With the alleged corruption of Celtic and Labour land deals /state aid and the the soft loans campaign growing momentum, I would like to say one thing.

Nobody has been found guilty of anything, yet!

Lets be Calm.

Yes, let us ask questions to anybody that matters about all and sundry, but lets not get all Rangers Tax case Blood-lusty about it, like that bigoted little sectarian racist cabal thought they could under what ex solicitor who left a trail of debt Jim McGinlay, the sectarian anti British Gerry Coogan, the miner shafting bigot solicitor Paul McConville, the former main stream media editor John MacLean and Tony “The Hat” Mckelvie to name a few, thought was anonymity.


Because unlike the Rangers Tax case Blog the Celtic State Aid blog if there is one,Wont have a sympathetic ear from the Scottish Mhedia.

I doubt Radio Clyde and the Rangers and unionist hating BBC Scotland will be doing any in-depth investigations into alleged Celtic State Aid.

And you can bet those ever increasing flappable Employees at Celtic park wont sit on their hands in defence of their sordid Child rape covering up, anti British terror promoting club like the poor excuses for Rangers boards that we have seen recently.

As I say lets be calm and let the E.U carry out their investigation because it is by no means a fore gone conclusion.

As we can see , dear reader from this wonderful article entitled The New Bohemia from the LEFT LEANING arts mag the Variant.
Here is extracts from it. I will post the article fully on a different post complete with handy diagram.


The New Bohemia
Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt

“The referendum on Scottish devolution on September 11th 1997 was a historic moment for our country. But the ‘Yes Yes’ result was not a mandate for politicians, civil servants, local government officers or any other public sector officials to take on extra powers ‘on behalf of the people’.”
Bridget McConnell, 19971

In summer 2007, Variant reported on the unprecedented move of Glasgow City Council (GCC) devolving its Cultural and Leisure Services department to a private charitable trust.2 The main challenges outlined at the time came from Unison – representing the majority of public sector workers affected – which objected that workers would suffer, that previous fundraising attempts offered a spurious precedent for guaranteeing future funding (which might contribute further pressure to seek private investment), that democratic accountability beyond the ‘lucky six’ councillors appointed to the board would be lost in relation to a number of key services (leading to an ‘arms-length’ private company), that the scheme represented a tax dodge (explicitly prohibited within Labour Party policy)3 and that this move would compromise the credibility and fundraising potential of legitimate charities. Unison mounted a legal challenge, applying for an interim interdict against the Council’s proposals in March 2007 and seeking a judicial review of the process, both of which were unsuccessful.

In January 2007, as a result of similar concerns, Culture Minister, Patricia Ferguson, had sought reassurance about the legality of the move.4 Another objection was made by Scots Tory MEP, Struan Stevenson – responding to the claims of a whistleblower presumed to be a high-level GCC official – on the grounds that the creation of a new company to oversee culture and leisure should have been put out to tender and that the state cannot directly or indirectly subsidise a company.5 Competition commissioner Neelie Kroes passed the matter over to European Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, who is widely acknowledged to be in favour of free markets.6 McCreevy contacted the Scottish Executive on 10 April 2007 which, just days before Bridget McConnell’s husband lost his job as First Minister, penned a joint response with GCC, refuting any claims of illegality, which was accepted by the Commission.7

What do we have here?

Allegations of State Aid being investigated by the European Commission, hmmmmmm. By a company Culture and Sport Glasgow, and Culture and Sport Glasgow (Trading) CIC whos Executive Director is Bridget McConnell non other than the wife of former Labour first minister for Scotland, hmmmmmmm.

Lets have a look at this gentleman, the European Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy that Competition commissioner Neelie Kroes so kindly passed the matter over too.

The man who contacted the Scottish Executive on 10 April 2007 which, just days before Bridget McConnell’s husband lost his job as First Minister, penned a joint response with GCC, refuting any claims of illegality, which was accepted by the Commission.

download (11)

Charlie McCreevy Born 30 September 1949 in Sallins, Ireland was the

European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services from 22 November 2004 – 9 February 2010
Irelands Minister for Finance In office 26 June 1997 – 29 September 2004
Teachta Dála In office June 1997 – October 2004
Fianna Fáil Politician for Constituency Kildare North In office June 1977 – June 1997

In 1997, Fianna Fáil returned to power and McCreevy became Minister for Finance. His period coincided with the Celtic Tiger era which saw the rapid growth of the Irish economy.

How did that Celtic Tiger pan out by the way?

Charlie McCreevy was also involved in the two measures of cutting Capital Gains Tax and providing tax incentives for property development in thinly populated rural areas have been partly responsible for the explosion in housing and commercial property speculation, which led ultimately to the collapse of the Irish banking system

McCreevy also prompted warnings from the European Commission, who claimed that his £2 billion tax giveaway in 2000 would be inflationary, and harmful to the Irish economy.

In 2008 as Ireland entered recession McCreevy’s stewardship has been cited as one of the reasons why the global financial crisis is hitting Ireland especially hard, due to his “light touch” regulation of the financial system.

Former Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald has attributed Ireland’s dire economic state in 2009, on a series of “calamitous” government policy errors by the then Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy, who between the years of 2000 and 2003, boosted public spending by 48% while cutting income tax.

Following his departure from the Commission, McCreevy was forced to resign from the board of a new banking firm, NBNK Investments, after an EU ethics committee found a conflict of interest with his work as commissioner in charge of financial regulation. This is first time that a former member of the EU executive has had to resign a directorship the 2003 system for overseeing the work of retired commissioners.

images (11)

Charlie McCreevy is very CLOSE business and social friends with Celtic Football Club owner Dermot Desmomd. Infact in one rare newspaper interview From 23 OCTOBER 2004 titled “Inside the mind of Dermot Desmond


he speaks of his admiration for former Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy, his pride in his brainchild, the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC), why he wants George Bush to win the US election, and the reason he left Ireland in 1994: “I’m leaving the press and I’m avoiding small-minded people.”

Ironically that was the same year as Phil Mac Giolla bhain went to Ireland under a cloud. one can only speculate if Phil was the small minded bigot he left Ireland for.


Former EU commissioner Charlie McCreevy was appointed to the Barchester board. As well as serving on the board of Ryanair, Mr McCreevy is a director of WorldSpreads, the spreadbetting company which collapsed in the UK. Other Irish board members of Barchester include John Bateson, finance director at Dermot Desmond’s IIU.

A real estate investment group including one of Barchester Healthcare’s key equity backers, Dermot Desmond, has bought all of the care home group’s property debts in a sale and leaseback deal.
Barchester is the UK’s largest premium care home group and employs almost 17,000 staff at over 200 locations. Desmond and fellow Irish entrepreneurs John Magnier and JP McManus hold large stakes in the business.

Denis Brosnan was once chairman of healthcare company Barchester. You may remember his son Paul Brosnan chairman of Castlebeck, the company behind Winterbourne View, the care home at the centre of the recent BBC Panorama abuse exposé, has resigned as the group braces itself for what it expects to be a highly critical report into care standards conducted by the Care Quality Commission and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Castlebeck is owned by Denis Brosnan’s Jersey-based Lydian Capital, which is backed by fellow Irish tycoons JP McManus, John Magnier and Dermot Desmond.

A note for Rangers fans is that Charlie McCreevy joined the board of Sports Direct International plc on 31 March 2011 as a non-executive director. Owned by Mike Ashley who has an involvent with the Club as a major share holder.


Also of note Mr McCreevy came under fire from socialist lawmakers in Brussels who accused him of stalling on the regulation of hedge funds and private equity firms. Critics claimed that “commissioner McCreevy is trying to avoid implementing the demands of the European Parliament for regulation covering all financial players”.

Another extract from The New Bohemia by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt

Bridget McConnell – Executive Director of Culture and Sport Glasgow, and Culture and Sport Glasgow (Trading) CIC
As the manoeuvres outlined above demonstrate, Bridget McConnell was the driving force behind the creation of Culture and Sport Glasgow. Appointed as Director of Cultural and Leisure services in 1998, her tenure was blighted by union wrangles over jobs and by run-ins with the city’s artistic communities about departmental policies or lack thereof. Promoted to Executive Director with negligible discussion in August 2005, reports of top council jobs being axed were appearing on the front page of the Herald by the following November.

You may remember from this blog dear reader that Culture and Sport Glasgow is now called Glasgow Life.
You remember the GCC Tax funded company that held the Rangers Tax case Propaganda before Rangers were finally found innocent?


The GCC Tax funded company that employed Rangers hating. British Unionist hating Bigot friends a PIRA terrorist mouthpiece to come and talk about Rangers Tax issues


As Cultural and Leisure Services complained that an extra £3.5m p.a. was needed to run its museums properly, figures produced by McConnell for the period 1 April 2006 and 26 January 2007 showed her department having a net overspend of £981,000. Yet, while the devolution to CSG was justified to the GCC Executive Committee and the media on financial grounds, McConnell’s perspective has always been broader, extending to discussions around culture at a national level.12 In 2000, she served as a member of the focus group set up to implement the National Cultural Strategy13 and – through CoSLA14 and VOCAL15 – ensured that the work of local authorities in delivering cultural provision was fully recognised.16 On the occasion of Culture Minister, Patricia Ferguson, making her recommendations on the future of the arts in Scotland in January 2006, in response to the findings of the Cultural Commission, it was said that “arts figures across Scotland are unanimous in one thing: the conclusions of Ferguson’s blueprint, which controversially propose to hand more influence over Scotland’s arts scene to local and central government, were wrought in [Bridget McConnell’s] image.”17 In order to make her plans a reality, McConnell has secured the help of some of the most influential pro-business minds in Glasgow City Council and beyond.

Glasgow Life Logo

One final point of interest before considering the dealings of other CSG representatives is that McConnell’s brother, Robert McLuckie, is the millionaire owner of property company, Camvo 37. In 2007, retired detective sergeant Alistair Watson – the officer behind the ‘cash for honours’ inquiry that dogged Tony Blair – sparked an investigation into McLuckie’s dealings with the Scottish Executive by writing to the Metropolitan Police. Apparently, five houses and a plot of prime building land, sold to Camvo 37 by the Executive for just two pounds in 2004 on the site of the former Ladysbridge Hospital in Aberdeenshire, had been valued at upwards of £1million. A condition of the sale had been that McLuckie should pay for any subsequent renovation, yet he applied for £120,000 from an Executive quango, Communities Scotland, to help build new homes on the land and another £230,000 of NHS and council cash was allegedly spent renovating the existing houses, despite interventions from Inland Revenue. It was reported that, six months before negotiations began, another McLuckie company, Choices Community Care, had donated more than £2,000 to Jack McConnell’s election funds.19

This Story above involving Little Randy Jack McConnell the Labour first minister for Scotland and his Brother in Law bears striking similarities from what I can see to many of the land deals struck with Glasgow City Council and Celtic Football Club. Especially the Lennoxtown one.


You may remember dear reader from this blog about Bridget McConnell’s brother, Robert McLuckie a man who is very friendly with Celtic board and ex players. He was reported in the News of the world as sexually harassing SNP Fiona Hyslop and calling two girl singers dedicating a song to the British Armed Forces as “PRODDY BASTARDS” the two girls turned out to be Roman Catholic.


one Scotland many Cultures indeed wee wife cuckolding Jack!


This is far from a foregone conclusion I mean asking the European Union to investigate corruption is akin to asking Jimmy Savile to investigate allegations of Child rape in the Roman Catholic Church!









10 comments on “OPERATION E.U TREE

  1. Bill mckay says:

    Fantastic work sir my hat is truly doffed

  2. irishedd says:

    your club is deid and you sir haven’t a baldy
    david ike would be proud of your rants

  3. Damocles says:

    Oh my aching sides lol what a lot of unadulterated garbage, when will the fans of sevco come out of the 1690’s this is 2014 afterall,stop blaming Catholics Celtic fc and Ireland for your troubles, the answer lies much closer to home, David Murray, Gavin Masteron Bank of Scotland & Spivs should be a start instead of looking and creating outrageous fantasies which have absolute no foundation

  4. davy says:

    You have to laugh at the obsessives like Irishedd..he claims you don’t have a clue when you’ve provided details that are fact.
    Meantime..in the Celticminded World..facts don’t matter..fiction is everything.
    Rangers have been found innocent of everything thrown at them..U.E.F.A..the S.F.A…ASA and other bodies have proven thay are the same club..a Lord has deemed them to be in a legal matter..but they know better.
    It’s been well know for years by people who have sat on their hands..that Glasgow is rife with corruption.
    Irishedd..could you tell me the names of the last Lord Provost of Glasgow who wasn’t Celtic minded?
    Could you name me the Glasgow Labour councillors in Glasgow who are pro- Rangers?
    What was that old song about the Glasgow corporation buses being green, white and gold?
    That is how long this has been going on.
    When Dr ‘Death’ Reid took over at Celtic park..he was there to put in place his little cabal.
    The Sports editor at the Daily Record..Super Scoreboard..the BBC Scotland..Mark Daly won an award for telling untruths.
    This city is corrupt..make no mistake about it.
    As for Mark Daly at the BBC..why aren’t the Scottish politicians taking him to task about leaked documents from the HMRC which could have killed Rangers football club?
    Why is the inquest so long..maybe hoping it will just go away is the answer.
    I hope we Rangers fans keep fighting the fight.
    It’s time for change in Glasgow.
    The audacity for people who offend to be so offended is laughable.
    Haggerty, Galloway, Phil 3′ names..these people have national identity problems and in Galloways case..religious problems..is he an Islamic today..or is he still RC?
    If Britain is so bad..why do the haters stay here?
    It’s not me being sectarian..just asking the question that never gets answered by the moaners..

  5. scot says:

    If there was not so much hatred and sectarian name- calling then the facts, such as they are, could then be examined. Reading through this is not very interesting or enjoyable. IF there is any clear evidence of wrong doing then present the facts in a manner which at least attempts to look like it was written by a well balanced articulate and educated individual.

    There are now so many procedural rules concerning accounting, financial transactions and government bodies that i would be very surprised if every rule was followed so you will uncover some infractions, but i don’t think your findings will be taken seriously if presented in this style.

    More people need to hold public bodies to accountability and your sectarian bile will keep most mainstream users from reading the articles that you are spending time on. ( there was an act passed in 1982 ( section 17,i think) which allows the public to inspect ALL council financial documents.. only two weeks of the year though . They must allow you to photocopy any documents you ask for). Hope that helps you with your endevours… sorry i cannot remember the name of the Act, Public Audit or Accountability or similar.

  6. Adoniram says:

    Wow – this is amazing stuff. Us guys over at VB have a massive whiteboard taking up one side of Wilhelm Anderson’s Brigton pied a terre. It contains all the fukin taigy links that exist between Ireland, Cellic, Opus Dei, Glasgow Cooncil, the Jesuits and anyone else our stinking, vile bigot-laden paranoia can come up with. Many’s the cold winter night Wilhelm and me have indulged in some mutual masturbatory activity as we marvel at all our good work – keeping our once glorious football club (well, the tribute act) pure from Kafflic taint. Sometimes our Rangers Media pals – Swally, Minstral, 1st Jan, and Canadian Bacon (who loves to use the word “fu*kpig” a lot in his sectarian rants) pops over to join in with group onanism as we salute the Queen (sorry about those unpaid taxes Maam – a big boy did it and ran away) and listen to those fine lads The Thornlie Brothers. It’s super de doper being Orange and hating everyone — join Vanguard Bears and go back in time 240 years!

  7. Aye right says:

    Lennoxtown isn’t in Glasgow and was bought from the NHS nothing to do with GDC

    But the hate fueled desperation is amusing in a scary way

  8. john mac says:

    They want us to stop asking questions, they want to deflect and deter. Unfortunately for them we wont be deflected or deterred. They set the agenda when they all crawled out of the woodwork like hungry cockroaches upon smelling the blood of a Scottish Institution they long hated. We were never aware of the depth of this indoctrinated hatred until the bigot maggots scurried into the daylight emboldened by our decline.
    Thanks to great work from people like you, my friend, we now know who these rat-faced little bigots are. Its time to shine a light on them as they desperately try to scuttle back into the shadows. Too late Bheasts, we see and we are coming for you!

  9. What a load of pish! The great thing is your dead club will soon be joined in the grave by the tribute act and the union.

    Vote Yes!

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