4. allanwils says:

    Robert, I take it you did not study events inside the Pub and what was said to Nigel Farange

  5. Christopher says:

    Typically agressive, Lower middle class unionist writes puff piece about UKIP being great. Yawn

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