I’ve got 99 problems with Lennon but a Tim aint 1.




Dear Reader you will be saying to me “No this cant be right if Celtic Manager Neil Lennon had LAND DEALS WITH EX BUSINESS PARTNER WHO HAD HIS HOUSE SEIZED AS PART OF AN I.R.A MONEY LAUNDERING CASE surely we would have read about it in the good auld Scottish press” And that is where you would be wrong! You see you probably did read about Neil Lennon’s financial land deal woes but the IRA part of the story was mysteriously missing from the Scottish editions but was not in the Irish and English editions. His Business partner in question was a

MR Julian Dowe



Julian was Celtic  boss  Neil  Lennon former  City  youth  team  colleague. He had his £0.5  million  house  in  Sale confiscated in  2006 as a  result  of  suspicions  he’d  been  involved  in  IRA  money  laundering. This  stems  from  the  property  firm  he  set  up  with  Neil Lennon.

Now its a mystery to me how this northern English lad with no apparent links to Ireland could find himself mixed up with the Mr Bigs of the IRA criminal terrorist underworld.

Neil Lennon on the other hand has very strong links with Ireland. in fact he was born there, Lurgan, County Armagh to be precise. A hotbed of Irish republicanism and where Colin Duffy, described by the BBC as the most recognisable name and face among dissident republicans in Northern Ireland, has his base.


So one has to ask oneself how a Lad from the North west of England wound up in business with IRA sectarian terrorist FILTH? Lets have a look at Mr Julian Dowes Business records. He first pops up on my radar with this company Gallow Gate Developments Limited


Now if this company is named after the in-famous district/GCC Licensed IRA theme park that is mere speculation.


He seems to be in business with a certain Pepper family. Then he pops up with Rocket Developments Limited


Who along with Mr Julian Dowes has Neil Lennon and Paul Pepper from the aforementioned Pepper Clan

. Rocketlnnon

Thomas “Slab” Murphy


is believed to be the former Chief of Staff of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. His farm straddles County Armagh and County Louth, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. One of three brothers, Murphy is a lifelong bachelor ( Aye) who lives on the Louth side of his farm.


Murphy was allegedly involved with the South Armagh Brigade of the IRA before becoming Chief of Staff of the IRA Army Council. Toby Harnden (ex-correspondent for the Daily Telegraph) has named him as planning the Warrenpoint ambush of 1979, in which 18 British soldiers were killed,


and was also allegedly implicated in the Mullaghmore bombing the same day, which killed four people including Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. A man so close to our present Royal Family that our future King Prince William, Duke of Cambridge was named after him and he in turned named his son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge after him too.


Murphy was involved in smuggling in huge stockpiles of weapons from Libya in the 1980s and was part of the IRA army council that decided to end its first ceasefire with the London Canary Wharf Docklands bomb in 1996 that killed two men.

Accused by the Sunday Times of directing an IRA bombing campaign in Britain, in 1987 Murphy unsuccessfully sued the paper for libel in Dublin. The original verdict was overturned by the court of appeal because of omissions in the judge’s summing up and there was a retrial which he also lost. At this retrial both Sean O’Callaghan and Eamon Collins, former members of the IRA testified against him, as did members of the Gardaí, Irish Customs, British Army and local TD Brendan McGahon.

Collins, who also had written a book about his experiences entitled Killing Rage, was beaten and killed by having a spike driven through his face near his home in Newry eight months later. In 1998, an Irish court dismissed Murphy’s case after a high-profile trial during which Murphy stated that he had: “Never been a member of the IRA, no way” and claimed not to know where the Maze prison was. The Irish jury ruled, however, that he was an IRA commander and a smuggler.

The Sunday Times subsequently published statements given by Adrian Hopkins, the skipper of the boats which ferried weapons from Libya to the IRA, to the French authorities who intercepted the fifth and final Eksund shipment. Hopkins told how Murphy had met a named Libyan agent in Greece, paid for the weapons importation and helped unload them when they arrived in Ireland. According to Ed Moloney’s A Secret History of the IRA, Murphy has been the IRA Army Council’s Chief of Staff since 1997. Toby Harnden’s Bandit Country: the IRA and South Armagh also details Murphy’s IRA involvement.

So how does a man like this fit in?



Looks like the criminal empire of another IRA leader is coming crumbling down, this time due to the big mouth of one of those involved.For some time now Brian Barney Pepper a native of Coxes has been heard mouthing about his property interests in the UK. No doubt someone would start asking questions as Pepper was pennyless when he left Dundalk to “play football” in the UK in the late 90s. He began taking large quantities of fake and damaged designer clothes back to Dundalk for his family members to sell. His brother Paul sold alot of this gear down in the Army barracks were he works as a soldier along with another brother. A sister Sinead Pepper also sold some of this gear in some of the factories were she worked, she was found guilty several years ago of stealing handbags in several Dundalk bars. It is also known that Pepper boasted about being related to Tom Slab Murphy when he was in the company of Irish people in the UK. Pepper was also seen in the company of Francis and Paddy Murphy, brothers of Tom in Dundalk on several occassions. Gardai began looking into the connections between Pepper and the Murphys and struck gold. It is believed that authorities on both sides of the border waited until the IRA was powerless after decommissioning its weapons before moving on Murphy and his criminal empire. Local TD and senior Fianna Fail member Seamus Kirk is married to one of the Murphy sisters and may have also invested in some property in the UK.


Brian Pepper of the Pepper clan that was in buisness with Celtic Boss Neil Lennon was pennyless when he left Dundalk to “play football” in the UK in the late 90s.


It is also known that Pepper boasted about being related to Tom Slab Murphy when he was in the company of Irish people in the UK.

hmmmm I wonder who those Irish people in the UK were?



2 comments on “I’ve got 99 problems with Lennon but a Tim aint 1.

  1. Harry says:

    Good one keep it up big man

  2. Neil Lennon says:

    too much time on your hands hunothy.

    I like how you included the part where 18 brits were blown to brits tho. Lol.

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