Celtic an all-inclusive club open to all

The Catholic truth


The self-publicised advertising slogan “Celtic an all-inclusive club open to all” is well banded about and shouted at anyone who will believe it.

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But Celtic park on the 8th of June 2013 may not be quite open for all, especially if you are a tolerant modern thinking secular Celtic Fan.

Or in fact a lapse Roman Catholic one

Or a Celtic fan from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community

Or God forbid a Protestant one.

Any Celtic fan who have had the misfortune to be raped and don’t want to be forced to bring a child consummated by violence and hate into the world. Would be we informed to give Celtic Park a miss as I don’t think the people inside would be sympathetic to your plight.

You see the UBER right wing Dinosaurs the Catholic truth in Scotland are holding a big knees up at the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic park entitled…..

Faith a Guide for a new Generation

Gerald Warner Leading Scots Journalist, Plus supporting speakers drawn from Catholic Truth columnists and bloggers, at home and abroad. (Own entrance and free car park)

On Saturday, 8th June, 2013 Registration/Coffee/Rosary 9 – 9.45 am Kick-off: 10.a.m. Tickets £10

(Soup & sandwiches lunch available to purchase for an additional £6 on the day)

£25 if you wish to include booking for dinner after the conference note: ticket & dinner booking must be made prior to the conference Tickets & directions

We hope to have Holy Mass at end of Conference, prior to dinner

What is the Catholic Truth?


It’s not an oxymoron, naughty reader

It’s an uber conservative, far right Roman Catholic Lobby and pressure group and I quote from their own website.

“Launched on the Feast of St John Ogilvie, Scotland’s only canonised martyr, 10 March, 1999 when it became clear that all our efforts to resolve the growing problems in the Church by writing privately and courteously to our bishops had failed.”

“From the very beginning of the post-Vatican II era, a number of Catholic lay people had been writing regularly to various Scottish Bishops to express concerns about the changing liturgy, most notably the problems of Catholic premises being used by dissenters to attack Catholic faith and morals and priests employed in the media doing exactly the same.”

“These laity spoke respectfully to priests and wrote deferential letters to bishops, but the response was always negative.  The bishops either ignored letters or told correspondents to be more charitable.  It was not unusual for a politely persistent lay person to be told not to write to the bishop again.  If this was the treatment meted out to those who merely sought the resolution of false teaching and liturgical abuses in the new Mass, you can imagine the reaction of bishops to those ‘diehards’ who sought provision of the Traditional Latin Mass. They were rebuked for their “infidelity” to the Pope and told the blatant falsehood that this Mass is now prohibited. Pope Benedict nailed this lie with Summorum Pontificum.”

More than anything else, however, it is our reporting on the extent of homosexuality within the Church in Scotland which has drawn the most vicious reaction from our critics.

Our reports on other crucially important matters, such as the Liturgy and Ecumenism, are generally ignored while critics focus on our upholding of Catholic sexual morality, especially our reports on priests in Glasgow and Edinburgh who actively support the ‘gay’ lifestyle, through running support groups and Masses for ‘gays’ and their partners. We’ve been labelled “extremists” for reporting these scandals. 

Over the years we’ve had quite a bit of media coverage, some of it reasonable but most of it hostile and dishonest.  Almost every approach to us from the print and broadcasting media has been restricted to the issue of homosexuality. Happily, we were able to set the record straight (pun intended) in some, if not all, cases – see below. Breaking news for our enemies: we have no intention of being silenced, whether we’re labelled extremists, bigots or well-intentioned idiots.  We’re here for the duration. Live with it!

Who is Gerald Warner the guest speaker at this event?


Or to give him his Sunday name James Gerald Warner of Craigenmaddie

(How he got that name sitting all the way at the back of the bus one will never know)

Is a Scottish newspaper columnist, author, broadcaster, commentator, and former policy adviser to Michael Forsyth when he was Secretary of State for Scotland.

During the 1990s Conservative government of Prime Minister John Major, he left journalism to become Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland, the British cabinet minister responsible for Scottish affairs. He had previously been, in 1974, an unsuccessful Parliamentary candidate.

His official history of the Scottish Tory Party included a foreword by none other that PIRA and Bobby Sands ass kicker Margaret Thatcher herself!!!!

images (1)

Thatcher refused to countenance a return to political status for the prisoners, declaring “Crime is crime is crime; it is not political”



The Conservative party are not the only topic this man is interested in

He seems to have an interest or should that be a profound mistrust of all things free masonry.

For instance his book Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries covers various sites and societies favored by conspiracy theorists and unexplained mystery enthusiasts, including Rosslyn Chapel, Area 51, Skull and Bones, Opus Dei, the Esalen Institute, Mount Weather, Heinrich Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle, Montecristo island and Disneyland’s Club 33.


This guy thinks Disneyland is the epicentre for free Masonic craft!





It appears that not only the Roman Catholic Church under the rule of uber strict, ex-nazi and paedophile protector Pope Benedict are to left wing for him but the conservative party is too.

As a social conservative, Warner is a staunch opponent of David Cameron, current leader of the British Conservative Party and now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He argues that Cameron and other Tory “modernisers” have antagonised British social conservatives, especially through their pragmatic acceptance of LGBT rights as a fait accompli, given the reforms of the Brown and Blair administrations. He argued that social conservatives should abandon the Conservatives at the last British general election.

James Gerald Warner of Craigenmaddie is also a Knight of Malta just like Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s pal the monstrous Peadophile Jimmy Savile.



Looks like those put upon Scottish Roman Catholics that mentally ill Phil and his depressed sidekick Paul Larkin who keep telling us sit at the back of the bus in society, scrub up pretty damn well for the camera.


What’s the matter Phil and Paul were you not invited to the assembly rooms for the Knights of Malta ball?

Not Roman Catholic enough for them?

To much like a couple of oink underclass scruffbags to them?


Who is Patricia McKeever the editor of the Catholic truth in Scotland?

From a interview in the Times

Patricia McKeever does not like to be photographed.

She does not like people to know where she lives and prefers to communicate with the outside world by letter or e-mail. But, from the security of her home, the 60+ year-old former secondary school teacher has co-ordinated a relentless campaign to name and shame gay Roman Catholic priests.

Her newsletter, Catholic Truth, has so far confronted up to a dozen priests about their alleged homosexuality and has named at least four as being gay or allegedly associating with gay men. It claims to have privately challenged several more priests after receiving information that they attended a gay bar in Glasgow and has also, it says, confronted a seminarian, a prospective seminarian and a Catholic school teacher.

It is currently preparing a “dossier” on a priest it accuses of inviting a homosexual support group into his church and expects to identify him in the newsletter’s next issue. But what Ms McKeever calls her “great work of charity” has not met with universal approval.

The Archdiocese of Glasgow has labelled her group as “self-appointed heresy hunters” and accused her of harassment.

Worse, she recently had to call the police after receiving package after package of hard-core pornography.

Ms McKeever, who intends to expose all priests “unconscionably living a double life”, told   The Times in a telephone interview that she had been forced to take action because of an “unprecedented moral crisis” in the Catholic Church”. 

She was not prepared to have her photograph taken. 

She said: “The Church has always taught that homosexuality is contrary to its teachings.

Homosexual priests do not believe in the Catholic faith any more so they shouldn’t be in the Church.

“I would prefer the bishops to tackle this but, because they are not doing   that, we feel it is our duty to let fellow Catholics know what is going on.”

Among those her group has targeted is Father Ed Hone, a parish priest in Edinburgh.  


Catholic Truth accused him of inviting a group called Quest, whose members are gay and lesbian Catholics, into his church. In a series of letters and e-mails to him, Ms McKeever asked him: “Are you a homosexual, Father Hone?”

She went on: “Would you please confirm that you accept wholly the Church’s teaching on homosexual activity . . .? What does ‘pastoral care’ for homosexuals entail? Why do homosexuals have to be singled out for special care unlike other sinners who are expected to go regularly to Confession, make a firm determination not to commit serious sins again, pray for purity,  etc?”

Father Hone, of St Patrick’s Church in Edinburgh, told   The Times:

“The Catholic Truth is conducting a witch-hunt. What she [Ms McKeever] is doing is utterly poisonous.”

The newsletter has also accused Father Gerry Livingstone, of St Peter’s Church in Buckie, Aberdeenshire, of attending a reception to celebrate the civil partnership of a gay couple.


Father Livingstone said yesterday:

“That is a lie and it is all I am prepared to say on the matter.” Asked whether he had denied the allegations to the   Catholic Truth, he added: “I have never communicated with them because I treat them with contempt.”

The first that many hear of Ms McKeever is when a letter – normally sent by recorded delivery – turns up on their doorstep or one of her “researchers” sends an e-mail.

She insists that she always gives her subjects a fair hearing, but that is not how her victims see it. “She is relentless,” said one. “Her whole world vision is to root out what she calls ‘hypocrisy’ but that seems to be any kind of view that differs from her own. Her righteousness exceeds everyone else’s.”

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Glasgow accused Ms McKeever of perpetrating a “medieval witch-hunt”.

He said:

 “Catholic Truth is a  tiny group on the fringe of the Church, utterly unrepresentative of  mainstream Catholicism. They are a self-appointed team of heresy hunters, who have made a habit of bombarding the Vatican with ludicrous letters.”

A spokesman for Stonewall, the gay rights group, said: “I would condemn this as a witch-hunt. Being gay should be a barrier to no profession or vocation in life.”

Ms McKeever is believed to live with her mother in Glasgow, but would not confirm this.

“It’s not about me, I’m just the editor,” she said. She has never married. She refuses to say which church she goes to, and says only that she attends “the traditional rite of Mass”. Her newsletter published bimonthly, claims to have a distribution list of 1,000 readers in Scotland. Its website, however, is seen by scores more.

The accused Father Gerry Livingstone of St Peter’s, Buckie, was accused of attending a reception to celebrate the civil partnership of a gay couple. He said:

“That is a lie and it is all I am prepared to say on the matter”

 Father Ed Hone works as a parish priest in Edinburgh. Catholic Truth accused him of inviting a group called Quest, whose members are gay and lesbian Roman Catholics, into his church. It claimed that he was “known to be supportive of civil partnerships”. He said:

“To host a support group for gay people is not a crime in the Catholic Church and would be a normal part of pastoral care”

images (2)

I wonder if IRA fanatic Ms Jeanette Findlay, partner and her close friends of the uber right on Marxists leftists, glorifiers of woman and children killers the Green Brigade have been invited to the the Catholic truth shindig at the Kerrydale suite of Celtic Park?

I wonder what the one time Celtics Legal Champion Paul McBride Q.C and partner* would think of all this?


*Just to confirm Chick Young was not Paul McBride QC’s Gay Lover.

Not that I know of anyway.


9 comments on “Celtic an all-inclusive club open to all

  1. allanwils says:

    Ms Jeanette Findlay, will know ALL about Gerald Warner, I’m sure. As He is ‘a well kent face’ at the Glasgow University

  2. average guy says:

    celtic have hired out a suite to a catholic group WOW-as for the sexual abuse ,imo 1 case is 1 too many,but have you read the reports from a large college in America that stated sexual abuse has popped up in all religions and as matter of fact percentage wise the problems way bigger in the several different protestant churches,as I said 1 is 1 too many,and as bob marley said “before you point your finger at me ,you better make sure your hands are clean” as for right wing,this coming from a fan of a club with fans use a hitler salute,you don’t get irony do you,and im not catholic,i don’t believe in any religion-I believe in god not religion-and cant you see with writing this you are playing into the hands of the powers that be-they are laughing like fuck all the way to the bank while we the normal folk are at each others throats-ffs man take a deep breath and look at politics,saudis “did” 9/11-but we don’t attack them-no we attack Iraq and Afghanistan,why? well they have discovered a massive lithium deposit-something which we need for phones ,pcs tvs,and the coming electric car, and oil the Taliban took over in Afghanistan and ordered the destruction of all herion production-we go over and till this day we have soldiers GUARDING poppy fields,the same fields that kill thousands of british citizens every year-the british,us and Israeli governments are the biggest terrorists in the world-but if they start on iran-i guarantee we get our arses served to us by china and Russia,and you calling anyone “right wing” is totally incredible,as you more than likely support the edl or sdl like the majority of gers supporters-because your club died (sending my condolences btw) and you have a tribute act now,you don’t need to throw rocks at the throne(pun-just incase you don’t get it) of the celtic-lol honestly,you think you’ve seen it all ,and then you come across stuff like this,if ppl like you keep it up (on both sides) once rangers 2012 get back into the spl,YOU and the others will have blood on your hands because you are all stoking the fire and esp the 1st times the teams meet there will be murders on a massive scale-what do you want,catholics to be ethnicly cleansed out Scotland?, you are responsible for stirring up hatred-your not alone,and I say this to celtic fans that are trying to start up a hatred-do you want Scotland-bonnie Scotland to be torn apart like Yugoslavia? because that’s the way its going-play the game ffs man

    • mdw1872 says:

      you sad sad sad wee man,still got to mention that rfc died when the sfa,spl,sfl,uefa,fifa,advertising standards agency lmfao and anyone else you wish to ask tell you that rangers are the same club but then again i,m sure you believe that jock didn’t know and no one at celtic park knew about jim torbett or the umpteen others involved in the sexual abuse and rape that took place..these things are just made up in your opinion and you and your fellow deniers would probably be able to keep trotting out that line if it wasn’t for the fact that your captain in lisbon stood up in glasgow sheriff court and said that everyone at celtic park knew what was going on,including jock stein and the board and it was covered up for the sake of a football team’s reputation,more to be pitied than scolded.as for your crap on protestant churches in america,of course1 case of child abuse is abhorrent and anywhere it happens and whoever perpetrated it should feel the full force of the law,but for some reason there seems to be a much higher percentage of abuse goes on in the catholic church in america (check the percentages),ask the bishop in boston who covered up thousands of cases of abuse for the good and reputation of the catholic church,notice a pattern here.so if you don’t mind the last people i would be taking a lecture from on morality are celtic supporters and the catholic church. ps that’s just america,what about all the poor souls in south america,austrailia,asia and europe who have been abused and raped by catholic priests and even here in scotland with your very own wandering hands obrien.why are all these priests and bishops not feeling the full force of the law? play the game ffs sake man

  3. bradyBHOY says:

    No wonder the NUJ wanted rid of you with this nonsense, what is this, Rangers fans sticking up for Gay people when all they do is sing about children getting abused and glorify in the BJK stuff, i wouldn’t normally even respond to idiots like you but i seen how e1 was laughing at you and this article and now i know why, try tackle your own teams support of child abuse songs first before trying to lecture others on anything, i wonder how many litres of cider you had consumed before typing this rubbish, what an idiot.

    • mdw1872 says:

      try getting the board and employees of your club to admit to the horrendous cover up of child abuse that was covered up for the GOOD of celtic (no laughing at the back) You’ve got a cheek critiscising anybody.In my opinion those who cover it up are just as guilty as those who perpetrate this vile crime,be it celtic football club employees,the vatican or anyone else

  4. allanwils says:

    Rangers fans DO NOT sign about Child Abuse, They sing about an orchestrated campaign TO COVER UP CHILD ABUSE by the Manager and Board of Celtic Football Club.
    But just you wait Operation Yewtree will knocking on the door of Celtic Park very soon

  5. allanwils says:

    sorry sign = sing

  6. Iamwaymoreeducatedthanyou says:

    Love the website.

    I just hope that one day you do find a meaningful job to take your mind off all this Catholic conspiracy here, there or everywhere.

    But please when you do, keep this website going. All of us in the local Knights of Catholic Supremacy (Bearsden Chapter) can’t wait for you next semi-literate paranoid ramblings, it brings much light relief to an evening of conspiring against Rangers.

    Good luck and all that!

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