“Now is the season of our discount seats, made gloriously empty by those sons of William”

While I was watching a fascinating Documentary on King Richard the third being dug up in a car park in middle England and in doing so broke the record of both Charlie Mulgrews son and the ever increasing Rangers hater Stan Collymores joint record set during his mammoth dogging session of 2003 for lingering in a car park the longest.

I suddenly thought of Rangers for some reason.

The program centered on a worryingly over emotional Ricardian Woman.

Ricardians, are people who defend the honor and reputation of Richard the third.

That he was a good King and that the image we have of Richard the third today is based largely on a Tudor Elizabethan smear and propaganda campaign.

You see the house of Lancaster had defeated the House of York in the war of the Roses and as the old story goes History is written by the victors.

So they tarred this man with everything they could.

With the Murder of King Henry VI and murder of Edward of Lancaster

Contriving the death of his brother Clarence

Killing William, Lord Hastings

Poisoning his wife in order to marry his niece.

And physically, we are presented with a Richard a twisted hunchback with a shriveled arm, reflecting a profoundly evil character.

This was later found to be true that his Skeleton did have a twisted spine. But of course disability doesn’t mean you are inherently evil.

I was struck by something a prominent Ricardian (people interested in altering the posthumous reputation of Richard III, King of England) said.

Of all the malevolent and duplicitous evil actions allegedly committed by Richard the third that they defend him on. one thing he didn’t disagree with the Tudor Propaganda is the most infamous and savage the tale of the Princes in the tower.


For those that don’t know the tale. The Princes in the Tower were Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. The two brothers were the only sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville alive at the time of their father’s death.

Then 12 and 9 years old, they were lodged in the Tower of London by the man appointed to look after them, the Lord Protector, Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

This was supposed to be in preparation for Edward’s coronation as king.

After Richard took the throne for himself, it is assumed that they were murdered.

You see it would not benefit King Richard to just have locked up the Princes in the tower for life and hopefully waste away in the hope that people might forget about them.

He would’ve had to KILL them.

In the event that there might come a day when the Princes would make their escape from the tower of London. Raise an Army and come back to reign revenge on him Taken back what is rightfully theirs.

The TOP DOG in the land reigning supreme once again.

Well this is where the Rangers hating conspirators have messed up.


You see Rangers were not killed!

We DID NOT DIE in the tower!

We escaped from the tower and we are coming after all of you with a blue army 100’s of thousand strong and growing everyday.


I grew up spoiled in the 9 in a row era I thought it was the norm for Rangers to be at the top of the league and even took it for granted.

Not anymore.

When we get back up we will savor every title win even more, knowing the hatred and duplicity we have had to overcome in doing so.

I remember being at Ibrox when Rangers were beating Celtic 5 1 with half an hour to go we thought it was ok just to extract the urine,Too nice.

Not now we will be demanding we crush our enemy no mercy no more Mr nice guy.

We are the team the Bheast cant tame thanks to one major thing


We the People!

We have came out again in our droves buying another 36 000 season tickets to ad to the 38 000 from last year, tuning out in our 10’s of thousands to support week in week out.

If we behaved like the clubs in the SPL that promised sell out Saturdays we would be dead!

As I say I grew up in the Glamour times but as I look over to the youngsters in sections like the union bears it fills me with pride because they are fans through thick and thin.


Just as I can bore younger people about the exploits of Laudrup and Gascoigne.

You can bore the next generation saying that you were there when Rangers were down and getting kicked by all in sundry you stuck by them and helped them in their journey to get back were we rightfully belong

The definition of a supporter

A real fan

I have no doubt Rangers will win the division 2 league title. If that is what it is called these day under the new SPFL “revamp”

But that won’t be good enough just to win it we must do it in style.

The fans deserve it!

I’m an unashamed McCoist man stuck by him through thick and thin last year cause I could see the bigger picture.

But this is his season there will be no more excuses we have had a good pre season. Its Ally’s team Ally’s signings , all be it once September starts.

Barring any off the field shenanigans foreign or domestic and believe you me this transfer embargo wont be last spanner in the works the Rangers hating brigade will stop at. we should win this league at a canter.

C’mon the players that pull on the famous Royal Blue of Rangers, do it for us! do it for Rangers!

Stage 1 complete of our journey back to were we rightfully belong

Stage 2 begins!




  1. Justice says:

    Since its history theme today. Can someone dig out the Bheasts from the Easts child abusing covering up monsters. They knew ,they did nothing. They’d have locked those poor abused kids under the main stand for eternity if they could have gotten away with it. Shame on them.

  2. Ric57 says:

    Erm….! They’d still be doing it if they thought they could get away with it.

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