With the fantastic work of Football Tax Havens blog and john stevens ‏@pzj_1 growing momentum. I’m going to throw my hat into the ring with this blog.

Like many of my Blogs you will see recently, they have been written originally months ago sometimes even a year. Like this one you are going to read Dear Reader.

It was originally the end of a trilogy of blogs on the Glasgow city council Glasgow life company. The 1st being


and the 2nd

Was the first ministers wife and the Husband of the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party behind the anti Rangers hate fest?

It is with great sadness dear reader that I write this blog, London Road Primary School was built in 1907.

The school was listed in 1992, and was given a ‘B’ category. It is soon to be demolished to accommodate a retail superstore that will include a museum, theatre, café, ticket sales and offices.

All for the benefit of Celtic Football Club.

Why the Planning Applications Committee should bend over backwards to help Glasgow’s biggest white elephant is anybody’s guess.

Does a white elephant that was barely half full really need, ticket sales and offices? For Christ sake they cant give tickets away for Celtic games.

If anything Celtic park should be downsized

I suppose they will come in handy when Celtic get back in the Champions league group stages, no laughing at the back now.

It should be noted that the school building remains in Glasgow City council ownership, while the remainder of the site belongs to Celtic Football Club.

Nearly 100 years of this east end Landmark’s unbroken history will be bulldozed away with the bang of gavel, the swipe of a pen and the click of a mouse.

All at the behest of the Planning Applications Committee.

Who sat in judgement in Glasgow, on the 7th May in the year of our Lord 2013.

Present on that fateful day were.

James Scanlon (Chair), Dr Nina Baker, Malcolm Balfour, Elizabeth Cameron, Glenn Elder, Jonathan Findlay, Iris Gibson, John Kelly, Russell Robertson, Austin Sheridan, Soryia Siddique, Fariha Thomas, Alistair Watson and Kieran Wild.


Phil Greene and Paul Rooney.


L Sclater (Clerk); B Greenock and K McCormack (for the Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services) A Harrington (for the Chief Executive).

Let’s have a closer look at those who were there that day

James Scanlon, Scottish Labour Party, Ward 8 – Southside Central


who Chaired the meeting did he declare he is a fanatical Celtic fan did he abstain from vote? could it be construed by some people a conflict of interest issue for a fanatical Celtic fan to hold the power of chair at such a meeting?

Soryia Siddique, Scottish Labour Party,Ward 8 – Southside Central


Did she declare that she is on the board of culture and sport Glasgow?


The company that is involved heavily in the Commonwealth games, pretty sure they would like to remove the “carbuncle” of a LISTED building from spoiling the rest of the TESCO-isation of Celtic park.

Would this be considered as a conflict of interest?

Here is Soryia Siddique with Komal Adris at a Labour Friends of Palestine event


Komal Adris has a bit of history of anti-Israel jewish propaganda as reported here in an atricle By Jonathan Kalmus, in June 24, 2010

Israel deports anti-Zionist activist to UK

Komal Adris: deported

A woman from Bolton who claims she was “brutally” locked up by Israeli immigration staff at Ben Gurion Airport for no reason other than wanting a holiday in Israel has been unmasked as a high-profile anti-Israel political campaigner.
She is also behind a website which peddles the claim that Israel harvests human organs and that “the Jews are eating villages”.
Komal Adris told the Bolton News and Asian Image, which runs the UK’s leading Asian news website, she was strip-searched and locked up for 15 hours without access to lawyers, on Tuesday.
She said she had been interrogated for nine hours by Israeli officials after she flew to Tel Aviv from Luton. She was then escorted on a plane back to the UK. She claimed she intended to see the sites of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
But on the website of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), a vehemently anti-Zionist group, she writes that her “Palestinian summer plans were brutally crushed by Israel’s refusal to let me enter the country”.
Ms Adris, who has headed MPAC’s northern team, is also a key Labour Friends of Palestine executive committee member. In 2002 she campaigned for a motion at Manchester University branding Israel an apartheid regime. Ms Adris said she had told Israeli officials her trip was “just a holiday”, but that they had insisted on making her sign a document confirming she would not travel to the West Bank.
“I told them I have friends in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, I thought it was ridiculous and illegal and I wanted freedom of movement. I have nothing to hide and have been as open as I possibly could be and I found it strange I was held in that criminal manner.”
Ms Adris is also a founder of the lobby group Organ Donor Campaign, which launched in Parliament last year. The website of the organisation, which is not a registered charity, runs a blog linking to news about the Swedish journalist who accused the IDF of killing Palestinian youths to harvest their organs. It also links to the story of a Jewish New Yorker who was arrested for illegal organ transfer, while the anonymous blog quotes a Moldovan man who says “the Jews are eating our villages”.
Ms Adris said that the blog had been written by a medical student volunteering for the organisation, adding: “I absolutely do not condone those comments. We have a good relationship with the Jewish community in Britain, we wouldn’t think about jeopardising that.” She would not confirm whether or not the comments would be removed.

Would Soryia Siddique involvement with unsavoury characters influence her vote in favour of Celtic football club? The only place in Great Britain where not only is Anti British pro Irish terror is not only condoned but actively encouraged but so is Pro Palestinian anti Israel terror?



iraplo (1)

images (1)



Former Lord Provost Liz Cameron


Liz Cameron – former Chair of Culture and Sport Glasgow Aka Glasgow Life, Glasgow Sport.

Lets read about Bailie Liz Cameron from the excellent Variant article, The New Bohemia by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt.

Passionate about promoting Glasgow abroad, former Lord Provost, Liz Cameron, travels the world at the city’s expense. This has seen her taking trips to New York, Sri Lanka and Melbourne, the latter of which was undertaken as part of the delegation to secure the 2014 Commonwealth Games for Glasgow. Aside from her work for Glasgow City Council, Cameron works as Vice Chair of Glasgow Cultural Enterprises (the company set up by the council in 1988 to manage various cultural venues, which acts as something of a precedent for CSG) and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (to be discussed in more detail later). Her connections extend into virtually every aspect of cultural life in Glasgow, while her presence on the planning applications committee ensures that development projects are tailored to fit the city’s priorities.

Read the last line dear Reader was Liz Cameron precence on this board vital? because as it says, “ensures that development projects are tailored to fit the city’s priorities.”

Did she declare her involvement with the delegation to secure the 2014 Commonwealth Games for Glasgow? I’m sure she wouldn’t want an auld carbuncle, and I’m sure shes an expert, offending the eye of the ever increasing Tesco-isation of Parkhead.

Did she declare she was a Celtic fan? would she let that effect her decision with regards to Celtic Football club?

The Scottish Green Party Involvement


Dr Nina Baker Ward 10 – Anderston



Kieran Wild, Ward 16 – Canal

Councillors Headshots


Now the fact that the Scottish Green party are involved in the tearing down of this beautiful architecturally rich listed building disgusts me.

I mean think of the carbon footprint of tearing it done and building a new!

Another thing that should of been of these two friends of the earth was Bats, ironically the subject matter in one of Dr Nina Baker favourite songs.

Read the following from the minutes.
After consideration, the committee conditionally granted planning permission and listed building consent, subject to
(1) Additional conditions to read
(a) “Before any demolition work commences on the site the applicant shall instruct a survey to be carried out by a suitably licensed professional to establish whether bats are present on site, and shall submit this survey to the Planning Authority. Should the presence of bats be established by this survey, the applicant shall simultaneously submit full details of proposed mitigation measures to the Planning Authority to ensure that development on site does not result in an offence under the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 (as amended).No demolition works shall commence on the site before the Planning Authority provides formal written approval of the findings of this bat survey, and any required mitigation measures”; and
“No demolition works shall commence on the site before the Planning Authority provides formal written approval of the findings of this bat survey, and any required mitigation measures”

Has the Green Councillors chase this up? Being earth children did they forensically find out if any bats were not molested or disturbed in their habitat?

Maybe Councillor Kieran Wild was to busy crowing about how he was trying to hamper Orange Order marches in Glasgow to Celticminded Journalists and having a right auld LOL at Rangers current predicament?










Seriously could you imagine Could you imagine any Councillor being so proud of stopping other religious marches such as Hindu Muslim or Jewish ones that he would take to social media to crow about it?


For you out there a Category B listed building means.

Buildings of regional or more than local importance, or major examples of some particular period, style or building type which may have been altered.

The fact that Scottish ministers at Holyrood approved the demolition of this wonderful old building full of Architectural integrity against the best wishes of Historic Scotland sickens me.

I mean would they do this to other B listed buildings?

St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow



Im not sure if that includes the sectarian and racist banner “THE HUNS ARE GOING BUST”


St Andrew’s College, Drygrange

Drygrange near Melrose. The building was formerly used as St.Andrew's College and catholic seminary where Cardinal Keith O'Brien was the rec-1740511


Where many young men say they were sexually abused by disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien

and the H-Blocks 

download (1)


Would these Councillors be so quick to knock down them?

Also a B listed Building is Ibrox Stadi…………. you know what forget what I’ve just said. Wouldn’t want to give them ideas.


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