Keep It Clean


“Football has to rely on the game being clean. That’s what maintains interest, whether it’s with our business partners or the fans themselves.” SFA chief executive Stewart Regan

Earlier this month the SFA launched in conjunction with the SPFL, PFA Scotland, the Managers and Coaches Association and independent charity Crimestoppers, THE ‘Keep It Clean’ initiative.

Let me just say that this is the way, a more holistic way, the more adult and intelligent way to deal with what appears to be a huge problem with rule breaking and Gambling in football, than the way that Compliance officer Vincent Lunny, who is becoming more and more a joke figure in the world of Scottish football had of tackling the issue of Footballers betting on games.

You may remember dear reader the Lunny way from this blog



That way was to single out a Rangers player again this time Ian Black and ignore the evidence out there of the many other footballers who like a gamble on football.

This I found by a simple little social experiment by simply searching for a player in the same league as Rangers on Twitter.

The result returned evidence of apparent betting on football games by Ayr Uniteds Michael Moffat


who probably from the evidence from this blog was dragged up before the SFA beaks.

Now it gives me no joy that the likes of Ian Black and Michael Moffat where made examples off. In the case of Moffat I would be more worried about his apparent love and glorification for Irish Terrorists, because when it comes to pros gambling on Fitbaw….


But is that what the once world wide respected SFA is conducting its business now? on tit bits from overheard conversation in Taxi cabs and bitter Gambling firm employees with a hatred of a certain team?

Thats the only problem I have with the new ‘Keep It Clean’ initiative.

It is the 24 hr hot line. No doubt the internet bampots have the number tattooed on their forearm.

What I do like is the man they have brought in to spearhead it. An ex-Strahclyde Finest, former superintendent Peter McLaughlin. Though I dont know why he had to replace David Brand a former Strathclyde Police officer himself?


Maybe it was his head that had to roll for the Lunny fiasco?

Who knows?

But I like the cut of this man former superintendent Peter McLaughlin jib, to Keep Scottish Football clean.

Looking at his C.V you will see that not only was he a high ranking Police officer, he also Compliance Manager for Disclosure Scotland.


For those of you that don’t know what disclosure is, its a an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government that sorts of looks into the background of employees and gives that information for employers and voluntary sector organisations.

Well maybe former superintendent Peter McLaughlin could look into this gentleman Jack McGinn’s past



From the Daily Record  19th of August 1996

The secret deal which protected a sex pervert for five years was struck in an American airport cafe.

Hours before Celtic Boys’ Club were due to fly home, five men sat around a table at bustling Boston airport.

There they sealed the shameful pact that has haunted them since.

Frank Cairney – the man who WAS Celtic Boys’ Club – agreed to resign and a dingy chapter in Celtic’s history was born.

cbc stornoway late 1970's

A young player had claimed he had been touched sexually by Cairney while in bed.

Now the other four men who were part of that airport deal, former chairman Jim McNally and officials Bill Gilfillan, John Gallacher and Willie Hampson, have decided to speak about it for the first time.

They talked to the Daily Record which last week lifted the lid off the sex abuse scandal at the boys club.

Jim McNally, speaking for all four, said: “Apart from sworn statements to Celtic and the police, none of us has ever spoken about what happened.

“It has been painful and has taken a great toll on all of our lives.”

Players had been staying in the homes of ex-pat Celtic fans in Kearney, New Jersey, in 1991 for a showpiece tournament. Two were living with exiled Scot, Pat Brannigan.

Jim said: “Pat Brannigan told me that a boy had made a serious allegation against Frank Cairney. I interviewed the boy after Pat Brannigan came for me very early in the morning.

“Pat and his wife Diane were there. I asked a second boy who was also staying at Pat’s house to leave the room.

“The first lad was very distraught. He repeated the allegation of a sexual nature against Frank Cairney.

“He said it happened in Pat Brannigan’s basement where the boys were sleeping.

“Frank had been staying at a hotel nearby. But it wouldn’t have been unusual for him to be in the house because he always went around to where the boys were staying, to make sure they were all right.

“Initially I found the whole thing hard to believe. I had never experienced anything like that before in my life.

“I honestly thought and hoped it was horseplay that had got out of hand a wee bit. Immediately I talked to the other three officials.

“I told them what had happened. We were visiting a theme park that day and I got the senior players together and told them what had happened. They already knew.

“I asked them if they would keep their eye on this lad until we got things sorted out.”

He continued: “We decided that we would talk to Frank Cairney and we did. He very forcibly, strenuously denied the allegation. He was very angry. He said nothing happened.

“While we were talking about it, Pat Brannigan arrived and said he had spoken to his lawyer and the police.

“I also spoke to Pat’s lawyer about the procedure and what we would do.

“I asked him what would happen if the boy made a formal complaint. And what he told me was the real shocker of the whole thing.

“He said that Frank Cairney would be charged and that the boy, and the other boy who was staying in the house, would be put in protective custody.”

Distraught Jim and the officials were terrified to bring in police in case the boys were taken away from them.

He said:”I was absolutely shattered about that. There was no way I could have landed at Glasgow Airport and told two sets of parents that their boys weren’t there.

“After that meeting I immediately contacted Celtic, but it was the Glasgow Fair and I had a terrible job trying to get a hold of people.

“I tried Jack McGinn, Jimmy Farrell (Celtic directors), but could not get them. I then phoned Sean McMullen and Bobby Creilly, two other boys’ club officials.

“I told them what had happened and I told them of my fear that the boys would be taken into protective custody and that this wasn’t for me or even the boy to decide what they should do. I felt his parents should make that decision.

“This was the Thursday and we were due home on the Sunday.

“We also booked three tickets to be held just in case the boy wanted home early.

“I spoke to the lad at regular intervals and he opted to stay at Brannigan’s. He seemed to be coping.

“He continued to play in the tournament. I’ve always admired the boy and how he coped with all of this.

“He was only 16 at the time. He actually started officially playing for Celtic on the Monday after he returned home.”

Jim McNally didn’t call in the police, but Pat Brannigan may have brought them in. Jim said: “If the police interviewed the boy I wasn’t aware of it. I think Pat Brannigan felt we weren’t handling it correctly. But the reason we handled it the way we did was because I didn’t believe it was up to me to decide what to do.

“Eventually there was a meeting with the boy’s parents which Creilly and McMullen had been trying to arrange .

“We left Kennedy airport, New York, on Sunday, but still there was no word. We stopped over at Boston and this is where it all happened.

“There was a message at Boston for me to phone home.

“I was told the meeting had concluded and the outcome was that the boy’s parents were quite happy to leave the matter in Celtic’s hands, provided Frank Cairney resigned from the boys’ club on returning.

“Myself, Willie Hampson, Bill Gilfillan and John Gallacher, the four officials, met in the cafe at Boston airport and we told Frank Cairney what we had been advised.

“He agreed to resign when he went home. We arrived at Glasgow and went straight to the park.

“Jack McGinn organised a meeting at 11am with Frank Cairney and a meeting with me at 2pm.

“At that meeting, he gave me a copy of Frank Cairney’s resignation which said he had resigned because he had got promotion in his company and the pressure of work.

“We were still concerned that we weren’t quite covered, so we individually consulted lawyers and collectively spoke to a QC for advice.

“He asked if we could produce any more boys who could quote incidents from anywhere at any time. But we knew we couldn’t do that.”

The deal they had to be part of has left them sad, jaundiced men. All have since left Celtic Boys’ Club.

Jim added: “The boy told me what happened. I cannot say what happened.

“But the parents wanted the boy to get on with his career and get on with his life, once they had been given assurances he was coping.”

He added: “We were never sworn to secrecy. The boy asked us not to talk about it and we respected his wishes.”

Jack McGinn as honorary vice-presidents is on Scottish FA Council. Its a debating forum of the game’s governing body. It is representative of all aspects of Scottish football, with members invited from the Scottish Premier League, Scottish Football League, six Affiliated National Associations and nine Affiliated Associations as well as the senior leagues.

These members are elected in a two-year cycle and are responsible for raising issues of national and regional importance.

The thought that this man Jack McGinn is entilted to and is still allowed to influence all aspects of Scottish football sickens my stomach and chills me to my bones!

Maybe if Strathclyde Police superintendent Peter McLaughlin wants to really cleanse the game he could start by looking at this, and I quote from the Daily Record “dingy chapter in Celtic’s history”

If he really wants to KEEP IT CLEAN!





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