Rangers Tax Case Uncovered

Was the first ministers wife and the Husband of the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party behind the anti Rangers hate fest?

It seems that Glasgow Museums the “entity” that hosted, with the help of Glasgow Museums Digital & New Media Manager John Ferry the propaganda anti-Rangers hate fest is a “sub brand” of Glasgow Life


It also includes other “sub brands” such as Glasgow Arts, Glasgow Communities, Glasgow Events, Glasgow Libraries,Glasgow Music, Glasgow Sport and Young Glasgow

The above list are all operating names of Culture and Sport Glasgow (“CSG”).

CSG is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland with company number SC313851 and having its registered office at 220 High Street, Glasgow G4 0QW.  CSG is registered as a charity with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (No SC037844). It operates and carries out its activities under the name Glasgow Life and/or the above sub-brands.

Its Trading company is Culture and Sport Glasgow (Trading) CIC (“CSG CIC”) It is a community interest company, registered in Scotland with company number SC313850 and having its registered office at 220 High Street, Glasgow G4 0QW. The following is a list of all the Current Company Appointments



Dr Lesley Marie Sawers

Partner Directors


Councillor Allison Carnegie Hunter

Councillor Archibald Graham

Councillor Emma Louise Gillan

Dr Bridget Mary McConnell

Dr Soryia Siddique

Mr Francis McAveety

non-executive directors

Mr John Melville Young

Sir Angus M M Grossart

Sir Charles Duncan Rice

The Rt Hon Sir George Newland Reid

Mr Dilawer Benning Singh

You can see from the list, there some big hitters in the world of Scottish Society from Sirs to former MSP and Local Glasgow Councillors.

People who would have a lot to lose, if they were to be associated with bringing up Professors like David Miller who spend their working life and personal time with convicted P.I.R.A  terrorists like Danny Morrison as Guest speakers to talk about Glasgow Ranger use of the totally legal EBT tax avoidance Scheme

Or maybe not depending on what part of Glasgow you are in.

dannymorrison Danny-Morrison-and-Gerry--001

From a speech Danny Morrison made in 1981

‘Who here really believes we can win the war through the ballot box? But will anyone here object if, with a ballot paper in one hand and an Armalite in this hand, we take power in Ireland?’

Let’s look closer at some of the runners and riders that could have brought such a Rangers hate fest to pass.

Councillor Archibald Graham


The Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council, Scottish Labour. Pictured here up to some high jinx with kids at Celtic park.

Archie Graham is an example of one of the few Councillors who has served Glasgow City Council since it was formed in 1995.

Councillor Graham is at the centre of proceedings for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is currently the council’s Executive Member for Culture and Sport, which has responsibility for the delivery of the games.

He also represents the council on various cultural and sporting bodies including the Riverside Museum Appeal Trust and Glasgow 2014 Limited.

Councillor Graham is married to Scottish Labour leader Johann  Lamont (pictured below at a recent Scottish Labour rally)


You know Johann Lamont Dear Reader don’t you?


Not surprised she has the political magnetism of a lame, arthritic ridden old cleaner complaining about her gout at Holyrood.

Who makes her Predecessor Ian “Mr” Grey look like Mr charisma.

One of Mrs Lamont’s quips was when no doubt they thought Scotland’s biggest and best sporting institution Glasgow Rangers was facing oblivion she said

“Putting Alex Salmond in charge of your local council is like putting Craig Whyte in charge of your tax returns.”

Oh how her and her many,many Celticminded politicians laughed.

Well I will tell you this!



she has two children to Councillor Graham.  He is a keen footballer and runner.  He has run 5 marathons and dozens of half marathons (stop it! titter ye not no sniggering at the back) in aid of various charities.

Dr Bridget Mary McConnell


Where does one start with the first ministers wife Bridget Mary McConnell AKA Lady Mc CUCKOLD


I bring up the fact that Bridget is a cuckold but I don’t think she will care one jot.

As it was her best career move it seems since wee randy Jack was caught and shes grabbed him by the short and curlys ever since.

Bridget and her Randy adulterous Husband want to rid Scotland of sectarianism.


I couldn’t agree more.

Here is a wee hint for you Bridget start with your own family.

Bridget Mary McConnell nee McLuckie, has a  Brother multi-millionaire property developer.

Robert is a Rabid Celtic fan who does a lot of work for the club.

Is big pals of the Lisbon Lions and is one of the few owners in the world of the Jinky Johnston Faberge eggs.

Her Brother Robert “Rab” McLuckie  hurled sectarian abuse at two singers at a charity event after booing their tribute to soldiers killed in Iraq.

He was reported to have shouted to the two female singers “Proddy Bastards”

The Irony was that the two Girls that led the tribute to our brave soldiers were reported to be Roman Catholic

I will take no lessons in Morality from the McLuckie clan or your promiscuous husband.

I have seen rabid horny Jack Russel’s in the street with more morals than you lot!

The Chair Dr Lesley Marie Sawers


is the chief excecutive of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry will now take up the role of vice principal for business development at Glasgow Caledonian University Prior to joining the SCDI, Professor Sawers was the first female chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in its 230 year history.

Now I know for a fact Rangers have tied-up with the Chambers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Perthshire and Renfrewshire under the umbrella The Rangers Business Alliance.

The least the chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce can do is tell Rangers who was behind this stunt to try and blacken Rangers name further.

A former pupil of St Mary’s Primary School and Our Lady’s High School, Professor Sawers  is an economist by trade.

Born in 1959 to Bridget McLuckies 1958 Lesley would have been a wee school chum of the 1st ministers cuckold wife at Our Lady’s High School.

Small world, eh?


Lesley Marie Sawyers pictured here with Salmond.

Councillor Emma Louise Gillan


Emma serves as Chair of the Newlands/ Auldburn Area Committee and Convener of the Greater Pollok, Newlands and Auldburn Local Community Planning Partnership.

She is a member of the Council’s Regeneration and the Economy Policy Development Committee and is a board member of Culture and Sport Glasgow and Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency.

Despite being chair of  area that has Ibrox as its local stadium just a stones throw away Emma dosnt seem to want to communicate or build connections with Rangers the local club. Instead she opts to follow.

Rangers Tax Case obsessive Paul Brennan. A man so obsessed with Rangers and her history that he led 78 other poor souls to get ASA to confirm that Rangers were in fact Scotland’s most successful Sporting institution


Celtics controversial manager Neil Lennon


Celtic FC News


and if she misses anything she can always catch up on the clubs official twitter account.


Also the man exposed on this very blog as nothing but a puppet being operated from behind by Celticminded Bampots Alex Thompson


And a man who a Rangers blogger says has close links with Rangers Tax Case and HMRC


Councillor Frank McAveety


A season ticket holder at Celtic Park Rabid Celtic fan! end off.

No I better not say to much on this chap as he is easily scared.

Like when Sheriff Graeme Warner ridiculed his” fear”and cleared two anti-war protesters of terrorising him in the street.

The 6ft, overweight Mr McAveety said he had felt the “worst intimidation in his life”

who was behind this terror?

The petite School teacher Nicola Fisher, 32, old primary school teacher!

Sheriff Graeme Warner said the Labour MSP “must live a very sheltered life” and that he had “completely blown his credibility” by claiming intimidation.

To rub salt into the wounds it was fellow Celtic fan Aamer Anwar that got the pair off.

No serious how did this guy get in this position? Is it a case of Jobs for the Bhoys?

This man has been  has had POLICE  investigating alleged financial irregularities in his Holyrood allowances after receiving information from a one-time member of his staff.

A proven LIAR his role as culture minister was marred by a row over his late arrival to the chamber, which he said was due to his attendance at a Scottish Arts Council book awards. He was later forced to apologise to Parliament after it was revealed he had actually been in the canteen eating pie and beans. FFS!!!

But this isn’t the main thing that gets me about this creep being the public face of a Board with close links to Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games Its his rampant misogyny.

In June 2010 he said about “very attractive” girl he spotted in the public gallery whilst supposed to be doing his JOB  looked “dark and dusky”. He whispered to a colleague: “The heat’s getting to me. She’s got that Filipino look. The kind you’d see in a Gauguin painting.”

McAveety of course referring to the syphilitic paedophile french artist Paul Gauguin.

Is this really the sort of man we should have representing an all inclusive Games?



Burness provides sports clients with a broad-ranging service, covering employment, IP, real estate and dispute resolution.

The firm has established itself as a serious player within the Scottish sports market, as is evident from its position as adviser to some of Scotland’s leading sporting entities, including

The Scottish Football Association (SFA), the Scottish Rugby Union and Celtic FC.

The team recently managed a complete overhaul of the SFA’s disciplinary procedures and rules.

In recent legal cases the Scottish Football Association v Craig Whyte.

The SFA is represented by Burness Paull & Williamson.

They also represented the SFA against formeer Scotland manager Craig Levein.

So as I say who was it that gave the go ahead for this anti Rangers Hate fest?

I was hoping to narrow it down after this blog.

But it appears I have opened a can of Celticminded individuals.


22 comments on “Rangers Tax Case Uncovered

  1. rab says:

    You’re a fuckin loon-ball.

  2. allanwils says:

    Must admit, I find it hilarious that Moan Lamont has to be the main political ‘Unionist’ in Holyrood, that must cut to the quick of Her own beliefs. Watching Her lacklustre performances in ‘Referendum’ debates on the floor of the Parliament, shows Her heart isn’t in it.
    Of course, even with all these connections involving our enemies, were are still told, We are paranoid

    • Dougie says:

      She comes fae Tiree. Cannae understand how she mixed up wae the Saville Row Brigade. Tiree folks tend to be strong unionists. Visit their island sometime, they proudly have the Union Flag flying everywhere.

  3. Oliver says:

    Fantastic Sir, bravo, exposé the bigoted cabal!

  4. Bobby Sands says:

    Your blogs get worse! Not only are they totally paranoid drivel but the grammatical errors and spelling are atrocious.

    It’s almost as if they are being written by a 10 year old from Larkhall!

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the racist, pish stained jakey unemployable ex journalist Leggo!!!

  5. Bobby Sands says:

    Tá siad aon rud i n-Arsenal iomlán impiriúil is féidir a bhriseadh an spiorad amháin Éireannach nach bhfuil ar mian leo a bhriseadh.
    Bobby Sands TAL

    • Dougie says:

      I remember when Maggie Thatcher visited the Maze prison. She threw Bobby Sands a packet of peanuts, and said, ” Now go and roughcast your cell wall.”

  6. dougzie says:

    a bunch of peado basturds , and big jock knew no surender

    • rab says:

      You know something, dougzie retard, I have asked various scum bags of your persuasion exactly what kids were “raped”, as that is an accusation often cited by your fellow-follow-follow travellers, and NOT ONE can tell me !

      You any ideas ? Thought not.

      You like to smear the man who helped carry and comfort the dead and dying at the Ibrox disaster, with all sorts of innuendo involving child abuse but fail to recognise that all you are doing is exactly what you lot are renowned for….TRYING to deflect from your fans history, I say FANS as a one year old football team can’t have much of a history,blaming and smearing everyone else for the situation you brought yourselves to, by trying to blacken the name of a man you could only dream of leading you to the pinnicle of European football. The “backing an animal into a corner” expression, is so apt to your clan in only one respect……..you are animals !
      Enjoy the “journey” to wherever via all points third tier. And sympathies to the communities who will have to endure the shit, blue pound carrying tsunami, heading their way !!
      Now fuck off to your crimpoline, white stockinged, hoor infested, bowler hat wearing tangerine-fest awaiting you and may God pish on your parade(s).

      • mdw1872 says:

        Ask the good people of lincoln who they would rather have visiting their wee town rab,also ask jock steins wife or bookie how good a man he was.your own former captain stood up in glasgow sheriff court and said on oath that jock stein knew what was going on as well as the board and nothing was done to protect those poor kids so they could protect sellick,s reputation (no laughing at the back).Deny,deflect and sweep sweep the septic way since 1888

  7. Bobby Sands says:

    Did you go to school Dougzie?

    Did your dad write this embarrassing nonsense?

    Are you the bastard child of the pish stained banned racist ex journalist Leggo?

  8. Charlie Saiz says:

    Wow what a pile of paranoid,deluded pish.

  9. allanwils says:

    Care to tell us where Leggat is banned from ? Boaby

  10. Colin Peters says:

    The council Savile fc fans tick tock tick tock

  11. Ibroxboyinoban says:

    You`ve got the the taigs riled up the day! brilliant.

  12. Billy King says:

    It is a true (blue) testament to your skill and guile that they (Bheasts) and their kind check in on a regular basis to see what you have uncovered. Feel free to continue to Follow Follow The Man The Bheasts Can’t Tame!

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