The Bheast from within


You may have read my previous blog


It like many blogs was meant to be published earlier than it was, the day of the Albion Rovers Ramsdens cup game to be precise.

Like some other of my blogs it has benefited by its delay.

I write this blog with heavy heart

I’m a Rangers supporter first and foremost not a Celtic or corrupt Scottish football Rangers hating cabal hater.

I find it difficult turning the finger to those who seek to harm our club and would use it as some political football. Blaming it for the sole cause of all society’s evils by showing them up for what they are by asking some difficult questions about them.

Mentally ill Phil has been at this game of Rangers hating according to Talman from the Tiocfaidh ár lá PIRA/Celtic fanzine since the early to mid-90’s.

At least 20 years his whole life has revolved around hating Rangers.

The first thing on his mind when he got up to when the sad pathetic creature would go to bed was Rangers.

An all-consuming hatred.

Now as I say Mentally ill Phil has been at this game for 20 years most of it a Looney an internet bampot a man tarred with a sickening sectarian brush and that’s fine.

But only recently has his mad sectarian bigoted ramblings have been taken seriously by the establishment and the chattering classes of Scotland.

The fact that this is so probably is the most damning indictment of Salmond’s and modern day Scotland at a worrying precipice

I’ve been at this game for under a year now and believe you me the stuff I have found on the Rangers hating bheasts from inconsequential to downright damning evidence would turn your stomach.

It is soul destroying stuff.

I really don’t know how Mentally ill Phil does it every morning for the past 20 years it must be like a cancer eating at him and his family life.


The only thing that kept me going was that I had something worth fighting for to defend.

But as we have seen in recent weeks the Bheast from within at Ibrox is strong greed and egos abound.

Don’t get me wrong Rangers, the people, the history and what it stands for is worth fighting its corner.

But these greedy, lying, obnoxious  fat cats lining their pockets without one ounce of self-awareness at what they are doing, are not

How they can sleep at night and look themselves in the mirror in the morning God only knows.

So why should I defend them at the risk of getting a 6 am chap in the morning and believe you me that risk was very real in this Police state Salmonds SNP Scotland.

When I wrote about one of the biggest critics of Rangers football team the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland last year in my Blog

“Big Keith Knew”

As a Rangers fan with a contrary view of the Roman Catholic church I ran the great risk of getting a 6 am chap at the door by Salmonds stormtroopers.


This is not Hyperbole look at the Rangers fan that lost his liberty for dressing up as postman pat thrown out of university having to rebuild his life over what?


Black comedy!

Gallows humour!

Ironically he was locked up, while high profile Football players mix in circles with people who are a real threat to this country’s national security with impunity.

As I say the risk was high of the 6 am chap when I wrote my first blog “Big Keith Knew”

I would be another “bigot” wailing in the wilderness as my liberty was taking away from me.

My questions would be seen as anti-Catholic bile and dismissed.

Until, one word



Operation Yewtree happened

I had all the pics of Savile etc but did not publish them in first blog.

Yeah I heard all the rumours that he was a paedophile, necrophiliac but that’s what they were rumours.

Until some brave individuals came forward with the help of some brave journalists and brought this story to the fore front from where it was swept under the carpet by the BBC, an organisation that aided and abetted Savile in his heinous crimes.

Then the second blog

“dear Jim can you fix it for me for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland to be investigated by the Police”

I published the pics and the sinister goings on at certain churches throughout the land and Saviles very close relationship with high ranking Roman Catholic Clergy.

Yet I was still a “bigot” spewing anti Catholic bile.

Until one thing that got the ball rolling brave Catholics began coming forward to ask questions and give evidence.

More importantly Priests, members of the Roman Catholic clergy began speaking of sexual impropriety.

You see for years ordinary Roman Catholics in Scotland have been looking for justice and answers from their church about abuse only for it all to be swept under the carpet priests moved to other parishes for it all to carry sordidly on.


At the time of the last popes State funded visit to the United Kingdom in 2010 there were 451

YES! FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE abuse claims waiting to be dealt with in court.

Imagine if a secular child care company had 451 outstanding abuse claims in court.

The C.E.O of said company feet wouldn’t touch the ground on free land he would be in Jail and company closed down.

So these priests taking the stand and asking for clarification from their church was a big deal.

It added gravitas to the ordinary Roman Catholics abuse claims and I hope it encourages more brave individuals to come forward.

Ironically Mentally ill Phil, Angela Haggerty Paul McConville and the other internet bampot bloggers who profess what they do in defending the Roman catholic people of Scotland form abuse have been suspiciously quiet on this topic of Roman catholic people of Scotland being allegedly abused.

I wonder why they as investigative bloggers and “Journalists have stayed so quiet on the biggest event to hit the Roman Catholic Church since the Protestant reformation?

Why are they not using the “position of power” with their community to allow the brave victims to come forward and have a voice?

Is it because it isn’t big bad British Protestants doing it?

If so then that would be just downright BIGOTED.


So I will be publishing a back log of Blogs I have.

only for the reason that why should some get their names in lights when others don’t.

But that will be it no more until the Rangers board gets it house in order.

I will not fight its enemies for them.

They say a people gets a Government it deserves.

In the case of the Rangers family this is not true.

We certainly don’t deserve this board.


One comment on “The Bheast from within

  1. Ric57 says:

    Well done that man, let me say without a doubt the Romeo Charlie church would still be burning people at the stake if it could get away with it. Its an odious religion and ordinary RC’s must be fed up with the goings on within its infrastructure. Time and again they have been found out, and time and again they ” will ” be found out. Of course it hides behind the apologist bloggers, it suits their agenda of deflecting the truth, but in the end the truth will set them free. ( after a long jail term I hope) Even now the BBC (that bastion of righteousness and defender of good against evil ), will still be reeling from the police investigations of sexual abuse from within its corridors, as more and more of its employees are exposed as perverts and predators. there is much of a muchness between Aunty and Romeo Charlie. As for the bloggers mentioned, like you say protestant haters one and all, but one day they will surely see the error of their ways. Good luck with future blogs.

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