Is it because I is Ian Black?


It was wonderful to see Ian Black pull on a Rangers strip and boss the midfield on the Ibrox park and if it wasn’t for the big Dubliner from Britannia minor “Lesser Britain”, He surely would’ve been man of the match in the pumping of Stenhousemuir

His partnership with Nicky Law in the Ibrox engine room can rival any SPL clubs and you can see why Rangers hating people are getting very worried about it.

Ian Black was of course coming back from his SFA ban of a £7,500 fine and 10-match ban, with seven of those suspended until the end of the season, after admitting to a breach of SFA regulations on football betting.

But the absolute stupidity of the SFA rules means that Ian Back could still bet “against” his own club on the pools week in week out with impunity.

Something that many even “quality” Journalist from “quality” newspapers are ignorant of.

Lets see the SFA rule in full again.

 Disciplinary Rule 22 (Rule 33 in updated Judicial Panel Protocol for season 2013/14): No club, official, Team Official or  other member of Team Staff, player, match official or other  person under the jurisdiction of the  Scottish FA shall bet in any way on  a football match (except authorised and registered football pools).

Except authorised and registered football pools.

So Ian Black can bet against his team legally using the pools.


An Utter Farce.

I believe if Ally McCoist hadn’t have circled the wagons waived the “list” of 100 players and defended his player to the hilt, the SFAs hard man Vincent Lunny would have Grandstanded more and scapegoated Ian Black everyone’s pantomime villain from everyone pantomime villain of a club.

A heavy ban Ian Black would’ve received which would have effectively ended Ian Black career and everyone would’ve said good riddance to that big bad gambler and the whiff of match fixing would be in the air.

Vincent Lunny would be held as the strong no bullshit taking  man who cleaned up Scottish football from gambling.

This time Rangers have the overzealous anti Rangers media to thank. It has been reported that two “quality newspapers” were so damning in their condemnation of Ian Black on the day of trial, that it prejudiced the case to Vincent Lunny’s fury.

But the question still needs to be answered.

why was it just Ian Black?

This blog along with national newspapers have provided loads of evidence of alleged betting activity.

So why has no one else been pulled up before the SFA authorities?

I have it on good authority that Ian Black was reported by a district supervisor at Ladbrokes with powerful links to the SFA hierarchy and though and behold guess what team he supports?

Not only is he a Celtic fan but he is the worse sort. The type that promotes anti British pro IRA terrorism

I have also been informed that the person is linked to a commercial radio phone in

I have been in contact with Rangers to pass on information of said information.

It is up to them if they want to pursue it.

That’s if they want to take on bigoted Rangers hating scumbags instead of filling suitcases full of cash and sneaking out the back door of Ibrox.


4 comments on “Is it because I is Ian Black?

  1. Dave says:

    It is beyond belief that they (SFA) have not advised of even ONE other investigation.
    Are we expected to believe the enforcement of this rule begins and ends with a solitary Rangers player. That might just give the appearance of bias…..surely not…….

    • Michael says:

      Hi Mate, it was always about getting at Rangers, Ian Black was just the stick to poke us with.
      I would have thought that Ladbrokes would have a duty of care to respect and uphold data protection laws regarding their clients/account holders. I hope the information you have passed on is substantial enough to enable Ian to sue, or at least get the district supervisor the sack.

  2. Ronnie . says:

    Its a no win situation Rangers are in , if its not the back stabbers, the SFA ,the Newspapers ,and the TV who spowt out rubbish and twist any bit of imformation that comes out of Ibrox,We dont help ourself any with all the infighting and people running to the press to give them the information regarding this ,We should not be laundering our problems in public.

  3. Ronnie . says:

    Rangers should persue it after all Ladbrokes ply there trade within the concorse at Ibrox and if they have a scum bag working for them who reported this ,effectivly putting there ethics regarding data protection in dought,and what knowledge do they have regarding there employee regarding this situation.

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