I can exclusively reveal that the man who dragged Alex Thomson away from the war torn middle east to cover this story in the most celticminded, propaganda like, internet Bampotian way is none other than Rabid Celtic fan……

Mathew Moore


It was him that phoned up Alex Thomson in his plush Glasgow west-end Hotel and ORDERED him to do the Rangers story.

He was working as a news editor at Channel 4 at the time.

Channel 4 is not the only loony left wing Rangers hating organisation he has worked for.

He has learnt the dark arts of Rangers hating at BBC News 24 Channel and the Herald newspaper

He was also part of the Goebbels like Propaganda Rangers smear piece/ Advert for Britain and Rangers hating, IRA fanatic Phil Gillivans book on Rangers.

Which Channel 4 shamefully decided to broadcast.

As the following tweets prove.




ITN’s Matthew Moore is a man with his finger in a lot of pies Phil Gillivan, Angela Haggerty, the BBC’s Mark Daly and James cook.

You may remember James Cook he was part of the stitch up of Ally McCoist to make him look sectarian!

Rangers Complained and the BBC for once grudgingly apologised for being caught  red handed in the dark arts of Rangers hating.

Also added to the cabal are Channel 4’s Alex Thomson, internet bampots the celtic underground, Rangers hating Tommy Sheridan Blogger James Doleman, and Napier university.

If he is not high up in the police force investigating leaks from HMRC he really should be.

I mentioned Napier University because that’s where Matthew  studied for a BA in Journalism 2006 – 2010 Graduating with First Class Honours.

It was that same University that hosted Media Mondays – The Rangers Story

Which was billed as…

Listen to Alex Thomson (Channel 4 News) and Mark Daly (BBC Scotland) discuss the origins of the problems Rangers faced and how the situation at present with regard to the saga. A detailed and extended talk from the pair, who provided witty insight and analysis of the events that led to the current scenario, as well as answering questions pitched by audience members.

 This chronological account provides a good reference point for anyone interested in the story, and how it was covered in various forms of media. The pair discuss how they covered the story, on top of talking about how other agencies covered it and why.

 This was a popular talk, with both men exploring in depth the issues surrounding possibly the biggest sports story to come from Scotland.


Now on to the team that Matthew Moore supports and where he was brought up.

Well the answer may not come as a surprise to you dear reader.

The team is CELTIC and the city is Glasgow.

Matthew went to St Ninian’s Roman Catholic High School just miles away from Ibrox on the Southside of Glasgow.

You might’ve heard about St Ninain’s from the horrendous accounts of sectarian hatred and bigotry that John Spencer had to suffer for having the audacity to play for the most successful team in Scotland.

You know John Spencer? Don’t you Dear Reader?

He was the Roman Catholic striker that big bad Rangers had on their books in the mid 80’s.

Years BEFORE Maurice Johnston signed.

The tales of terror that John Spencer had to endure walking through those gates were documented in an article by the Scotsman.

Spencer lived in fear of the crap. When he was a pupil at St Ninian’s High School in Eastwood, his decision to sign for Rangers meant that he was regularly threatened and challenged to fights. A focal point for religious tension from an early age

Spencer goes on in the same article.

Spencer could tell a thousand tales about Celtic, Rangers and the religious divide. Like the day he and his fellow reserves were at Ibrox, watching an Old Firm derby from the main stand. “I think it was the 5-1 game on New Year’s Day. Rangers had scored, and we were up celebrating. I looked down, and I kid you not, I saw my friend, who is a big, big Celtic fan, turn round to me and put his thumb across his throat. One of my best friends he was.”


Now from that anecdotal evidence I think we can safely say that Matthew was brought up in the full glare of the west of Scotland.

Now for the team he supports its Celtic, and a right Rangers hating/obsessed one to boot!

As these tweets from his twitter account that he uses for professional work will testify.








Here he mentions Rangers fans who had been arrested. Demanding they should be named and shamed.

I have searched his twitter and I have found nothing on him demanding Celtic fans involved in the poppy banner, the riot at Dundee, the Plane that had to be diverted by RAF fighter jets during the road to Seville, because an air stewardess was assaulted.


Surely if he was fair and impartial he would?

Evidence of his malevolent Rangers hating zeal





Here we see Matthews keen interest in stamping out racism from the game


But no tweet from him condemning this





The evidence of the love in with BBC Clydebank Celtic fan Mark Daly.

A man who is from what I hear on the grapevine under investigation by Strathclydes finest for handling stolen HMRC artifacts


His part in the Incendiary Wasp and Daleks tweets.

Many Rangers fans understood it as wasp being code for White anglo saxon protestant and Daleks a cruel evil jibe at the Rangers disaster.


As I say finding something negative on Rangers biggest Rivals and Club that would ultimately benefit from Rangers losing the “Big Tax case” are very hard to find.

That’s not saying they are not there.

It just seems that from the over 18000 tweets he has made a lot of them have been made to have vanished!


Something to hide Matthew?



From his Blog.

Like the Rangers hating sectarian motivated Rangers Tax Case Blog he has deleted it.

All records of it ever existing are very hard to find except for one very anti Rangers anti Scottish media post.

Here is the saud post I managed to find from his now defunct blog.

An unconfirmed article this morning in the Daily Record stated that Strathclyde police had warned three high profile members of Rangers of “threats” against them. If you don’t know; this story follows the launch of a major police investigation to find the suspect behind three “viable” parcel bombs sent to Neil Lennon, Paul McBride QC and ex-MSP Trish Godman.

The article had no quotes from the Police to substantiate the claims made within. Here are the first three paragraphs.

RANGERS bosses Walter Smith, David Murray and Martin Bain were warned last night by anti-terror cops that they are at risk of attack.

Officers briefed the men about their security in the wake of the attempted nail-bomb attacks on Celtic manager Neil Lennon, his QC Paul McBride and Celtic-supporting MSP Trish Godman.

A Rangers source said: “What happened to Neil Lennon is despicable, and there’s a concern that some twisted individual might think it’s a good idea to gain some kind of revenge.”

And the quotes from “insiders” were anonymous. That an article of such seriousness should not be supported by on the record confirmation from the police or the club, raises eyebrows. If inaccurate it merely leads to individuals feeling unduly threatened.

I spoke to Strathclyde Police’s media office liaison this morning who said the story was unconfirmed by the police, “extremely unhelpful” and that it “creates unnecessary worry in communities”. On the point that there are threats to high profile staff, Walter Smith, Ally McCoist and Martin Bain: there is “no intelligence” for those claims.

Chief Constable Stephen House said that Strathclyde Police were unable and unwilling to comment on this particular story. He did, however, say:

Officers are assessing on the basis of risk who should receive such advice. Having this type of information circulating in the media is extremely unhelpful and could lead to an unnecessary sense of worry being created in our communities.

We have made it clear that there is no intelligence at this stage to suggest that anyone further is being specifically targeted.

All of this makes the Daily Record’s decision not only to run an uncorroborated story but to run it on their front page a strange, careless decision.

UPDATE: If the story turns out to be true, then why haven’t the police made a public statement? If it’s based on flimsy evidence, (perhaps some graffiti on a wall) then the paper needs to disclose that. It didn’t. So right now readers are led to believe that the Rangers trio could be sent bombs. Which, we now know, there is nothing to suggest is the actual case.


As I say, his blog has been deleted.

So I don’t know if he felt so strongly that he would have also posted about  newspapers printing that those two imbeciles from Ayrshire who were described to have sent “Viable bombs” in the post. When it turned out it was nothing of the kind as a judge said!

Or that the bullet that hypocritical, falsehood teller Cardinal Keith O’Brien said he received with a letter by the so called “Protestant action force”

He could have blogged and asked why the Protestant action force used by the UVF to avoid taking blame for attacks  and have since been used to claim the killings of at least 41 civilians.

Asking why they have seemed to have came out of retirement from their murderous ways to send a bullet to the disgraced, duplicitous cardinal?

As I say we might never know because Matthew has deleted his Blog.

I dont know why?

Something to Hide?

If there’s any computer whiz kids out there here is a link to his blog.

Alex Thomson was asked several times who was the editor that phoned you up to do the Rangers Tax Case story?

He refused to name him everytime!

Matthew Moore works for ITN and is the Midlands producer of Channel 4 news in Nottingham.

If this Blog has raised any concerns about this mans impartiality, integrity and dignity then you can contact them with your concerns at…

Ofcom’s website

on facebook at

or on twitter @ITN


6 comments on “THE THOMSON SPINS VOL.4

  1. angeblue55 says:

    Excellent work. Well done.

  2. Brendan says:

    hail hail

    Rangers are dead – cheers alex!

    • Ibroxboyinoban says:

      Brendan you crack addict, why don`t you piss off to your own pathetic forums, do your mhanky mhob not have a game coming up soon? It is sooo true you cretins are obsessed with Scotlands Biggest Team! It`s all about the Rangers! don`t you just love it?

  3. Bobby Sands says:

    That has to be one of the most pathetic pieces of shit I have ever read. Almost LEGGO like!

    Seriously, what was the point of it?

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