Tiocfaidh ár lá, YOUR ‘D’ DAY HAS COME


Tiocfaidh ár lá “our day will come” the cry of Irish Republican anti-British terror

Well Celtic’s Tiocfaidh ár lá came this week and it was their D day.

The D stood for Dignity or any last Dignity that this swamp of a club with all its apologist anti-British, Pro Irish Terror, Child Rape condoning and covering up excuse of a Football club could at least scrape together.

I’m sure the Irony was not lost on you dear reader as it was not on me, that on the same day that Irish Republican terror again raised its ugly head on our shores. With FIVE Irish Republican terror suspects appearing in court charged with conspiring to commit acts of terrorism.

ON THAT VERY SAME DAY Anthony Stokes was delighted to sign a new three-year contract at Celtic Football Club.

The FIVE Irish Republican terror suspects  Anton Duffy originally from County Donegal, Martin Hughes and Stacy McAllister, from Glasgow, Paul Sands, from Ayr, and Edward McVeigh, from Portpatrick, Dumfries and Galloway.

At least 2 of these suspects have spent disgustedly short Prison sentences for the serious crimes of

1 being found in a Glasgow night club with a loaded, Russian made gun

2 stabbing a defenceless man 6 times on the ground

One was represented by Celtic’s legal Shamrock the late Paul McBride QC no less.


Who said of his client “Since the age of 15 Mr ***** has had a significant difficulty with alcohol.

“Mr ***** comes from a very respectable background. He is someone who is idiotic. While staggering around in a pub bouncers noticed a bulge in his jacket.

“This incident is out of character. This is a man who has the support of his family and his community.”

Each of these SCUMBAGS got less than the maximum punishment you could get if you are found singing songs that the current regime find offensive at Football matches.

They were out in the general public to spread their hate and bile after only serving half of their sentence.


I want to give you the reader a couple of hypothetical situations for instance….

Imagine one of the many Muslim players in the United Kingdom tweeted on the day Osama bin Laden died and was buried at sea

“thinking of you Osama……”

Do you think it would be in the papers?

You betcha!

Osama bin Laden


Imagine on the week of Remembrance Day a German player promoted his brothers extreme right wing neo Nazi bands album of World War 2 Nazi marching songs.

Do you think it would be in the papers?

You betcha!


Imagine on the Anniversary of the 7/7 bombing of our capital city London a Muslim player in Great Britain took to twitter to quote a song dedicated to the terrorist

Do you think it would be in the papers?

You betcha!


Well an Irish player a foreigner plying his trade in this country has done just that from a Dissident Irish republican point of view.

On the day of RIRA Boss Alan Ryans funeral he tweeted “Thinking of you Alan…”


On Remembrance week he promoted his REAL Brother’s…

(Bare with me I know it’s hard to keep up with his Jeremy Kyle-esque family)

Mick Byrnes Players Brigade Album “the struggle continues” which includes such titles as Sean South, The Struggle continues/Maghaberry Jail, the SAM Song and Joe McDonnel.


On the anniversary of the suicide of sectarian woman and child killing terrorist Bobby Sands. Anthony stokes tweeted to his 10’s of thousands of impressionable young followers the 1st  few lines of a song for Marcella a dirge dedicated to said sectarian woman and child killing terrorist.


Well none of this was in the papers.

None of the Main stream media. None of the national newspapers thought that these stories where newsworthy

It’s also funny when the two stories were about to break. Two nonsense stories were printed in their place. One was the Jeremy kyle-esque story of his mother giving him up to his Auntie

The 2nd was a bullshit story about Snoop Doggy dog buying into Celtic.

I want to give you the dear reader one last hypothetical situation.

Let’s say for instance an American and he was a Quarterback for an NFL team comparable with Celtic. Let’s say the Jacksonville Jaguars went back to the heartlands of anti-western sectarian terror Pakistan and he attended a fundraiser for Osama Bin Ladens family.

What do you think would have greeted him in his return?

His feet would not have touch the ground of the good old US of A.

He would be given a pair of Bright Orange Jim Jams and taken straight to Guantanamo bay.

The Scottish media were forced to print this story thanks to the Irish mail on Sunday. After it printed it on the Sunday after the macabre event.


But much was just a regurgitation of the Story. No in-depth analysis about how serious this was to Scotland’s safety, especially with so many of its country men and women attending the night in the form of the Dissident IRA terror glorifying Brendan “the Dark” Hughes Republican Flute Band.


Tom English to his credit brought up the subject. It needed him to do it he was the right man for the story. For he is a REAL Irishman and Catholic and it need him to provide a voice to how disgusting Ireland find Anthony Stokes little rag time band of sectarian thugs are.

But Tom English is now a coward to the dark shadowy claw at Parkhead.

Instead of telling us the witnesses that he would call when Anthony Stokes said he would sue him. He and his paper the Scotsman “SHAT it!” to use an auld Scottish phrase my Presbyterian Grandmother would use.

Tom English can now be found in the bowels of Celtic park on Champions league nights. (Where UEFA translators find it hard to understand his thick Limerick accent.) drinking Lawwells Kool-Aid direct from the pipe.

I think Tom English would be termed a person of interest to the Scottish Police in its battle with Terrorism exported from his country of birth.

Tom English should man up and help his adopted country in its hour of need.


At the time of writing this dear reader a yet unnamed 6th Irish terror suspect is being charged.

A 56 year old man.

John Stokes is 56.


6 comments on “Tiocfaidh ár lá, YOUR ‘D’ DAY HAS COME

  1. Michael says:

    Spot on. This is the reason a 3 year old photo of a Squaddie as he put it ” gave a Red Hand salute” in front of a Red Hand of Ulster and a Union flag. Of course this has been twisted by the great unwashed and the rhags that pander to them, as being fascist and Nazi. The mob that claim allegiance to the cuntry (deliberate) that turned on the lights and fuelled submarines don’t do irony.

  2. GREENMAN1888 says:

    Did you attend school? The grammar is truly attrocious!

    I read it and immediately think of David Leggat!

    It’s utterly embarrassing that someone like you has a platform to spoute your bigoted, warped views to people in Scotland and further afield.

    If I was to describe you in 1 word, it would have to be CUNT.

  3. Tony Gallagher says:

    Granted you make some good points but would recommend you familiarise yourself with the theory of Godwin’s Law. An easy comparison is often the most ignorant one and ignorance is a common theme on your blog.

    • PJW says:

      You talk about Irish terrorism. Bear in mind that it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for British terrorism in the first place.
      There have been countless atrocities carried out by the imperialistic, fascist bastard British army against innocent Irish Catholics for years, and the occupation of six of our counties is still happening.
      You speak of being offended by people glorifying the IRA but how do you think the Irish felt when the queen decorated the scumbag paras who murdered 14 innocent, unarmed civilians on Bloody Sunday. Not to mention the Ballymurphy and Springhill massacres in which the scum british army murdered 3 children for no other crime except that they were Irish Catholics. (In your post you seem concerned with baby killers)

      The Irish republican movement was born and reborn again and again over the decades as a result of one British atrocity after another. Your moronic government and military have always repeated the mistake of treating Irish Catholics as a fifth colomn to an unwanted British state in our own country for years. Yet you still seem quite astonished when someone gives the terror back to you. A common fault of many Brits, naive bullies.

      Tiocfaidh ár lá

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