Lennon’s land deal Lawyer’s  (You know the one with Julian Dowes the man who got his housed seized in IRA Money Laundering probe that the Scottish press decided not to report) Strange Rangers Tax case obsession.


Professor Leo Martin

Professor Leo Martin is co-Director of the Diploma in Legal Practice and the Professional Competence Course at STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY.

He is responsible for tutor recruitment and training, and liaises with the profession with regard to these courses. He teaches Conveyancing on the Diploma, and has designed project-based resources for online learning in his subject. He teaches Ethics on the Professional Competence Course, and has written and teaches on a two-day Conveyancing elective on the Professional Competence Course.

let me first, start by informing you dear reader of the great christian work that this man does with St. Margaret’s Hospice win Roman Catholic nun Sister Rita


A hospital where incidentally, Rangers hater and publicly outed liar, as seen on national TV, Graham Spiers father the reverend Baptist minister Spiers spent his last days on this earth.

download (3)

No doubt it gave them a dignified and peaceful sanctuary to share stories of the mighty, and very much still alive Glasgow Rangers. How they tied scarfs round each others wrists and walked up the Edmiston Drive. How they sneaked cans of top deck shandy into Ibrox in the hems of their flares.

But Baptist minister Spiers isn’t the only man of the cloth to spend their last days at St. Margaret’s Hospice,oh no

Former Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre Mgr. James McShane stayed there until his death in December 2012 and had his funeral St. Margaret’s, Clydebank where Archbishop Tartaglia was principal concelebrant, with Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti also present, and a large number of Mgr. McShane’s fellow priests.

Among the congregation were many staff members from St. Margaret’s Hospice, led by Sr. Rita the Chief Executive and Prof. Leo Martin the Chairman, Knights and Dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and local politicians.

I wonder if the Lunny clan paid their respects? or if former Glasgow Lord provost, alcoholic, assaulter and house breaker Alex Mosson seen here being inducted into the the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre by the disgraced Cardinal O’Brien


was in attendance?

That is why I find Professor Leo Martin a rather complex individual a man of duality a Jekyll and Hyde type of character because as you will see dear reader for all his christian endeavors the majority of the limited people he follows on Twitter are totally contrary to the Christian ethos.

They are bigoted spiteful sectarian very judgmental and certainly dont turn the other cheek when the mighty Glasgow Rangers are involved. they certainly don’t take out the plank from their eyes before taking the splinter out of yours christian typeslets have a

look at this roll of “honour”










As you can see dear reader, not the type of Christians full of the milk of human kindness and love for their fellow men.

Not even Angela Haggerty!

At the time of these screenshots and the were a while ago he was following round 200

Now that’s a lot of internet bampots and sectarian brush tarred bigots for a professional man to follow

In his workings at STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY Professor Martin is joined in teaching by Donnie Munro, Partner and Head of the Business Advisory department of Harper MacLeod LLP.


Donnie Munro of Harper Macleod, a senior tutor on the University of Strathclyde postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice,  received the Chairman’s Award for his contribution to family businesses. Professor Leo Martin, Director of Professional Legal Practice Courses commented

“We are delighted that Donnie has received this award not least because it was in no small part a recognition of the first ever Family Business focused course for lawyers in the United Kingdom that Donnie authored and leads for the new Diploma. All of our students who elected to take the course were impressed by the breadth of legal skills intertwined in the course which came about through Donnie’s vision. Well done!”

Prof Leo Martin of Strathclyde University put forward a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that lawyers follow the early career footballer transfer fee arrangement that may assist to combat against smaller firms who provide training from losing their newly-qualified lawyers to the larger firms, or at least recompenses their commitment to legal education which benefits the profession as a whole.

Prof Leo Martin is in business with ex Celtic player Brian O’Neil in a company called CLEAR SPORTS MANAGEMENT LIMITED which appears to be a sports management Agency type business. I wonder how up to speed they are with EBT’s and dual contracts?

For all those that don’t know Brian O’Neil lets have a look at his work

Brian O’neil is very opinionated on those very subjects on his twitter site and infact about all things Rangers



























Another thing I would like to pick the brains of Professor Leo Martin is on his specialist subject, his field, his specialty Conveyancing 

For those that don’t know Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.

This man could solve the Timmy myth about who owns Rangers once and for all! Or indeed he can dispel what football tax havens blog and  john stevens @pzj_1 on twitter who say Celtic Park is owned by the Co-op bank?

I would also like to pick Professor Leo Martin on the whole administration, Liquidation thing as he has been at the coal face of it with Gretna as he was Rowan Alexander lawyer.




Also I thing I find interesting in his list of followers is a Mr Peter Martin. Is he related? he dosnt just interact with Peter on twitter he has met him in real life. Seen here in a picture with Nicky Quinn  Ladbrokes Area Manager taken just days before Ian Black was indicted by SFA on betting charges.


But he cant be related because if a poster on Rangers media is to be believed


Peter Martins real surname is Maguire and had to change it cause he did VERY Celticminded road shows across Lanarkshire under the banner of ‘the biggest tim in Newarthill’ I can neither confirm or deny this?

Lets see a bit of Peter Martin/Maguire in action.

Finally Professor Leo Martin is not just a professional friend to Celtic Manager he is a close friend and seen on many occasions with Neil.




I wonder if Professor Leo Martin professional expertise influenced Neil Lennon when Rangers were found not guilty on all of the charges they faced?

“I will see what the commission finds and, if they are found to have broken the rules, then they should be stripped of their titles,”

“It will not change what has gone on in the past but I suppose there will be a sort of moral victory in that respect.”

“It is not going to change my life now, by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be good to be changed for historical reference,”

“I can’t get that title or feeling back and it won’t make a huge dent on my life from here on in. It would be a lot better on my CV, though. I wouldn’t want the medals – just the recognition. That would be enough.”

“At that time, though, it might have cost players contracts, bonuses, managers their jobs and might have relegated teams,”

“There are so many ripple effects to it. Again, you go back to the integrity of the game. Was it there? If not, then it should be investigated. That is all we ask for. We are in the game for the glory and then the money comes with it.

“The more successful you are, the more money you get but when you are a kid growing up all you want to do is to play football for a big club and to win things. That never changes.”

Earlier, Celtic manager Neil Lennon was guarded over whether Rangers enjoyed a competitive advantage over alleged undisclosed payments.

And from the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21633595

“I believe they were found guilty of paying £47m over 11 years in non-disclosed payments,” Lennon said.

He declined to share his “own views” on whether they enjoyed a competitive advantage.

“I will save that for another time,” the Celtic manager added.

Asked if the Ibrox club should feel vindicated by not having titles stripped, he said: “They probably feel they’ve got their own way”.

“It wasn’t our fight, it was the SPL, they brought up the tribunal against Rangers, it doesn’t affect us. We have the quarter-final to prepare for and we’re playing Juventus in the last 16 of the Champions League, we’re not renting out a training ground.”

The Celtic manager added: “I don’t want to take anything away from what my team and club are doing.

“The way we behave, the way we do our business has been impeccable and that’s the reason why we are in the position we are in now.”

download (2)

Dry your eyes mate! there might be a few Investigations into Celtic coming your way that you might win!



  1. Bigdon says:


  2. James says:

    That’s 10 mins of my life I will never get back!

    Still it will keep the Neanderthals amongst our support happy.

  3. wullie simpson says:

    keep up the good work

    Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 21:43:09 +0000 To: wbairds@hotmail.com

  4. bobby says:

    brilliant read, keep up the good work against our enemies

  5. What’s the link between RTC and 9/11? I’m sure you’ll find it.

  6. Gary Grainger says:

    Jesus Wept…..you should go to the Red Tops with this. Explosive stuff.

  7. sam menzi says:

    hunt them down mate

  8. Eddie diamond says:

    I just done a quick search through the internet
    1. Her Majesty is a big supporter of St Margarets Hospice and has visited the hospice a number of times
    2. This Mr Martin has represented Rangers players
    3. I think you have the wrong Brian O’Neill

    Maybe get the facts right so is not to feed the undesirables

    • Eddie diamond says:

      Remember st Margaret’s hospice is open to all religions and does fantastic work I hope this article does not impact on the great work that they do

  9. Tax Man says:

    Bitter twisted hun wanker. lol

  10. Tax Man says:

    Whats it like to support a tribute act Billy? Rather kettle and black calling anyone bigots when your dead club never signed catholics till the late 80s.Sevo and Deadco are always greetin and always cheating. LMFBO TAL

  11. case for treatment? says:

    I suggest you take all this information and show it to your GP. He should be able to help you. Alternatively, get yourself a girl/boyfriend. Good luck.

  12. Christ, the Pacific Shelfers are everywhere. Fortunately they can be banned from this site unlike the Scotsman.

    Decent article, the web of connections runs wide and deep when it comes to the bheasts from the east.

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