Bheaster Road


They say bad things happen in threes

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to Hibernian the quintessential Irish club in Scotland and who can deny that boast.

Founded in 1875 Hibernians players had to be members of the Catholic Young Men’s Society.

The CYMS was founded in the Cowgate area was known as Little Ireland at the time, due to the concentration of Irish people in the area. Because of this policy, Hibs have been accused of being the first sectarian football club in Scotland, a charge commonly levelled at Rangers.

The first worrying thing was their humiliating 7 0 defeat at hands of Malmo

Then, secondly. A defeat from old enemy Hearts a team in administration in the Edinburgh derby.

There is one thing more that could engulf the club and cause them great embarrassment

If they don’t deal with it in a clear and transparent manner befitting of a club that oozes integrity

The third thing would be to do with their owner one of Scotland’s Richest men


Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG who I believe would be an  Arguido or Person of interest to the Scottish Police.

Now of course an Arguido or person of interest doesn’t mean they are guilty it’s just someone who may or not be able to help police with their inquiries

Kate in Gerry McCann were declared Arguidos or Persons of interest In the dea….. I’m sorry I mean the disappearance of their daughter.

Now we all know Kate and Gerry McCann are totally innocent what ever happened to their child while they left her all alone in their hotel room why the made merry with their friends with wine and tapas.

But the Police made them Arguidos or Persons of interest as they rightfully should have until they helped the Police with their questions and were eliminated from the Police inquiry.


And the same should happen in my humble opinion to Hibernian Football Club owner Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG

The reason I Believe he is a person of interest in the on-going Savile operations is his relationship with the 3 men at the centre of it all in Scotland.

All documented in this piece by the Daily Record entitled

Cardinal Keith O’Brien was friends with sex predator Jimmy Savile

The three men at the centre of all this were all known Associates of Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG.

Father Denis O’Connell

Fr O'Connell and Sir Tom Farmer take Sir Tom's private plane to London to a meeting about Pope JP2's visit

seen here getting a lift of Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG private plane

Father Denis O’Connell was a close personal friend of Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG. Who was a frequent visitor to the Parish of St Patrick’s in Kilsyth during the period when he had a hit TV show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ or was in between presenting ‘Top of the Pops’ or hosting a show on Radio 1 and could often be seen at 10 O’clock Mass of a morning, sporting a kilt. You could always tell when he was in Kilsyth as his white jaguar car was parked outside the Parish House.

It was Jimmy’s mother who had originally got to know Fr O’Connell in his role as Vice Postulator of the Cause for the Beatification of (at that time) the Blessed Margaret Sinclair. She had a devotion to Margaret Sinclair following a period when the young Jimmy had been very ill after a fall. She always attributed his recovery to Margaret Sinclair’s intercession.

Father Denis O’Connell association with the BBC started with his posting in London for two years where he worked as a consultant on Catholic broadcasting making many radio and TV appearances Fr O’Connell was no stranger to celebrity which he used to good effect either for fund raising or for community events.

Fr O’Connell staged a free open air concert in Kilsyth in 1976 by the Bay City Rollers, then at the height of their fame. He vaguely knew Tam Paton their manager but his secretary wouldn’t let him in to his office after he had outlined why he was there – to get the Bay City Rollers to play Kilsyth – for free!

Jimmy and Fr O’Connell formed a close friendship when Jimmy’s mother died which lasted until the then ‘Canon’ O’Connell himself died in 1997.

Did you Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG notice anything suspicious in your dealings with Fr O’Connell?

How close was your friendship with Fr O’Connell?

Did he tell you anything about his close long standing personal friend the serial sex offending peadophile Jimmy Savile?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien


As the Daily Record piece says was friends with sex predator Jimmy Savile.

Whe Cardinal Keith O’Brien Missed mass after the scandal broke about him aledgedly abusing a number of priests, Sir Tom Farmer was quoted in the papers

Sir Tom Farmer, founder of Kwik Fit, a leading lay Catholic and a friend of the Cardinal for almost 40 years, said he was “quite surprised” by the news, but added: “Nobody knows who the four are who made these allegations and why they have been made at this particular time. Until everybody knows the facts it would be unwise of me to say more. But I will say one thing for certain: Cardinal Keith O’Brien is a good man.”

Did you in any of your dealings with Cardinal Keith O’Brien notice anything suspicious?

Maybe at one one of the many meetings you hand with him about Scottish Independence?

You have both been outspoken on it before

Hibernian FC owner Sir Tom Farmer, one of the richest businessmen in Scotland, said independence was “inevitable” and donated £100,000 to the SNP, switching his allegiance from the Scottish Tories.

Also saying “We are five million people wanting to be the greatest small country in the world, wondering why things haven’t happened quicker. What we have got in Scotland at the moment with devolution is a halfway house and that is not right.”

Shortly after this the leader of Scotland’s Catholics Cardinal Keith O’Brien went public with his support for independence north of the border  and said it would happen “before too long” and…..

“I would not get too involved in the politics of independence, but I am happy that, if it is the wish of the people, Scotland becomes an independent country.”

“There is currently some frustration among the Scots about the say they have over what happens here, and that is part of what is pushing the independence movement.”

He singled out government plans to replace the Trident nuclear missiles at Faslane calling the policy “iniquitous, irrational and absurd”.

leading Alex Salmond to say “Scotland’s cardinal is a man of vision and stature. Obviously he avoids party politics but I am delighted he has issued positive signals about independence and self-determination for the nation.”

Papal visit to UK

The third man is this Daily record piece

Jimmy Savile

Here he is pictured with you in 2010 outside the Reform Club in London along side Tony Blair’s representative Mr. Ian McCartney, the Minister of Pensions and Works


where you a close friend of Jimmy Savile like Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Father Denis O’Connell?

Was this the first time you met?

Did you notice anything suspicious about him?

You are both Knights of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great did you go to any special meetings together were he confided in you?

and finally nobody could have failed to have the fantastic BBC Scotland documentary Sins of the Fathers, that alleged that nine monks at the Benedictine Order school repeatedly beat, sexually assaulted and, in one case, raped boys in their care over several decades.


PREDATOR Jimmy Savile was a frequent guest of monks at the Catholic boarding school at the centre of a sex abuse scandal and regularly drove to Fort Augustus Abbey at a time when ex-pupils claim they were being terrorised by some of the monks.


Now Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG is an honorary member of the  Fort Augustus Old Boys Association .

tom farmer

Here he is speeaking at the 2007 at the Annual  Dinner on Saturday 7th October at the Holiday Inn, West Nile Street, Glasgow

The Fort Augustus Old Boys Association used to have a website

I said used to as just like when the Jimmy Savile Scandal broke the St Patricks RC Church Kilsyth website suddenly went down. So apparently has this website.

Ofcourse you can still view by certain means but all the Photos are gone!

I wonder why?

Did any Old boys confide in you Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG about the abuse the suffered and ask you as a prominent figure in the Roman Catholic Community to use your influence to help?

I know sir Tom these are hard questions about a truly shocking disgusting period in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland’s history but I’m sure one man who would gave his full backing to Sir Tom Farmer helping Police with their inquiries would be the Hibernian Chairman Mr integrity himself Rod Petrie .


I mentioned Hibernian Chairman Rod Petries name as he was a man that gave the rallying cry for Sporting Integrity to upheld on as until then an untried, later to be found innocent Glasgow Rangers.

In fact Maybe Chairman Petrie could answer a view questions himself as it appears Cardinal Keith O’Brien  was a regular at Easter Road so much so the christened Hibernian “O’Briens 11”


I’m sure Sir Tom Farmer CBE, KCSG and Hibernian Chairman Rod Petrie as persons who in passing the sfa n spfl fit and proper persons rules to be the owner and Chairman of one of Scotlands most prestigious clubs Hibernian F.C

won’t hesitate in answering any questions the police may have.

Oh P.S

have the Police in Scotland found out who this guy was

Scots police hunt Jimmy Savile’s male accomplice as it’s revealed the predator did not act alone


13 comments on “Bheaster Road

  1. Justice says:

    Absolute scandal that none of the mhedia or self promoters like ill Phil etc haven’t dug into this one. Maybe a book Titled Minor abuse Reporter from ill phil ?

  2. drew p cock says:

    Another great piece.

    The Govt (both UK & Republic of Scotchland) will not dare do anything about investigating any of the links for fear of losing the Roman Cult vote even though they are only 14% in Scotchand.

  3. allanwils says:

    Still never heard Farmer, apologising for his ‘mysterious forces behind the smear campaign against O’Brien’ rant. He even said live from the steps of St Marys Catherdral “I will say one thing for certain: Cardinal Keith O’Brien is a good man.”

  4. Gordon says:

    A very good read, however do you naively believe no protestants have ever abused children ?
    Do you ignore the fact that Rangers have skeletons in their closet ?
    The Boys Brigade, Church of Scotland ministers, teachers in non catholic schools have all been convicted of these vile crimes.
    Unfortunately child abuse is carried out by all religions.

    ps I am not a catholic.

    • Good to see you try to deflect from justice for systematic institutionalised child rape and the the covering up of said child rape.

      Yes Child rape happens in all areas of society I have never said it dosnt but the Roman Catholic Church seems to have a significant problem with this all over the world.

      You bury your head in the sand all you want.

      The Boys Brigade, Church of Scotland ministers, teachers in non catholic schools have never been one of my clubs biggest critics and seek to use it as a political football as dog whistle politic for their brainwashed bigoted followers.

      The purpose of my blog is to turn societys mirror onto my Clubs biggest critics.

      You seem to be not bright enough to grasp that!

      P.s Im not a Protestant

      well not in a religious way anyway

      • Gordon says:

        Thanks for answering, my intention was never to deflect or be in denial about the heinous crimes committed by people within and associated with the catholic church as they mean nothing to me.

        It was more to see your motivation for the post connecting child abuse and a football club which I now understand.

        What I still cannot grasp is why you would point score using child abuse as a weapon.

        All the best.

        PS. I think I am reasonably bright and a protestant but not in anyway religious.

      • I am turning the mirror on Rangers biggest critics over the totally lawful use of EBTs

        Its not my fault that Child Abuse and cover up of said child abuse seems to be ubiquitous among them.

        Im not using Child abuse as a weapon I am exposing cover ups so there is no hiding place for these scum if found guilty.

    • Big Davie says:

      I think you miss the point.

      How many Church of Scotland congregations stood idly by knowing their Minister was raping young children and chose to say or do nothing?

      How many B&B Captains sat knowing officers were raping young boys and chose to say or do nothing?

      Yes, paedophiles exist in all forms of society but I’ve yet to know of any Protestant organisation in Scotland who wilfully ignored it, hushed it up, deflected from it or who quietly papped the Paedo bastards out the door to re-offend somewhere else.

      PS I am a proud Protestant and a church-going one at that.

  5. Turrican says:

    You seem to have forgot to mention a certain Kincora Children’s Home or William McGrath and his Loyalist/Protestant connections….

    To use paedophilia to score points against ‘sporting’ rivals is wrong and actually shows the dark workings of a very warped mind. Surely everyone should be pulling in the same (and correct) direction to stamp out paedophilia rather than trying to score cheap, nasty points. Having been forced to read through your site on orders from my boss I know this will not be posted as it doesn’t suit your bigoted, and small-minded agenda.
    Can I ask how much work you do for children’s charities seeing as you are obviously so concerned with their well-being or does your concern stop when the spotlight falls on Protestant, Jewish or Muslim kids being abused?
    By not relaying the known details of paedophiles from both sides of the religious/footballing divide you are by default condoning people like Ian Paisley’s Free Presbyterian Church member and associate McGrath. Surely a paedophile scandal that possibly involves members of royalty and an ex-British Prime Minister will be of interest to your readers who show so much concern for children’s welfare….
    Have you investigated whether Prince Charles noticed anything suspicious in any of his frequent (and extremely private) meetings with Jimmy Savile?
    Paedophilia knows no denomination, any sensible person will tell you that and maybe you should look into the whole situation, present all the facts rather than what suits your own skewed views.

    People in glass houses and all that…..

    • Why would I mention Kincora Childrens home?

      Have they ever attacked Glasgow Rangers Football Club as some self appointed bastion of truth and Justice?

      You talk about “To use paedophilia to score points against ‘sporting’ rivals is wrong”

      When you have just made some reference to a scandal in Northern Ireland as being somehow linked to Glasgow Rangers shows the world what a complete bigot you are Mark Jamieson.

      P.s are you Mark Jamieson from Morisons Solicitors?

      • Turrican says:

        I have no idea where or how you got my personal e-mail from but please remove my name from your blog. Commenting on such things is of no interest to me. Thank you.

  6. Justice says:

    Turrican your question of how much does the blogger do for children’s charities ? What’s your point ? Jimmy Saville done quite a bit for said charities did he not ? Does that make it ok ?

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