Beware of GEEKS bearing gifts


With an IQ of 234 of Kieran Prior can easily be an extra in the Geek comedy Show the Big Bang theory.

Although speaking from personal experience once you get an over 140 IQ score, or genius level.

It is hard to gauge any score higher than 140.

But make no mistake this man is not just some wimpy geek with an “OFF THE RADAR” IQ.

Have a look at the man’s life story.

It is truly inspirational.

Speaking as someone who has a family member born with Cerebral palsy I know how hard it is for someone in that situation to make it in life with peoples preconceived ideas when they meet them.

But make no mistake people with Cerebral palsy are just as sharp and intelligent as anyone else.

They can give it out as well as take it.

I’m glad to see from Kieran’s interview that this appears to be the case too.

But there’s one thing that all the book smarts in the world can’t make up for.

That is good auld Glaswegian streets smarts and common sense.

Kieran you want answers from the board to “get under the bonnet” fine.

Well as a Rangers fan I want answers from you!

Question 1

First of all I don’t believe for one second you are a Rangers fan.

Defiantly not one that, would spend vast amounts of his own personal wealth just for support of the Gers.

I believe your motives are solely based on Business destabilising an already fractured board and could even been more of a sinister bent.

Question 2


Why did you do an interview with the Daily Record?

If you are a Rangers fan you would know the resentment we have for that RAG!

You might as will done a simulcast with that other proven Rangers hating organ BBC Scotland


Question 3

Why was the Daily Record sports department getting all the exclusives?

They couldn’t find their arse with both hands never mind a good story since Jim “Quiet man at Ibrox” Traynor left to join Rangers.

Yet more Leaks?

Great if so just the type of man we want on the board.

Yet another scumbag not up to Rangers standards.

Willing to trample the good name of Rangers into the ground, through the tabloid Rags to further their own agenda?

Question 4

Why single out Brian Stockbridge?


There are loads of people at Ibrox who are on way to much money for the 3rd division.

What you have to remember that Rangers and you being a fan will know Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland with 50,000 regularly turning up for home games that I’m sure you have turned up to a couple.

I think this Artist interpretation might explain it the best.


With Andy played by Prior and Lou played by Malcolm Murray


“Now Andy are you sure you want to single out Brian Stockbridge? There are loads of people at Ibrox who are on way to much money for the 3rd division.”


“Yeah I want that one!”

Question 5


Why did you do a complete 180 degree turn in terms of your religion from saying  “religion and the city can go hand and hand”

to “I have an Irish Catholic parentage and I will not deny my mother and father but I’m not a man of God.”

In my lifetime of supporting Rangers there has always been a Roman Catholic on the books at Rangers from John Spencer to Mo Johnston to Captain Lorenzo Amoruso to Manager Paul Le Guen.

Mo Jo wasn’t signed because he was a Roman Catholic.

It was because he was the most complete striker Scotland had at that time.

Also the 3 foreigner rule was bing enforced by UEFA.

I include my all-time hero Ally McCoist in that list.

Oh and also it was a big GIRUY to Celtic by offering him a better deal

I backed PLG over Barry Ferguson and the monster munch squad.

Not because he was Roman Catholic but I felt he was making us play some of the best football I’ve seen.

Especially in Europe getting the most out of young players like Charlie Adam, before new management played him out of position and sold him for a pittance of his true value.

Yeah our Domestic form was not up to scratch and we couldn’t defend high balls but sometimes you need to take 1 step back to take 2 forward.

In all I thought David Murray sold him out buy backing the players over management.

I’m sure you being a BIG Rangers fan Kieran are aware of all these players and periods of Rangers recent history.

I could not care a jot if you came on the field at half time to slaughter a chicken with your Voodoo priestess.

Just as long, as you respect the clubs Glorious history and tradition

So why did you fell the need to deny your faith?

Something to hide or a skeleton in the closet you don’t want to come out?

For Christ sake Jon Daly signed this close season to fan fare of being Irish and Roman Catholic and the only ones that caused trouble were Celtic fans calling him a traitor!

Question 6


Edmund Adamus do you know this man of dual British and Irish origin?


Why is he part of Priority trust charity trustees?

I can see the links to others on Trustee and members of the Advisory board all seem to be from Goldman sachs the company you worked for.

But Edmund Adamus he does not.

He works for the Diocese of Westminster.

Did you meet him in London or do you have longer links with him?

When he worked for the Diocese of Salford your local Diocese in the early to mid 90s the time your purport to have supported the Rangers.

Question 7

Do you agree with Edmund Adamus right wing, hard-line, conservative Roman Catholic views?


Homophobic and very bleak view very Judgmental view of modern 21st century secular Great Britain.

He blamed abortion and gay rights for turning Britain into a “selfish, hedonistic wasteland” which has become “the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”.

“Whether we like it or not, as British citizens and residents of this country – and whether we are even prepared as Catholics to accept this reality and all it implies – the fact is that historically, and continuing right now, Britain, and in particular London, has been and is the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death,”

“Our laws and lawmakers for over 50 years have been the most permissively anti-life and progressively anti-family and marriage, in essence one of the most anti-Catholic landscapes, culturally speaking – more than even those places where Catholics suffer open persecution.”

If so then speaking for myself a Rangers fan not for anyone else of Rangers fan organisation.

I don’t think they are compatible with an all-inclusive 21st century club and therefore


Seriously what about any Player from all the teams that wear the Rangers crest proudly on their chest who is from the LGBT community playing under you gonna think if you align yourself with such a Bigot!

The Blue Knights of St. Columba

Now this is where we are entering through the looking Glass dear leader.

Black is white and white is black.

This is/could be the smoking Gun.

Please put down any drinks you have or stop eating as I don’t want to be responsible for you pebble dashing your Computer screen.

O.K Ready here we go.

Question 8

Is this man 60 year old man John James McDonagh you were a director with in this company


The same 60 year old man John J McDonagh who was the supreme Knight of St Columba and at the time you were both company directors in was the Deputy Supreme Knight/Action and Youth


Jonjo McDonagh as he likes to be called role in the year 2007 was to help youngsters between the ages of 18 and 30 you were 27 at the time.

This could be the reason why people like Mentally ill Phil, CQN Paul Brenan and Paul McConville etal had been getting leaks

You remember it was the BLANTYRE (CL 490) KNIGHTS OF ST.COLUMBA CLUB that held NOT ONE BUT TWO Rangers Tax Case obsessed nights.


I wonder if Bro John Brennan KSC got you a discount?

If you are still in Contact with Jon Jo McDonagh or the Knights of St Columba organisation or were in contact.

speaking for myself a Rangers fan not for anyone else of Rangers fan organisation.


Question 9

Do you know this utter scumbag of a man he goes by the name @corsica1968 but his real name is Kevin and he works in Charity industry he thinks people dont know him but I myself have known this imbeciles identity from Feb this year he reeks of RTC.


He says he knows you!

Met you 5/6 times professionally

Is the sort of character a Rangers board member should be associating with?

Question 10

Where did you get the money to invest in Rangers?

Is it your money solely or is it you investing other people’s money on behalf of Pri Arc?

I was reliably informed by someone more Business savvy than myself he read the Balance sheets and accounts that Pri Arc had no money.

I can neither confirm or deny this so if true where is this £750 000 coming from?

Well all depending on the answers Kieran Prior gives to previous questions whos to say  a group of obsessed Bheasts hasn’t clubbed together to “get a look under the hood”

THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE we all know they will stoop to the lowest depths imaginable.

and this if true would be lowest depth wheeling out this Trojan horse.

and if its true what fans are you doing it for Rangers or Celtic?

You were not very specific.

I don’t know about your dear Reader…..



14 comments on “Beware of GEEKS bearing gifts

  1. allanwils says:

    In my checking into Mr Priors past, I nearly fell off my computer chair, when I saw His links to the ‘medieval’ Edmund Adamus , a guy whos beliefs are as outdated as any member of the Taliban or Boko Haram and to some seem just as dangerous. Why M Murray would bring Prior to our club is as much a mystery as it is shocking. Did he think because He was disabled/Catholic/Irish stock that some would be scared to question or check this person.
    Contary to the Record and others views, a £25m fund is not what high flyers control , you need to add another 0

  2. Holly says:

    What a load of bollocks

  3. Pravda says:

    Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for “inciting agent(s)”) is an agent employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act or falsely implicate them in partaking in the illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to an undercover person or group of persons that seek to discredit or harm another group (often, peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action (thus, undermining the protest or demonstration as whole).

    Plain and simple !!!!!

  4. chubbybrown says:

    another great article keep digging

    • kiza says:

      It was nothing more than an attention seeking rant about this man, Prior. All this blogger is doing is trying to create some conspiracy about Prior that isn’t there. Those giving this any credence is similar to those giving any credence to Giovanni De Stefano as a lawyer. No doubt you’ll understand that.

  5. Butcher Zafani says:

    Ok , we get it . You’re not very keen on old ‘Stephen Hunking’ . How much money have you invested ?

  6. Sir Baroldi Bartini says:

    Bwaa hah hah hah where’s your meds you fucking lunatic bastard?

  7. Bill Struth Murdered William Wilton says:

    Hello. I am the ghost of William Wilton and i have came back to haunt this website…wooooo…

  8. Gordon says:

    With regards to question 2:- some things Traynor wrote in the Daily Record and probably had a hand in that front page: “Some Rangers fans believe the club’s history, which would end with liquidation, must be protected. But any newco should make it clear that a new beginning means exactly that: a new club open to all from the very beginning.” Later on, with the Rangers CVA being rejected, Traynor wrote: “Rangers FC as we know them are dead.” Caustically, he added: “No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out, Rangers as we know them died.”

    But now he is a good guy!!!!

    • BlueStu says:

      New co means new company…..the clue is in the “co” part ffs.

      As has been verified by ASA UEFA and lots of other organisations and people…..RANGERS ARE STILL THE SAME CLUB!!!!! Please get this through your thick skulls as you only further embarrass yourselves when you say new club.

      Many thanks!!

  9. Jim says:

    “Although speaking from personal experience once you get an over 140 IQ score, or genius level.”

    Not a chance pal. I think you’ll need to pay someone to grammar check your blog before making unbelievable claims like this.

  10. zetec63 says:


    Priory of sion.

  11. Justice says:

    The ultimate Bheast Trojan Horse. Serious questions/answers need sought right enough.
    The Bheast from the east wants under our hood. Frightening.

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